3 Ways to Upgrade your Paytm Wallet

Paytm is becoming much more than a recharge site which it was a few years back. Now it offers amazing Cashbacks on Recharge, Bill payments, Bus tickets and also has it’s now e-commerce store. It has tied up with fast food giants, Super markets to provide unbelievable cashbacks. These are applicable to payments made through Paytm wallet.

In todays post I will help you to upgrade your wallet limit so that you fully utilize all the offers on the app and website. You may be wondering what do I mean by upgrading the Paytm Wallet, As a Normal user your account will have a limit on Transactions upto rupees 10,000/month. So you cannot use the wallet once you hit the Limit of 10,000.

Don’t worry there are 3 ways by which you can Upgrade your Paytm Wallet. Before that let use understand as to why should we upgrade our Paytm Wallet.

Reasons to Upgrade your Paytm Wallet


  • As soon as you submit your documents and get your wallet upgraded your monthly limit increases to 1 lakh. Since Paytm wallet has to be complaint with RBI Policy it requires us to submit a KYC form with a relevant ID and address proof.
  • No longer will you get a message like ‘Wallet transaction limit exceeded’ as your wallet will have a limit of 1,00,000 so that you can buy your favorite Camera/TV/Mobile using Paytm and also get amazing Cashbacks without being worried about the limit.
  • As a verified user you will get access to special offers which are only applicable to upgraded accounts. After all we are verified and do deserve some special offers 🙂

3 ways to upgrade your Paytm Wallet

Here is a step by step guide which will help you to upgrade your Paytm Wallet and Enjoy all the offers with no strings attached.

  • To upgrade your wallet you have to go the Paytm website as it cannot be done using the app as of now. Go to the Paytm website and then Click on ‘Wallet upgrade’ As highlighted in the Picture below,
  • You will be then directed to the Wallet upgrade page which will have three options you can choose from as shown in the pic below. I will explain all the three options available.
  • Request a visit from our agent : The easiest option among the three is to ‘Request a visit from our agent’. A Paytm agent will visit you at the address which you have given and collect all the required documents, It automatically takes the address whenever you have entered in Paytm previously, You can also add a new address if it is changed. All you have to do is keep all the documents ready along with the originals. The document list is on the pic below. This is not available for all locations, Please input your address and you will be notified if this option is available for your location after you click on ‘Book appointment’. If not you have to go with the other two options.
  • Visit the nearest Paytm KYC Center : If the first option is not feasible then you can always visit the nearest KYC Centers, However Paytm has only 6 centers as of now and all these are in main cities. The list of KYC Centers will appear as you choose this option (Shown in the Pic below) .If you stay close to any of these centers all you have to do is visit the the center with a KYC form and relevant documents.
  • Courier documents to us directly : If both the above options aren’t feasible for you then don’t worry there is one last way which is suitable for anyone staying in any part of the country, All you have to do is download the KYC form, Take a hard copy of it and fill the form. Also attach all the relevant documents ans then courier the form and the documents to the specified address. Make sure that you have self attested the documents(which means that you have to sign in all the copies that you submit). Please double check the address as giving a wrong address will lead to failure of verification and you may have to send the documents again.
  • Also in all the above cases, if you submit your PAN card copy then you can make single transaction of 50,000 or more.

Hope this article assisted you in upgrading your wallet limit and please be patient as the process of wallet upgradation may take time depending on which option you go for. Enjoy all the offers Paytm has in store for you and always be an aware consumer while shopping online. Wishing all a happy and safe shopping, If you find this article to be useful please share this among your friends and social media. if you want to earn some pocket money then please read my Squadrun Review by which you can earn Paytm Cash.


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Written by Anish Nandalike
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