Angel Broking Review 2020: Demat, Account Charges & More

Online trading is becoming more and more popular among traders due to loads of advantages it comes with. It is easy, efficient and suits almost every type of trader. You might have come across several companies during your search for the best Demat accounts

One company that has settled its name in the field of an online broker is Angel Broking Limited. It has been in the industry for more than 30 years and has been doing a great job at satisfying its customers. 

About Angel Broking Limited

Founded in 1987, Angel Broking Limited (earlier known as Angel Broking Private Limited) is one of the most popular and fastest-growing online brokers of India. Having its headquarter in Mumbai, it has more than 100 branches in around 1800 cities across India with has more than a million active users and houses more than 11 thousand sub-brokers.

Angel Broking Limited is a part of the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), National Stock Exchange (NSE), Metropolitan Stock Exchange of India (MSEI), NCDX and MCX. Moreover, it is also registered as a depository partner with the CDSL.

It is one of the few online brokers that focus on technology while maintaining the quality of their services.

Angel Broking is popular among the investors for their flat brokerage charges with zero equity delivery charge. This is one of the reasons for their tremendous growth in the past decade.

Services Provided by Angel Broking Limited

Angel Broking Limited started as an online service provider but today, it offers a number of financial services to its clients. You can access all of these services online and reach out to them through phone or email for assistance.

1) Demat Account

With Angel Broking Limited, you can open a demat account online by filling in a simple registration form. 

Opening a demat account is free with Angel Broking but you will have to pay yearly maintenance of ₹450 and a one time fee of ₹50.

If you are an NRI, you can still open a demat account under the rules mentioned under FEMA.

Merits of Opening a Demat Account with Angel Broking

  1. Free Demat Account
  2. Zero Charges for equity delivery.
  3. ₹20 per order for intraday, F&O, Currencies and Commodities.

2) Trading Account

Angel Broking offers a low brokerage trading account with which you can trade in delivery, intraday, F&O, Currencies and Commodities. 

There is no account opening charge and you also get free account maintenance. 

Merits of Opening a Trading Account with Angel Broking

  1. No account opening or maintenance fee.
  2. You can trade in multiple stocks through a single platform.
  3. You get real-time updates on price fluctuations.

3) IPO

IPOs or Initial Public Offerings are tricky. Although they have higher risks, a trader can earn great returns with a flourishing new business. If your priority as a trader is returns and you want to invest in an IPO, then you can easily do it with Angel Broking Limited.

They give you wide options of IPOs and also offer comparisons between them. 

They even offer consultations to traders if you have any qualms regarding these investments.

Merits of Investing in an IPO with Angel Broking

  1. Possible higher returns than other funds.
  2. Registered under SEBI
  3. You get technical and fundamental research guidance.

4) Non-Convertible Debentures

With Angel Broking Limited, you can also invest in NCDs or Non-Convertible Debentures. 

When we compare NCDs with other investment options (fixed deposits or the national savings certificate), we get an advantage of a higher rate of returns. Moreover, they are eligible for zero TDS deductions.

Merits of Investing in NCD with Angel Broking

  1. Apply online through their website.
  2. They offer research on different agencies. Also, you can contact them on their helpline mediums.
  3. Online apps to handle your investments from anywhere.

5) Stock Advisory

Being one of the oldest financial service providers of the country, Angel Broking Limited has ample experience in their hands. 

Their stock advisory services help the investors to not only sensible handle their income but also helps them learn how to go through their investment portfolio and diversify it.

All you need to do to apply for this service is to fill an application form through their website and tell their agent everything you expect from them. 

Merits of Angel Broking’s Stock Advisory Services

  1. More than 30 years of experience in the field.
  2. Online platform to handle every investment plan.
  3. Technical support on all your investments.

6) Portfolio Management

Handling investments can be hard, especially with a full-time job and if you are new to the field. Angel Broking Limited’s Portfolio Management service helps you manage your portfolio and diversify your investment plan.

Their team of experienced professionals handle investments. You can access your portfolio online through its website and other online platforms.

Merits of Portfolio Management by Angel Broking Limited

  1. The portfolio is managed by industry professionals who are well-experienced in their field.
  2. The client can customize the services according to their needs.
  3. Best for medium to high-risk investors.

7) Loans

Getting a loan without disturbing your investments is one advantage that every individual would love to have. 

Angel broking Limited provides loans against your securities. With this, the investor doesn’t have to actually sell the securities and can continue with their investments. 

Merits of Loan by Angel Broking Limited.

  1. No EMI or advanced charges.
  2. Easy and Faster to apply.
  3. Easy Renewal Facility.

To read about the complete loan against shares policy click here.

Types of Accounts

Angel Broking offers a number of accounts depending on the needs of the traders.

1) Demat Account

Angel Broking’s demat account is free of charge with an annual maintenance charge of ₹450. You may also have to deposit a one time fee of ₹50.

Further, there are three types of demat accounts offered by Angel Broking.

1) Regular Demat Account

The regular demat account is a general account that can be opened by the residents of India. 

2) Repatriable Demat Account

The repatriable demat account is one of the two demat accounts that can be opened by the Non-Residents of India. These accounts give the trader the benefit of transferring all the funds to an international account.

To open this type of account, the trader must have an associated NRE account.

3) Non-Repatriable Demat Account

Just like the Repatriable account, the non-repatriable account is also opened by the non-residents of India. But with this account, the trader cannot transfer the funds to an international account.

2) Trading Account

To open a trading account with Angel Broking, you do not have to pay any charges. With zero account opening and account maintenance charge, it is one of the most popular online brokers in the country.

Just like various demat accounts, Angel Broking also offers two types of trading accounts. 

1) Equity Trading Account

The first trading account offered by Angel Broking is the equity trading account. With this account, you can trade in equities, futures and options. 

2) Commodity Trading Account

The equity trading account doesn’t allow you to trade in commodities. This is because of the reason for commodities not being a part of the SEBI earlier. 

Although it is now mentioned under the SEBI, the trader still needs a different trading account to trade in commodities. 

3) 2-in-1 Account

As the name suggests, with this account the trader only needs to open one account for demat and trading account. 

The 2-in-1 account makes it super easy to trade without the hassle of moving between the demat and trading accounts. The shares move to the demat account within T+2 days and the debit from the sold shares reflects in your demat account within T+1 day.

The 2-in-1 account has today become a default account for most of the traders because of the flexibility and the ease it provides the traders. It saves time and helps the trader focus on the market fluctuations rather than moving the shares and debits across. 

4) 3-in-1 Account

The 3-in-1 account offers three combined functions. It acts as a demat account, trading account and lets you transfer funds directly to your bank account.

These accounts are offered by only those brokers who have banking operations. So, the securities that come with the option of this type of account are ICICI securities, HDFC securities, Axis securities and Kotak Securities. 

Although this may seem like a great advantage to many new traders it is not much different from the 2-in-1 account. Where the 2-in-1 account saves you from the confusion of transfer of shares and funds, you do not really need a 3-in-1 account to transfer funds to your trading accounts as most of the trading interfaces are able to do it hassle-free.

Angel Broking Limited Charges

Being an online broker, it is no surprise that they have a list of applicable charges that the trader must pay on the usage of their services. Here is the basic fee for most of their main services. 

Demat Account Charges

Account Opening Charge – no charge

Account Annual Maintenance Charge – ₹450 annually or ₹2500 lifetime AMC

One TIme Deposit Fee – ₹50

Trading Account Charges

Account Opening Charge – no charge

Account Annual Maintenance Charge – no charge

Charges Applicable on Different Segments

For NSE cash, BSE cash, NSEFO, NSE CDS, MCX-SX, BSE CURR, MCX and NCDEX there are a number of charges that are deducted from the turnover value. 

Although these charges are a very small part of the turnover value, they can still add up to a considerable amount. So, before you decide to invest in any of the above-mentioned segments, go through the list of charges mentioned for every segment. 

Some of the charges that you pay include transaction charges, GST, stamp duty, security transaction tax and SEBI tax. In some cases, the trader may also be required to pay the clearance tax and the turnover tax mentioned under the SEBI regulations.

To get a detailed overview of these charges, visit their website.

Brokerage Plan

Equity Delivery


Equity Intraday

 ₹20 per order

Equity Futures

 ₹20 per order

Equity Options

 ₹20 per order

Currency Futures

 ₹20 per order

Currency Options

 ₹20 per order

Commodity Futures

 ₹20 per order

Commodity Options

 ₹20 per order

Transaction Charges

Equity Delivery

 NSE: 0.00325% of the turnover value

BSE: 0.003% of the turnover value

Equity Intraday

 NSE: 0.00325% of the turnover value

BSE: 0.003% of the turnover value

Equity Futures

 NSE: 0.0019% of the turnover value

BSE: 0.003% of the turnover value

Equity Options

 NSE:0.05% of the turnover value

BSE:0.003% of the turnover value

Currency Futures


Currency Options 



 MCX: 0.0015%

NCDEX: 0.003%

Trading Platforms

Being an online broker, Angel Broking Limited offers a number of trading platforms to its clients. This helps them to trade with ease and keep all their investments at a single place.

1) Web Trading Platform

One of their most easily accessible trading platforms is their trading website.

With the help of the website, the trader can perform all the necessary tasks from a single place. It helps the trader to keep a track of their portfolio, trade efficiently and easily with just a stable internet connection, stay up-to-date with the market fluctuations as well as customize the platform as per their needs. 

This integrated platform brings everything to a single place and the trader gets access to all the built-in tools at free of cost. 

It is perfect for traders who are just starting out and do not want to invest in complex trading interfaces to go about their portfolio management. 

The platform is super easy to use and do not require you to be a master in the field.

Benefits of Web Trading Platform

  1. Available Online – no installation or update required.
  2. The trader gets the advantage of receiving real-time updates.
  3. You can customize the platform as per your needs.

Disadvantages of Web Trading Platform

  1. Not very handy.

2) Angel Broking App

Are you frequently on the go?

Then the Angel Broking App is a great way to keep a track of your investments.

The application has digital gateways that are integrated with over 40 banks. Moreover, the payments can also be done through UPI, hence making it extremely comfortable and efficient to use.

Other than this, the all-in-one angel broking app helps you keep track of the stock market with live updates, 21 charts, global indices, stock advisory and portfolio health check features. 

Benefits of Angel Broking App

  1. Makes it easier to track market fluctuations and buy/sell shares from anywhere.
  2. A wide range of analysis features helps in planning the next moves.
  3. Works well with a slow internet connection.

Disadvantages of the Angel Broking App

  1. The app faces certain compatibility issues which can be a great disadvantage while trading.

3) Angel SpeedPro

Angel Broking is a desktop trading software made for professional traders who are interested to upgrade their trading game.

The desktop software is easy to install and update. Even if you face difficulty in downloading the software, you can either look up at the instructions or directly contact the Angel Broking helpline service. 

Angel SpeePro is integrated with a number of expert tools that make trading efficient and easier for the trader. Other than the live updates and portfolio details, which are available on the website and the app, the trader can keep a record of all the data in the form of excel sheets. 

Benefits of Angel SpeedPro Software

  1. The one-click install makes it seamless and hassle-free.
  2. It is integrated with a number of technical tools.
  3. The in-built research helps understand trading better.

Drawbacks of Angel Speedpro Software

  1. It does not have a Mac version.
  2. The software may not suit every trader.

Angel Broking offers a number of platforms that are suitable for various types of traders. If you are an amateur or a full-time trader, these platforms will suit your trading behaviour and give you the opportunity to customize them on the basis of your needs. 

Angel Broking’s ARQ

Recently, Angel Broking took a leap into making trading more efficient and bringing more returns to its client. They introduced a portfolio managing software ‘ARQ’ with no human interference. This, they say, is to maximise returns by minimizing the emotion-driven trading decisions.

The ARQ software keeps track of your investments and notes the pattern of your investments. Other than this, a simple survey helps it understand what you expect from your investments in the near future.

With this, it prepares a trading plan for the trader and acts as a virtual advisor.

It has a number of features including its predictive power of future market trends. This helps the trader to invest in shares and mutual funds that have a higher chance of yielding maximum returns.

The past performance of the ARQ software has shown great results. For new investors, it acts as a great opportunity to not make too many mistakes with their trading choices.

Benefits of Trading with Angel Broking

It is no fact that Angel Broking is one of the most prominent names among the online brokers. It has been in the industry for a long time and still offers one of the most competitive trading interfaces.

Here are a few advantages offered by Angel Broking Limited that makes it one of the top choices among the traders and investors.

1) A Wide Range of Trading Options

As a trader, you must want to diversify your portfolio and try to maximize your returns. Angel broking makes this happen by providing a range of different trading options.

Through Angel broking one can trade in equities, currencies, commodities and F&O. Further, it is a member of NSE, BSE, MCX, NCDEX, MSEI and a long-term depository participant with CDSL.

2) Competitive Brokerage

The other thing that attracts a large number of traders to Angel broking Limited’s services is their competitive brokerage plans that have been already mentioned above. 

Zero charges for equity deliveries and a flat charge of ₹20 per order for other trading segments make it extremely favourable for a large group of traders. 

Moreover, it has been in the industry for a long period which makes it easy for the traders to trust the brand.

3) Easy to Use Trading Platforms

Angel broking provides three easy to use trading platforms that add efficiency to your trading experience. They act as a virtual space with all your records collected at a single place. 

With your shares buy and sell history to your current records to all the mutual fund investments, you can access all your data from a single place.

Moreover, these platforms are integrated with different tools that help you personalize and arrange the platform as per your preferences. Even if you are new to trading, these platforms will help you learn the tricks fast and with ease.

4) Angel Broking Calculator

The Angel Broking Calculator is an online tool provided by the company to help the trader calculate different charges before making any investments. 

This is a great tool to plan your investments and make purchases that follow the pre-decided trading plan one set for themselves. 

Through the Angel broking calculator, you can calculate the brokerage charges, CAGR, compound interest, net present value and even the future value. This can prove to be extremely beneficial, especially if you are new to trading.

5) Online and Offline Trader

Although Angel broking has its name for its online trading platform, it also provides the option of trading offline traders who do not feel comfortable trading online. 

The offline process follows the same application procedure. The only difference being is that the application form must be handed to their agent.

Although the call and trade option does require an extra fee, it is just as easy as the online trading with fewer tools to understand.

Drawbacks of Angel Broking Limited

Even if Angel Broking Limited is one of the most trusted online brokers, it still doesn’t take the top seat. Here are a few things to consider before you start trading with Angel Broking Limited.

1) Customer Service

Being one of the top online brokers Angel Broking also faces criticism for its not so good customer service. 

There have been several complaints about the lack of action of the service providers.

2) Offline Service

Although there are hardly any complaints about there online trading platforms, this may not be true for offline trading. 

Their offline service, like the customer services, lacks timely responses and reasonable solutions which may be a great disadvantage when dealing in the share market. 

So, if you want to trade offline, it is better to consult an offline broker with good knowledge in the field and professional experience.

Who Should go for Angel Broking Limited?

One of the most commonly asked questions is who should opt for Angel Broking Limited. 

Being a new trader it can be a little difficult to decide where to invest your money in. If you want to trade online for a hassle-free experience, then Angel Broking can work for you. There research videos and tutorials help you understand the fundamentals of trading and you get flat brokerage advantage.

If you are a professional and you have certain expectations from your trading service provider, then it is best to first consult the service provider and clear everything up. Do not confine yourself to stick with the oldest trading service provider.

Whereas Angel broking is a great platform to start as a trader, do your research before investing your money through them. Moreover, make a thorough research on the shares that you are planning to buy too.

FAQs on Angel Broking

1) How to open an account with Angel Broking Limited?

    To open an account with Angel Broking Limited, visit their website and leave you the information in the basic application form. 

You will be contacted by their agent who will go through the complete process of account opening with you.

2) What are the documents required to open a demat account with Angel broking Limited?

You need only two documents to open an account with Angel broking; an identity proof and one address proof.

For the identity proof, you can use your PAN card, passport, voter’s ID or your driver’s license.

For the address proof, the documents that can be presented are passport, voter ID, registered lease or sale agreement, a driver’s license, your utility bills or your bank passbook.

3) Can I open a joint demat account?

Yes, you can open a joint demat account. Although the maximum number of holders for a demat account is 3.

4) Does Angel Broking Offer a trial trading account?

Yes, you can avail the option for a trial trading account when their agent calls you for opening an account. The trial account is made for traders who are not sure and want to get a complete trading experience with all the available tools.

5) How to sign up for the portfolio management service?

The portfolio management service follows the same steps as the other services. You need to fill out the client registration form and wait for their agent to contact you.

Other than this, you will have to produce an agreement and a power of attorney in favour of the Angel Broking Limited.

6) How do I close or terminate my demat or trading account with Angel Broking?

Currently, to terminate your account, you cannot follow an online procedure. To close your account, you will have to visit the nearest Angel broking branch and file an application for the same. It is a lengthy process as they are not usually willing to close an account and the trader has to provide a reason for the same.

For any further doubts, you can also contact their agent.

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