How to Pay Credit Card Bill – Tried and Tested Ways

Credit cards make it extremely easy to spend money. It is the pilling credit card bills that create a problem.

Paying the credit card bill on time will not only save you from the added interest, which will keep on increasing the bill, but will also maintain your credit score. 

Here’s how to pay the credit card bill and earn some good rewards while you’re at it.

How to Pay Credit Card Bill – All Options Discussed

There are an abundance of methods to choose from while paying your credit card bill. You can pay your bill online or even choose the old school way and go offline. 

Credit Card Bill Online Payment Options

  1. NEFT (National Electronic Fund Transfer) 
  2. Internet Banking
  3. Payment App or E-Wallet
  4. BillDesk
  5. Auto Debit Facility 

Credit Card Bill Offline Payment Options

  1. Calling through customer care (not for all banks)
  2. Through ATM
  3. Cheque or Cash 

Online Payments

Making payments online is hassle-free and less time-consuming than offline methods. Here is a brief of various online payment options.

1) NEFT (National Electronic Fund Transfer)

NEFT gives you the flexibility to pay your credit card bill through any bank’s internet banking account. To pay through NEFT you are only required to have an internet banking account, irrespective of the bank.

Moreover, you only pay the bill without any additional charges.

To make the credit card payment through NEFT, you will have to add your credit card details as a Biller or Beneficiary. The process does not take more than half an hour.

Enter the details of the credit card including the cardholder’s name, card number, IFSC code, bank name and branch address and make the payment.

2) Internet Banking

You can also use your net banking account to pay the credit card bill. In this case, you will have to have an internet banking account with the credit card issuer’s bank.

Given that you have a savings and internet banking account with the issuer, you can pay your credit card bill by logging into your account and directly make the payment.

Even if you do not have a saving’s account in the said bank, you can always open a net banking account with them and make your payments. 

NEFT and Internet Banking are two sides of the same coin. The only difference is that NEFT offers a little more flexibility than the latter. 

If you have a pre-existing net banking account with your credit card issuer’s bank then you can use either of the two options. 

3) Payment Apps and E-Wallets

One of the most rewarding and a personal favourite method of making credit card payments is through payment apps. 

There are several payment apps that let you make payments online through IMPS or through e-wallets.

IMPS gives you the advantage of making payment at any time. Besides this, most of the payment apps offer rewards when you make payment through them.

Here are the top three payment apps you can use to pay your credit card bill.


Founded by Kunal Shah, the founder of FreeCharge, Cred is continuously growing and making its name in the credit card bill payment app. 

Without a doubt, it is the most rewarding app. The #killthebill option that appears after you make a payment of more than ₹1000 helps you earn cashback. This cashback can be anywhere between ₹10 to ₹1000.

Benefits of CRED

  • Multiple Cards

With the CRED app, you can add all your cards at one place and keep a track of the due dates. 

The app provides regular reminders to stop you from delaying payments and also rewards you for it.

  • Multiple Payment Options

To make payments through the CRED app you can use net banking, UPI or even debit cards. 

  • Rewards

You earn rewards in the form of cashback of up to ₹1000 when you make a credit card bill payment through the CRED app. 

It works in the form of a scratch card and there is no ‘Better luck next time’.

  • Coins

With every credit card payment, you make you earn CRED coins. These CRED coins can be redeemed at online and offline orders.

The app also gives the option to ‘burn’ these coins. 

When you burn coins, the balance is added to your credit card.

  • CRED Gems

CRED gems is another redeemable reward you earn on referring people.

These gems can be redeemed for UBER and AMAZON gift vouchers.

  • CIBIL Score  

Using the CRED app for making credit card bill payments not only rewards you but also gives you the advantage of checking your CIBIL score and credit history for free. 


Paytm is a well-known payments app in India. Whether it is merchant payments or bills, you can pay everything using it. 

It is also filled with amazing offers and cashback schemes that help you earn rewards on bill payments. 

Like CRED, Paytm also offers a number of payment options. You can pay through UPI, net banking or your debit card. 

Paytm supports all major banks –  Visa, Mastercard and Diners Club cards. You can also make Amex card’s payment through the app.


In 2018, Mobikwik launched its credit card bill payments option. It is a reliable payment app and provides rewards in the form of cashback and promo codes.

With the app, you can make direct payments to the credit card issuer. Although the payment may take 2 to 4 days to reflect in your credit. 

The only disadvantage with the app is that it only supports all the banks for Visa payments. In case you have a different credit card, there are only a limited number of banks supported by the payment app. 

4) BillDesk

If you are a credit card user without a net banking account or a payment app, you can still make online credit card payments through Billdesk.

It is a reliable payment portal among credit card users who do not have a net banking facility. 

Making payment through Billdesk is extremely easy and it works like any other online payment portal. All you need to do is fill in the accurate credit card details and make payment. 

Billdesk offers two payment options – through debit card or through net banking. So even if you have a net banking account, you can still use this payment portal.

5) Auto Debit Facility

The users with a net banking facility for their savings account can also go for the auto-debit facility for their credit card payment.

The auto-debit facility provides your bank standing instructions to make the credit card payment every month at the due date. 

An auto-debit facility will free you from the worries of tracking your due date and making payments every month. 

When you opt for this facility, you can also give your bank instructions on the minimum or maximum due amount or the total payable amount. 

To register to this facility you can either send your bank written request or you can do it through your net banking account. 

It is best for people who are bad at keeping a track of their credit card payment’s due date and also don’t like the hassle of making payments.

And you can always request a cancellation for the facility from the bank.

Bonus Advantage of Online Payments

While making payments, you can take advantage of more than one option. For instance, some banks offer discount offers on credit card payments through their debit card. So you can make it through the CRED app and use a debit card to gain maximum advantage.

Offline Payment

1) Calling through Customer Care

You can make an offline credit card payment by calling your bank’s customer care. The bank’s IVR system will guide you through the whole process of making the payment. 

To make this payment you will need your credit card details as well as your account details. 

Since the payment is made through the IVR system without any human intervention, your bank details remain safe.

But it is important to note that not all banks offer this facility. So it is wise to confirm this with your bank in advance of the due date, or you will be applicable for fine for late payment.

2) Through ATM 

ATMs are also one of the ways you can make credit card payments. For this, you will have to have a debit card of your credit card issuer’s bank. 

Visit the nearest branch’s ATM and choose the ‘credit card payment’ option on the ATM kiosk. You will make the payment through your debit card. 

With this method, the payment is instantly credited into your credit card.

3) Cheque/Cash

This last method requires you to visit your bank’s nearest branch and make the payment. 

To make the payment through cash, fill in the deposit slip with your credit card details and submit it with cash at the cash counter. 

For cheque payment just drop the cheque, with the bank name and credit card number, in the dropbox. Do not forget to mention your bank account and mobile number. 

The cash payment reflects immediately whereas the cheque payment usually takes a day, but it will cost an additional fee of ₹100 with GST.

Why Is It Important to Make Credit Card Payment Before the Due Date?

Not many people are concerned about paying their credit card bill before the due date, as many times the late fee is not much of a concern. 

Here are three main reasons other than the late fee to make your credit card payments on time.

1) CIBIL Score

One of the most important reasons to keep your payments record clean is that it affects your CIBIL score. 

It is the first thing that any financial institute looks into before lending a loan, issuing a credit card or providing insurance. So keeping a good record will help you gain trust and get better financial help for your future.

2) Keep Interest At A Minimum

As you increase the time period of making payments, you also keep on increasing the interest that keeps piling on your credited amount. 

The more you wait to pay the money back, the higher will be the payable amount. And this may lead to a credit card debt.

3) Monthly Payments

When you don’t make a credit card payment on time or skip a payment, the amount will rise. With it, your minimum monthly payment amount will also rise, making it difficult to pay the money back. 

This won’t do you any good and you will have an unnecessarily huge amount of bill to pay back. And if not paid back, you will not only have your credit card closed but also affect your CIBIL score in the worst possible way.

Pay Credit Card Bill With Ease

Paying your credit card bill is a very simple way to maintain your CIBIL score and in turn, enjoy various financial benefits. 

We would strongly suggest paying your bills online, as it not only saves your time and energy but also gives you additional benefits through cashback, discounts through promo codes as well as redeemable points.

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