Clixsense Payment Options – Which is the Best?

Hello readers, I am writing this guide to assist all the clixsense users to choose the withdrawal option after the exit of Paypal as a payment partner. Clixsense which is a GPT site has been paying out its members since 2007 through Paypal. Majority of the users withdrew their earnings using Paypal, now as clixsense has discontinued Paypal as an withdrawal option let us look into the other options. There are other options Like Payoneer, Skrill, Neteller, Payza and Paytoo.

As far as my knowledge goes, Payoneer(Supports more than 200+ countries) is the easiest way to withdraw your earnings from Clixsense. If you were using paypal to transfer your earnings then switching to payoneer would be the right way to go.

Clixsense Payout – What Are The Available Options?

The Table below shows the various partners using which you can withdraw your earnings. Also find the withdrawal fee for each of the option. It is up to you to chose an option depending on your flexibility, As some of them may not work in your country due to regulations.


As you can see each company has it’s own withdrawal fee. Depending on the amount to withdraw you can choose the payment option. I would recommend you to choose one and test if it is available. Payoneer is available for most countries and hence I am withdrawing my clixsense balance using Payoneer. Here is a step by step guide to withdraw your clixsense balance.

How Transfer Clixsense Money To Your Bank Account Using Payoneer?

I would highly recommend this, as my experience with them was very smooth. I have explained the entire process below.

  • Their communications are timely and their support is very responsive. You can also earn $25(This is not given on joining, it only given to you when you receive $1000 from any source like clixsense or any other vendor) if you sign up using my special referral link or clicking the button below.

Note : Please DO NOT SPAM the referral link and get more referrals, Only refer if Payoneer can be used by them to receive payments like in your case. The company may be different but they have to use it for both of you to earn referral rewards.

  • So I would suggest that your first option should be Payoneer. Sign up using the link below, you will receive a bonus of $25 when you cashout more than $100 from Clixsense.

  • The link above will take you to the Payoneer site, sign up with all the details they ask. You have to give out personal, tax and banking information during the sign up process. Once you give all the information, your account will be reviewed, If the details are complete you will receive the approval email.
  • Now that you have created your Payoneer Account, let us head to clixsense. We have to change the payments details in your profile, click on ‘Profile and settings‘ which can be assessed by clicking on your username on the top right corner of the clixsense homepage as shown in the picture above.
  • Now toggle to ‘Payments‘ Tab, here choose ‘Payoneer‘ as your withdrawal option. Now you can either connect an existing account or open a new account. You would have opened the account as suggested earlier. As you already have an account click on ‘Connect your Payoneer account now!’ as shown in the picture above.
  • This will take you to the Payoneer page and will ask you for your account login details. Enter the same and you are good to go. You will receive an email from Payoneer that you have succesfully added clixsense as a new funding source.
  • Payoneer_Clixsense_SuccessAfter the above step is completed, the payments page would be updated with a message as shown in the picture above which says ‘Your Payoneer account #18XXXXX is currently activewhich is an indicator that you can now withdraw your money from clixsense to Payoneer.
  • Now head back to the homepage, then go to your balance and then click on the symbol to withdraw. Your Payoneer account details like Account ID will be pre-filled, all you have to do is key in the amount you want to withdraw and then hit submit! Voila your request will no be processed within 2-3 days or earlier. For me it took 2 days to reach my payoneer account. Then it is either auto withdraw or you can store it and withdraw at once (Depending upon the policy in your country)

Clixsense Payoneer Payment Proof


There you go, just to test the process. I withdrew my clixsense balance using the exact steps above. I got the money in 3 days and the entire process was smooth and hassle free which is why I recommend this withdrawal option. The above picture also acts a payment proof for my withdrwal done trough Payoneer.

Few Things You Need Know About Your Payoneer Account

  • While the minimum withdrawal in clixsense is $10 for Payoneer, It may have a minimum withdrawal limit on the Payoneer account level. So make sure you have transferred enough money from clixsense, it is safe to store money in clixsense until you have reached the Payoneer threshold.
  • Due to regulations in some countries(For ex : India), there would be auto withdrawal option activated which means that you cannot store your money in payoneer account. In such a case, It will be auto-transferred to your bank account within a day.
  • Once clixsense sends money to your account, you must manually withdraw it, if the auto-withdraw option isn’t activated or isn’t available for your country.
  • There are some talks in the forum that the Payoneer Fees is high when compared to other withdrawal options on clixsense. This is not true, if you store more than $100 and then use Payoneer the fees will be least and also Payoneer offers the best conversion rates. Here is a nice post which explains why Payoneer is the best option for higher withdrawal amounts.


While the non availability of Paypal cashout option on clixsense may have caused inconveneince to many users, on a positive note this lead to the addition of a new payment processor like Payoneer. The process is very simple after the initial setup and the company has a great reputation. Also, on fee comparison, it is clear that Payoneer is the best for transfer of higher amounts.

Hope this article has helped you to understand the withdrawal process and also the benefits of using Payoneer in clixsense. If you have any doubts feel free to ask in the comments section below. Until next time, Keep Hustling.

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