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Hello Readers, I am excited to review another get paid to website. Prizerebel has been in this market from 2007 and has paid millions to its huge user base. I decided to try this website and I was surprised by the awesome UI and earning opportunities in the website. So I decided to write a neat prizerebel review explaining how you can earn money and also will give some tips to maximize your earnings here, So stay tuned as this post will be a mixture of videos and examples. My guides are long as I want to explain everything in detail, I request you to be patient and read the complete article so that you can efficiently use the site, Afterall I am writing this article keeping you in mind!

What is Prizerebel?


It is a practice at Quickpepper that I explain what the site is all about, this time the video will explain about the site neatly. Basically it is a GPT website which pays you for doing surveys,tasks, Offers and also has contests. It is legit and has been paying its members from 2007, it also has tons of options which you can use to redeem. From Paypal cash to gift cards they have it all.

Prizerebel Detailed Guide 

1) Signing up(Join)

The sign up Process is pretty simple, You can visit this Link or use the Button below and use either your facebook account to sign up or use your email address. A confirmation will be sent and after verifying that you are good to go.


Now you have joined Prizerebel and wondering how can you make some dollars. Before that let us understand the level and the point system. Simply said every activity you do (like completing Surveys, task, offers, videos etc) gives you points and these points can be used to redeem cash or gift cards. All you need to know is that in Prizerebel100 points = $1

Added to this prize rebel has an awesome level system which makes things competitive, So higher your  level the more you earn. The best part is that the availability of Prizerebel offers and tasks remains same for all users, Only there are a few extra benefits for higher level users as explained in the chart above.

2) Making money

Now that you have understood the basics, Now let us understand how can we efficiently work on this website to make money. As said previously, there are a lot of ways to earn here like Surveys, Crowdflower Tasks, Watching videos, Completing offers etc . However if you do not have a strategy then you are not going to make significant cash here. So I will give two strategies and a common strategy which is applicable to all. Lets get started!

Earn Money With Surveys, Offers on PrizeRebel

Surveys : This strategy is for people from Tier 1 countries, if your wondering why am I classifying on the basis of countries, The earning opportunities like surveys,watching videos are Pre-Dominantly for Tier one countries. I am not saying that the others will not receive surveys or offers but the volume is very high for primarily for countries like US, UK, AU and CA and other Tier one Nations. So I suggest you to focus more on those offers, Always complete your profile and give accurate information(Tip : survey companies like honest people) . Sometimes you may be screened out from surveys midway, worry not soon you will get a hang of how to answer surveys.

Earning Potential : A lot, you earn easily between $100 – $300 provided that you are good at answering surveys. Here is the picture below showing how much people are earning from surveys. So the No.1 in the list has earned $129 already in less than a week, If he can do it why not you?!

Offers : One more good way to earn is Offers, you will paid either for registering for a service or for installing an app. Such offers are plenty for some countries. Have a target of completing offers everyday. if you are worried of spam which usually doesn’t happen on Prizerebel, use a separate email for all these offer sign ups so that you won’t be bothered much. the video below explains an example offer.

Earning Potential : There are lot of offers on various offerwalls(partner companies which provide offers on Prizerebel) like peanutlabs, Adsend, Your surveys etc. The more offers you do the more you earn, Initially it may be difficult to understand but as time progresses you can yourself make a list of the best Offerwalls and only complete the offers from those walls. Again depending on your skill you can easily make $200+ every month. the top earner makes a lot, if he/she can do it why not you?


Make Money From PrizeRebel Tasks

Crowdflower Tasks : So as said earlier surveys and offers are not available for all countries but hey do not get disappointed, for you guys there are crowdflower Taks. In the Navigation tab go to earn and then click on Tasks. First you need to make a crowdflower account so that you start doing the tasks. Make sure that while signing up for CF your email matches with the email you used for facebook.

The tasks are easy to do, they are just basic data tasks and do not require any technical knowledge. However, thre will less tasks for you work on in the initial level. You will get abundant tasks once you reach level one or higher. I have written two articles which will help you reach higher levels, please have a look.

1. Guide to Reach Level one ( Please register though Prizerebel )
2. How to Maximize Crowdflower earnings

Earning Potential : This totally depends on your skill to complete tasks, If you reach higher levels Like level 2 or level 3 you can surely earn $200+ every month if your active daily. I was earning $200 easily as I was Level 3 in crowdflower. Here are the stats of a few people who are earning well from Tasks.


Make Money From PrizeRebel Referrals

Well this is something which anyone can do , You can earn by making others join Prizerebel. Prizerebel Offers referral comissions varying from 20% to 30% depending on your level. What does that mean, The video below explains how this feature helps you to earn money.

Earning Potential : Well this is really is unlimited because you can get any number of referrals. Imagine you make a team of 100 and train them to perform efficiently on Prize rebel, spread the word among relatives and friends, anyhting is possible. But the key is to make them work on Prize rebel, If they simply join and do not perform any activity then it is quite useless. Here is what the top referrer is earning passively!


So if your dedicated and follow my strategy you must be able to earn well from this site. The key is to excel either at Tasks or surveys/Offers and side by side get referrals and educate them about the earning opportunities in this website. More they earn more points to gain. First month or two is usually slow, this is were most of them give up. I earned less than $20 first month but now I earn a lot lot more, I was patient enough to test the system and it eventually my patience was rewarded.

Tips to Make Money From PrizeRebel

There are contests on Tasks, Surveys, Offers etc. If you are in top 10 you will receive some extra cash, Always strive to reach there.

Surveys can be Irritating in the beginning, once you get a hold of it then it is only a matter of time that you will do 3-4 surveys / day successfully. Make sure you identify the best offer walls for your country.

Tasks can be real slow when your level zero, Do not lose heart and keep going at it. Also try the entrance exam which makes things easy for you. Once you reach level one then you get a lot of Tasks, Complete them with high accuracy. Also do not get expelled in more than 3 types of tasks in a single day as it will affect your level.

Also based on your Level on Prize rebel you get a monthly bonus, For example if a platinum level user makes $300 in a month he will get a bonus of $15.

Spread the word and get referrals from Social media, You can even blog about prize rebel and get referrals. The key is to make these referrals work.


I conclude my Prizerebel Review on a very positive note, The site is 9 years old now. Having paid millions of dollars to its members. The site has a lot of earning opportunities as discussed above. A little bit of patience and hard work can easily get you anywhere between $200 – $400 / Month, If you manage to get dedicated referrals that earning can go up. As I see it with  most of the people, They give up even before they start. So I request you try and keep going on this, If you have any query at any point of time feel free to comment, I will surely reply.

Until the next Earning opportunity, See you all!

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