Neobux Review 2019: Is it a Scam or a Legit Oppurtunity?

Before starting with my neobux review, let us understand what is the meaning of PTC website.

With the constant need of an extra income, people are turning towards easy and accessible methods to get some extra bucks into their pockets. One such method is Paid to Click websites. These websites claim to pay you for viewing advertisements, completing simple tasks or through referrals. 

These PTC sites connect advertisers and consumers and provide a platform to advertise their products and reach thousands of customers in a limited time period. This gives their product enough exposure and consumers can earn a little extra income on the side. A tiny amount is paid to the consumer when he or she clicks on the advertisement. These payments can be paid in the form of coins or bots that can be further converted into payment.

This is why PTC sites are in such controversy all the time. There is always a doubt about the money or if the work is worth the converted amount. With so many PTC sites crowding the Internet, it is a little difficult to decide what are the real ones and which are scams. Currently, Neobux is ruling the PTC games. Every day, more than 15000 people join the website and there are a lot of online testimonials claiming that it’s true and pays real money. Which brings us to the test Neobux.


What Inspired Me to Use Neobux?

Neobux is the leading website in the PTC market and is the most popular among side income seekers. Going around the internet, there were many reviews that claimed that Neobux is the best paid to click the earning platform and offers actual money as payment. It has a low withdrawal rate, only 2$ per withdrawal.

Extra income is always something that attracts you, and when Neobux offers an investment-free platform to earn money who would refuse such an offer. Even investing 15 to 20 minutes a day at Neobux can earn you a dollar every day just for clicking. Obviously, this is for people who can invest just a few minutes on the website. People who invest more work and time in the software are set to earn much more.

What Are the Advantages of Using Neobux?

Stability and Trusted

Neobux is providing stable payments and advertising opportunities for 9 consecutive years. And to top that, there aren’t many faults in the funding to the users and referrals.

Real Payments

Neobux testifies to paying real money transfers to the user. The user can withdraw the amount whenever he or she wants and the transaction will be completed through an online transfer.

Instant Payments

Since Neobux offers payments through online transfers, they are received instantly, mostly within 24 hours.

Low Minimal Withdrawal

Neobux allows you to withdraw your payments at a minimal amount of two dollars. The money can be withdrawn without a minimum time period.

No Investment

Neobux offers a standard account that offers free services. Though it limits a few services, it is the perfect option for people who are just looking for a time-saving side income option.

Everyday Income

Neobux offers daily deals in the form of different advertisements, direct and rental referrals, and surveys. You won’t have to worry about going out of work any day.

Why You Should Not Go For Neobux

Though Neobux offers easy money, it has some disadvantages that cannot be ignored.

Low Earning

If you’re using a standard or free account on Neobux, you won’t get much by clicking on advertisements or completing surveys. The best you can get is by direct referrals and that too if you’ve good contacts or user base on your blog.

Referral TOS

As a golden member, you can only access your referral amount if you have clicked at least four to nine adds per day. So if you aren’t able to use the website, all your referrals on the same day will not be charged.

Rented Referrals Are a Spook

Mostly, rented referrals are bots that cannot be converted into money. So every rented referral that comes through bots is a waste of investment.

Upgrade is Expensive

Though Neobux has a free version, to avail the best services you have to update to a better version. Mostly a golden account or any other updated account that can prove to be a little expensive.

Accounts Very Prone to Suspension

Neobux follows a set of strict rules to maintain professionalism and consistency. Inactivity up to 30 days results in temporary suspension and a permanent suspension after 60 days.

Restrictions on Forum

The Neobux forum restricts you from saying anything against the website and you cannot openly talk about any faults in it, which makes it biased and fake.

What are the Different types of Neobux Memberships?

Neobux offers a number of different types of memberships that can be availed by users at any period of time and they are free to switch from one type of account to another as long as they maintain one account.

Standard Accounts

A standard account is the most basic and cheapest of all accounts. It is free and has no hidden charges, but it also accounts for the least opportunities. There is no monthly payment discount on a standard account. There are only limited advertisements available (4+).

The Golden Membership

Golden membership is a slightly upgraded version, but it is still as basic as standard membership. The number of advertisements increases to 9+ and direct referral limits increases to 200+. But just like standard accounts, it doesn’t have monthly payment discounts. Though the user gets a $0.01 offer in the second year of the golden membership. The membership costs 30,000 Neopoints, or $90.00.

The Golden Pack

Golden Pack can be availed after you have successfully clicked on 100 advertisements with a golden membership. The Golden Pack costs you $290 at a renewal rate of $270. Direct referrals limit increases to 300+ and advertisements increase to 10+. But even with the golden pack, you would not get any monthly payment discounts.

Sapphire Pack

The Sapphire pack takes the next position on the Neobux membership card. It is mostly similar to the Golden Pack membership that accepts the benefit of $0.01 discount on monthly payments. Just as a golden pack, it costs $290 while buying and $270 renewal rate.

Platinum Pack

Platinum Pack packs rank at the higher end of the membership card. The benefits increase with the price and you get the pack at $490, at a renewal rate of $445. The user gets 12+ advertisements daily and a 400+ direct referrals limit.

Diamond Pack

The diamond pack costs the same as the platinum pack, $490 at a renewal rate of $445. And just like the platinum pack, it has similar benefits of increased adds and direct referrals limit. But other than that, it also offers monthly payment discounts of $0.02 at a payment above $0.20.

Ultimate Pack

The last and most beneficial pack in the Neobux membership card is the ultimate pack. It costs $890 at a renewal rate of $800. It gives users unlimited advertising clicks and unlimited direct referrals limits. The autopay minimum day limit is 10 days and the user gets the benefit of $0.03 as a monthly payment discount of more than $0.20. The ultimate pack is usually chosen by users who want to convert Neobux as a full-time income.

How You Can Earn Through Neobux?

Neobux offers three methods of earning; through referrals, by clicking on advertisements or by completing surveys.


Referrals are the key earnings method in Neobux. Basically, they ask you to promote Neobux and if they get any new user using your referral, you get a little amount through it. The thing with referrals is that they need attention and proper handling if you want to actually earn through them.

Promote your referral through your blog or if you write guest articles, don’t forget to mention your referral code to them. If you don’t have a blog, you can promote your referral blog through social media or write for revenue sharing sites.

Clicking Advertisements

The easiest and most basic way is by clicking on the advised advertisements. You earn a part of the advertising share when you click on the advertisement. It is usually a few cents, not much. If you’re looking for greater shares, you can upgrade your membership.

Completing Surveys

Surveys are also a solid income source in Neobux. Though they are less in amount than advertisements they still have a significant presence. All you have to do is complete a 2 to 3-minute long survey and give your honest opinions.

Is Neobux the Right Choice?

Neobux is a general paid-to-click website that offers a few more choices of passive income. It has been stable for nine years and has a good record of paying its users at a minimal withdrawal rate of $2. For people looking to earn in their free time and not expecting much from their passive income, Neobux is the right target. But are you looking for a solid side income that doesn’t give you much stress, you should probably invest in something more productive?

2 thoughts on “Neobux Review 2019: Is it a Scam or a Legit Oppurtunity?”

  1. About neobux i have to say, YES ITS SCAM! the rented refferals are bots, not real people… their clicks after few days is 3 clicks/day instead of 4 clicks. after 2weeks 2clicks/day or they stop and u have to recycle. so neobux wont make u rich with rented refferals. you will get only a small profit from them. good job for that admin of neobux, people investing money for this and not getting back so easy. once when i ask on their forum about that rented refferals they removed forum for me. very sad site. good luck

    1. Hey Rawtek,

      There are mixed responses when it comes to rented referrals. However, a friend of mine makes some decent money with it which is why I had to include it. You need to have the right strategy and be very patient when it comes to rented referrals. If that’s not you, opt for other means of making money on neobux.

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