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Hello Preppers, I got busy previous week compiling this neat earning guide on a website called InstaGC. You may have heard about it or hearing it for the first time, This guide is for both first timers and People who previously couldn’t earn much from the Website. I will discuss some the easiest ways of earning on this website, this is not a get rich quick website. I have done a complete InstaGC review for you. The amount of money you earn propotional to the time you spend here which is actually a Good thing. So read the complete guide and If you have any questions, Feel free to use the Comment Box.

What is InstaGC?

InstaGC review

Lets us understand how does InstaGC provide you with an opportunity to earn money online. Their business model is like any other GPT websites, They partner with various Companies which want consumer opinions on their products or a general topic, These companies pay us for providing answers to their surveys. Also they have partnered with Crowdflower which gives us access to micro tasks. This website has been in operation since more than 5 years now and has paid its members all the time.

Basic terms and Withdrawal Options

  • Let us understand some basic terms and how are the ways you can withdraw your money,
    For any offer, Surveys or Tasks you complete on the Site you get Awarded with points. Each point is worth $0.01, here is a table below showing you the point system.
  • You can use these points and get gift cards for shopping sites, Direct cash, also redeem it using Paypal. Let us Look at each option and you can Choose any one suitable to you,
  • Paypal : By far the easiest way to redeem, just input your PayPal email and you will have the money deposited within 3-5 days. However for people from USA, Canada and UK this feature enabled only after they have redeemed $50 by gift cards. Min Balance required is 100 points($1)
  • Gift cards : this is suitable for heavy shoppers, The points can be used to get a Code which you can use while you shop from those specific websites. There cards available for different point denominations.
  • Direct bank Transfer : presently available to only US members.

Complete Earning Guide

Now you know enough about InstaGC and it is time to get started and learn how to effectively make the maximum from this website

1)Offers, Surveys, Listening to music and Browsing

  • First step is simple, just go to InstaGC and make an account or click the button below to join.[aio_button align=”center” animation=”none” color=”blue” size=”small” icon=”coins” text=”JOIN InstaGC” relationship=”dofollow” url=”″]
  • After you have joined make sure you have confirmed the email.
  • There are many ways you can earn from this website as it can be seen in the picture below, the key is to try all and choose the best among them as the offers vary depending on the country you are From. Us, UK, Cannada get the highest surveys/offers , but tasks is something everyone gets in pretty much same proportions.
  • As you can see on your dashboard there many offer providers like Adwall, Paymentwall,,offertoro,Adgate rewards,Wanna ads. These are Different offer providers who provide you with Offers and surveys, Now initially I request you to try all. You will find out eventually which are the best ones suited for you as the offers depends on your Demography. I see a lot of people complete Offers/surveys From Adwall, Wanna ads and Payment wall. The Highest number of surveys can be found on Adwall.
  • You may have to fill some personal data so that you become eligible for the surveys, Please give the information which enables you to get more surveys. The surveys range from 50-300 points, I will give some tips in the last part of the article which you can refer.
  • You may be screened out of surveys midway and you can nothing about it, Once you do a few surveys who will get the hang of it.

2) Crowdflower Tasks

You can also earn by Competing Crowd flower tasks on Insta GC, If you do not get surveys then is a definite place where you can earn money. Before being able to earn good money you will need to reach Level 1 or higher so that you get access to more Tasks and hence more money. These are the steps to Follow,

  • From your InstaGC Dashboard click on Crowdflower. As a first time user you will need to make a Crowdflower(CF) account, Make sure you use your Facebook email while registering with Crowdflower because the login is through Facebook.
  • Once the account is created then login, you may not see any tasks as you are level zero. As tasks for Level 0 workers is very low, recently Crowdflower introduced ‘Entrance Exam‘ which enables you to reach Higher levels by Passing the Exam.
  • Go to your CF dashboard by clicking this link and you must be able to see an option to which which enables you to take the entrance Exam as shown in the picture below.
  • Answer the test without any haste, Take your own time to answer accurately. After passing it takes around 24 hours for changes to reflect on your CF level. If you have any query you can always file ticket to the CF support.
  • One more way of reaching level one is to complete zero level tasks as and when their available, I have written a Guide to reach level one on CF which you can refer here.
  • Read this guide to increase your earnings from Tasks.

3) Getting referrals

This is one more good way to earn if you know who to spread the word about InstaGC and make other people join. All you have to do is send them your referral link and make them join through that. you can find your referral link by clicking on ‘Promote‘ on your dashboard.

The key here is to give them all the information so that they earn the Maximum. InstaGC gives 10% of your referrals earnings to you and additionally gives 10 points for making them join(only for US, Cannada and UK sign ups). I will give you an example so that you can understand easily.

Example : Lets assume you made 30 people join through your referral link. So considering you have given complete info and they are managing to earn about 3000points/month(quite easy). Lets do that math,
%10 of 3000 = 300*30 = 9000Points , which means you can earn $90/ month just by referring people. This can be more or Less depending on how many you manage to join under you and make them work.

4) Contests

  • This Multiplies your earnings, If you are good at surveys,offers and tasks this is a great Multiplier. They run daily, Weekly and monthly contests for Tasks, Offers and Referrals. you can see your standing in each of these categories by clicking on ‘Compete‘ tab on your Dashboard. So if you are among the top three in any of these contests you will earn extra money simply for being at the Top. Let me make understand how to works, Lets have a look at the Offers Contest at the moment, So I go to Compete and I see this
  • From the picture above, mcanthony171989 will get $50 just for being at the top till the end of this month. Moreover there are daily and weekly contests. So an easy $100 if manage to win all the contests, remember is not a luckily contest. you perform the maximum and earn the maximum. Similar contests can be found for Tasks and referrals.

Some Tips which will help earn some extra money

  • Always have eye on the ticker which is on the bottom right of your dashboard. This shows what offers others have successfully completed and you can try those offers. Image shown below

  • Make sure you work on tasks, it may be slow initially but you get a hang of it things get pretty easy. refer thsi guide I wrote on Maximizing earnings from Tasks.
  • Spend some time daily, you may be a bit confused when you start out. Key is to login daily and try some offers or surveys.
  • Get more referrals by inviting your friends who are interested in earning some money(who wouldn;t be). Use your social media profiles effectively yo market.
  • Finally, Work hard and things will work out for you ?

IntsaGC Payment Proof

Everyone likes to see payment proofs, This site is long enough and has proved that it isn’t a scam. Here are some proofs to comfort you.


Among the many other ways to earn online, InstaGC is a good option to expand your earning and make some more extra money. It has a wide range of offers, surveys and tasks which will keep you busy in your free time. This website has timely paid its members and has an excellent record, I highly recommend this website.

If you have any more questions/doubts make sure you visit this help page. If your doubt still persists do not hesitate to drop a comment, Ill be happy to answer your queries. My search for more earning opportunities begins again, Until the article ciao prepper. Please make it a point to share the article if you liked it ?

If you have any more questions/doubts make sure you visit this help page. If your doubt still persists do not hesitate to drop a comment, I’ll be happy to answer your queries. My search for more earning opportunities begins again, Until the article ciao Preppers. Please make it a point to share the article if you liked it ?

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