Clixsense review : A guide to earn $1000

Hello preppers, welcome to my first review/ guide, It is on ‘’ , Now don’t turn away thinking that I am going to talk about a PTC(pay to click) website, even though this is a PTC website all my earnings are from Tasks, Surveys and Offers. I don’t even click the Ads. Some even search it as Clicksense, But the correct name of this website is Clixsense. This website has been paying its members since 2007 and this is the first website I started working online. I have tried to make this Clixsense review very comprehensive in order to cover all aspects. I have also made a guide to increase earnings in Clixsense, you can find that article in the end.

Note : PTC(pay to click) websites are those which pay you for viewing small Advertisements. Clixsense has other sources from which you can make money which makes it a great place to earn.

In this Clixsense review I will give all the information regarding, How to make money and How much can you earn from this website. Please bear with me as this is going to be a long article, I want to give complete information about this site and the things you should do. I would like to add that this is perfect for teenagers to earn some money and also housewives.

Quick statistics

1. Website is operational since 2007.
2. Minimum Withdrawal Limit – 8$(you have to reach this amount to withdraw the money to your Paypal account)
3. Available for Almost all countries( except Afghanistan, Antarctica, China, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, North Korea and Vietnam)
4. No limit for your earning.
5. No sign up charge.

Note : Due to some problems with Paypal, Clixsense no longer pays through paypal. But you can certainly get your money through Payoneer which is very similar to Paypal. So if you were wondering how to redeem your clixsense money then sign up to Payoneer from the link below and get $25 as bonus when you receive $100 payment.[aio_button align=”none” animation=”none” color=”blue” size=”small” icon=”none” text=”Payoneer” relationship=”dofollow” url=”″]

Clixsense Review and Guide

How do I get started?


This part is very simple, Click here to join the website , Fill in the details and click on sign up now. A form will appear where you will have to fill in more details, an email will be sent to your registered mail and you will have to confirm it after which you are all set to go. Then you can login to Clixsense and explore it to earn some money(follow the guide below)

How can I earn money on Clixsense?

This is the most important part, since you have opened an account already, Now your journey towards earning money online with Clixsense begins.As you can see in the Image above there are various Sections like View Ads, Surveys, Crowdflower Tasks, Clixgrid , Affiliates. These are the sources from where you can earn money. I will explain each of them in detail as this is the most important Part.

If you want to earn from Micro-tasks I highly recommend to Join InstaGC as Crowdflower has an entrance exam there – Read this InstaGC guide

View Ads

All you have to do is view small Advertisements and you will be paid for it. Go to this section and click on the ads as displayed above, once you click on the ad you will have to click on the cat to prove that you are not a robot. The ads are usually between 3 – 30 seconds after which you will be credited with the amount. It is 0.0001-0.01$,The Ads are not the main part because it is not even going to be 1% of your earning from this website. But there is a reason why you should click on them which I will let know in the Later stage.



Surveys are one of the important sources of making money here. Surveys are consumer opinions which are seeked from you. You will have to answer about a brand or sometimes you will be part of a research. The pay is around (0.5 – 2$ )per survey which hardly takes up to 10 minutes to complete. There are loads of surveys available for Tier one countries Like USA, UK, Australia etc. The Survey opportunities are less for Other countries like Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Pakistan etc.

To start getting surveys you must fill your surveys profile, based on which you will be getting surveys. You can click on various survey routers daily(do it 3 times a day) and also complete surveys which you get on invitation. Sometimes surveys are even available in OffersSection. I would suggest people from tier one nations to focus on Surveys as the earning opportunities are ample here, For others you can focus on tasks and do surveys whenever available. Please go to offers topic in the Forum , You can get a lot of information there.

Earning potential : Depends on your geography,
Tier 1 countries : 50 to 150 $/month (even more depending on availability)
Others : 5 to 20$/month.

Note : You may get screened out of surveys many times, don’t be frustrated. You will learn to get around it eventually.




This is all about luck, There is a Grid on which there are squares and you will have to click on them. After clicking you will be directed to a 10 secs Ad. At the end of the Ad if you are lucky you can get anywhere between .10 to 10$ , You have 40 chances. Try it, you never know what is in store for you.


Note : Read this article before starting Tasks On Clixsense.

The most important part of the website where I make 80% of my income is from the Tasks section. Tasks are small jobs/mini jobs you will have to perform and you are compensated for doing them correctly. These tasks are provided by Crowdflower (an independent and well know crowd sourcing company).There are loads of tasks available and most of them are repeatable, Here is a snap shot of the my task list below,


In order to get these Tasks you should first open a Crowdflower account. Go to tasks section and open an Crowd flower account, Here the email id should be same as your Facebook email id.

Once you open an account you will be ‘Level 0′ contributor. In order to earn more money you have to reach Level 2 or 3 which is not difficult to achieve. Here patience is very important as Tasks for Level 0 contributors is very less. Whenever there are, please do it as much as possible. Please follow the ‘Zero level Jobs’ thread in forum under Tasks. As you do five Level 0 tasks(different types) with an accuracy of 70% you will reach level 1. Then you will be getting more tasks than before and you can easily reach Higher levels.

Check your Crowdflower Dashboard ( from time to time to see if you have already achieved Level 1. You should achieve that level in a week or two, as long as your accuracy rate is high.
Please read the instructions of each tasks and do them wisely. You may take a lot of time to do one task but once you are familiar with it you can do it at a faster rate. Please be active in forums(tasks section) as there are many willing to help( I will also be there) ?

Note : Crowdflower is planning to implement entrance exam so that you can reach Level 1 just by passing that exam, I will update the post as and when they do it.

Potential earnings : Contributors from all nations get ample amount of tasks.Provided you reach level 3 or 2, you can earn anywhere between 100 – 300$/ month based on the time you spend and how well you are in completing them quickly. There are people who earn 500$, as there are contests for best weekly Taskers.


In this section there are various offers like Install apps, answer surveys, download games etc. You are awarded Clixscents here(1 Clixscent = 0.01$) , again this section is not a major part. Based on your geography you do get some good Offers sometimes. So when you don’t have much to do come here and complete some offers. People from Tier 1 nations can earn a lot from this Section.


This is the under utilized section, the earning opportunity is immense. The logic is simple, you get paid for making other people join Clixsense.

You will get a unique referral link which you can send to your friends or relatives, if they join through that and start earning you can get 10% of what they earn from tasks,Ads and surveys. It is not Deducted from their earnings, The amount is given by Clixsense and hence there is no loss to anyone. So start telling your friends and relatives and make them join, Making them join isn’t enough, also focus on helping them to earn. So you are empowering someone and also earning without causing any loss to Him / Her nor you.

Earning opportunity : Depends,
For example consider You have 100 Affiliates (you can have any number of affiliates, Clixsense doesn’t restrict the number)
Assuming that each of your affiliate is earning 1$/ day , so you will be earning 0.10*100 = 10$/day which is around 300$/ month . But it is not easy to get affiliates and make them work, If you are successful then there is a gold mine here.

So in total how much can I earn from this website?

Well that depends on your geography and ability to excel in tasks, If you have surveys or you reach level 2 or 3 in tasks, earning 100 to 400$/month isn’t difficult and with active affiliates your earning can only move upwards. I have covered all the things and you can start your journey towards Earning money online today. It is suitable for Students, homemakers or any one who gets a lot of free time and wants to earn online. Don’t wait and start earning here, Sign up here and start earning money

Clixsense Payment Proof

Well, That question shouldn’t even come in your mind but if you are new to the internet world then certainly you will be having a doubt in your mind, just like I had one year back. Infact clixsense pays through Paypal, Payzaa, Paytoo and Neteller. You can choose any option to get the payment. If you do not know what is paypal, Then I suggest you to read this Article. Once you are into online earning you will need a paypal or any other similar service. To sum things up I will post the pic of my first month earnings from clixsense, Yes a clixsense payment proof indeed. The amount is small but in later months I have mad more than $250/month for which I have posted proof in my other article. You can earn even more, But since I have other things going I get limited time to spend on Clixsense. Below you a find a picture of my Clixsense Payment proof.


I will be writing one more article to cover other things like bonus system, premium membership, Payment proof. Until then follow the basics and you are good to go. Many people try this and give up because they want instant money which is never possible, they assume that Clixsense is just like other PTC websites . Your aim should be to learn all the sections in the first month as you can easily earn once you familiarize with the website. I advice everyone to be active on Forum, it is a great resource. Remember there is no other website called as clicksense or clicsense , These may be clones and trying to fool people.

Many People claim that this website is a scam and run campaigns like Clixsense scam , clixsense tricks etc. Either they haven’t made a sincere attempt or they are trying to rank on google. Rather I would give some legitimate Clixsense tricks( you can take them as tips as they are all legit) , How to increase earnings on clixksense . Some are impatient and start running campaigns like Clixsense scam without actually working here. The site is paying Millions of Users and I will post all my payments in next Article, Don’t pay heed to such Things, Just work Hard and Happy Earnings!

Hope this article enables you towards earning some extra cash online. Please add any doubts/ comments, I would love to answer them. Happy Cixsense earning , Until the next article, ciao!

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