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Hello Preppers, I know it has been really long as I did not post for almost two months. I was searching for some more websites/ apps during this gap and I am glad to inform that I have found some. Today I will introduce you to Spare5, It is Similar to Crowdflower but the best part is that the tasks are super easy and they accept everyone. Basically, you get to do Image tagging, Phone calls, Draw boxes tasks which are very simple. So I will give you the complete Process of signing up and also a guide/ review on what you should be doing to earn money from Spare5.

What is Spare 5?

As Usual I always explain about the company so the same goes for this one too, Spare 5 is a Data enrichment company which Helps in the process of machine learning and Artificial Intelligence. Well that is not important for us, All we need to know is that spare5 needs our help in order to analyze the data or to create Patterns for Machine Learning. So they convert the Data into Tasks and make it available to us through the Spare5 Ios App or the Website. The app is not yet Available for Android. They pay very week on Friday through Paypal if your balance is more than $1. The idea is to enable you to convert your spare time to some pocket money.

What are the Pre-Requisites?

  • iPhone or a computer
  • Internet access
  • Paypal account(As this is the only payment option as of now)

Complete Spare 5 Review and Step by Step guide for beginners

  • Signing up : In order to get started with earning on spare5 you can sign up using this Link, you get $1 for every $10 you earn if you sign up through that link or by pressing the button below.
    You can sign up suing your Facebook, Email or Linkedin Account.
    [aio_button align=”center” animation=”none” color=”green” size=”small” icon=”database” text=”Join Spare 5″ relationship=”nofollow” url=”″]
  • Spare5 Dashboard : After signing up you can access your dashboard which will resemble the image below. Initially since you are new you may have a lot of qualifiers, once you pass the qualifiers you will get access to tasks as and when they are available. It is very important that you perform the qualifiers with utmost care, while there is a provision to re-attempt the qualifiers sometimes you may not get the chance.Here are some Important Tabs on your Dashboard,

Upcoming : These are the tasks which may be available in 24 hours, So that you can make time and be ready for the task
Available : The Tasks that are currently available for you and you can complete them to earn cash!
In Review : After you do certain number of tasks, Spare team reviews the quality of your Tasking. All those tasks which are being reviewed can be found in this Tab. It is very important that you maintain the quality so that you can Maximize your earnings.
Completed : The tasks which you have recently completed
Unvailable : These tasks are unavailable to you because either you have failed to qualify or the quality of Tasking in that particular Task wasn’t satisfactory

Spare5 XP system : Recently Spare5 Introduced XP system, Which means each time you perform a task, you get experience points depending on the category of tasks. There are about  six categories of tasks, as shown in the picture below. So more your experience points more the tasks you will get in future says Spare5. However everyone has an equal opportunity to grow just Like a game. Again it says that quality is very important and the Points will be revoked if there seems to be a any compromise on the quality of Tasking.
These are the Basics you should know About Spare5 , Now I will tell you a strategy to earn money.

Why don’t I get get tasks on Spare5?

This question is asked a lot by my blog readers and Spare5 users. Before I answer this question have a look at the info-graphic below which explains the entire process of Spare5 tasks creation and distribution,


As explained above tasks are sometimes even demographically targeted in terms of country, sec etc depending on what the clients demand. The most important factor is to perform the tasks with high accuracy.

Just passing the qualifier is not enough, you need to keep the quality top notch to continue tasking as your answers will be reviewed periodically and if the quality is poor you may lose access to the tasks. Last thing, complete all the qualifiers you see on your dashboard as you never know when tasks will start coming for it.So, keep working honestly so that you won’t be in a situation of not having tasks

Spare 5 Startegy and Tips to earn money 

  1. Perform all the Qualifiers you get, People tend to ignore some and then complain that they don’t receive Tasks. Qualifiers will not be for an indefinite time, Make sure you complete them as soon see a qualifier.
  2. Once you start a Task, Keep on doing it at a stretch without taking breaks. If you see a Task and decide to do it after an hour, The task may not be there as others will be completing it at the same time. It is on first come first serve basis.
  3. Try to achieve higher levels, I am sure spare5 has some good plans with the level system which they have implemented recently.
  4. Please do not cheat by opening multiple accounts, You will surely be banned and finding out such accounts will not be difficult for Spare5.

Finally, Spread the word about Spare5 , make more people join Spare 5 through your Link. You can earn upto $30 if your referral earns Around $100 in the First month. So guide him/her through the process and help him/her understand the Platform. Also your referrals can get upto $10 if they sign up under you. So it is a win-win situation for both.
Example : So if you join under me using this link, for every $10 you earn you get a bonus of $1 until you earn $100. So you can earn around $10 as Bonus. This is given by Spare5!
P.S – I get a Bonus from Spare5 too ?

Spare5 Payment Proof

Here is my payment Proof,
So with minimal effort I earned $100 in a month. Remember I do this in my spare time. Some fives (players are called as Fives) earn much more than this depending on the task availability and their Skill. With limited time I was able to achieve this, what is stopping you from earning. Also Iphone users do get some Calling tasks which is not available for Web users, which means more money for Ios users. Also try to get good referrals under you.Your friends who are finding to make ends meet, you can help them by guiding them until they familiarize with the website. Also there is an option to Donate any percentage of your earning to Charity, you are just one click away from doing something good that will changes others life!


Spare5 is a great concept and neat platform to earn money. The tasks are simple in nature and also very User-friendly. The UI is very responsive and gives a positive vibe, you feel like you are playing a game and not doing some monotonous work. The pay promptly very week through Paypal. So what are you waiting for fives, Start earning!

If you have any questions regarding Spare5 feel free to ask me through the Comments section.

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