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Hello Preppers, I hope everything is fine on your side as today I am going to introduce to a new earning Opportunity in this article. Yes as the title suggests in this Postloop review I will be making you understand what is Postloop and how can you earn money from this website. So before much ado I will start the review, Read the complete article patiently to understand how this works.

What is Postloop?

Well before making you understand what is Postloop, I want to ask you all one question. Have you ever taken part in forum discussions or you liked a blog and dropped a comment in it, Where you ever paid for it?
I guess not, So here is an opportunity for you earn by taking part in forum discussions, Blog comments etc. Yes you got it right, Postloop is a website which pays you post to on forums, blogs etc. Such websites are called as PTP(Paid to post) websites.

Their working model is very simple, Forum and blog owners who want activity submit their Forums to Postloop and Pay certain amount to them and buy points. The forum owners then use the points and distribute it to users who post on their forums. There are many forums you can choose from once you have reached certain Posts/ requirements set by the forum owners. Better the comments more you rating and more you earn.

The points you earn is converted to money, The conversion is 100points = $5. But in order to to able to post on forums you should first pass the screening test. You have to do 10 posts in Postloop own forum, Your post will be evaluated by them. If you are good enough you will get access to other forums otherwise you can no longer work here. So I request you to be careful while writing the first 10 posts. Now I begin the step by step guide of my Postloop review, A guide from starting to earning!

Postloop Review and guide (step by step tutorial)

  • Join Postloop

[aio_button align=”center” animation=”none” color=”orange” size=”medium” icon=”none” text=”JOIN POSTLOOP” relationship=”nofollow” url=”″] The first step is you have to join Postloop, You can do that by or pressing the button above. Then press on ‘Join’ Option and fill the basic details for your profile like email, password, username . Your account is created and you can login to your dashboard.

  • Confirming the Email and familiarize with the Dashboard

As you can see in above picture there is a message for you to complete your profile and confirm the email, Please do the same before proceeding. After you have done that try understanding the terms on your dashboard. The important things being ‘Rating’ and ‘The points received’ as it is an indication of the quality of your comments and also determines your payment. As I said earlier you have to make 10 Posts on ‘The postloop portal’ , This can be considered as a qualification test.

  • How to make make the First Ten posts?

Once you have filled your profile and verified your email, Go to ‘Forums’ on your dashboard. You will receive a welcome to postloop message at the top and a link click here, Please click on it and you will receive Instruction as shown in the picture below


  • Join The Postloop portal


Subscribe and join the Postloop portal, for simplicity use the same password and email for all my forum accounts on Postloop. Once you have joined the Postloop portal, Login and choose any of the topics as shown in the above image and do 10 quality posts keeping the guidelines in mind. So choose a topic you really like, Diversify and make comments on two or three topics of your choice. It would be great if you can create threads in those topics, Thread is nothing but you start a discussion in a topic.|

For example : You can go to the books section and start a thread on ‘how a book changed my life’ , you can post  that topic and start by saying about one book that changes your life. Other participants will chip in and the thread will get lively. Please make sure that your thread topic isn’t existing already.
If you don’t want to do all this, Just makes 10 posts on any of the topics and your good to go.

  • Making the the first Ten Posts

I can’t stress more on this, Please be very careful when you make these first ten posts as it will determine if you can continue posting or not. If you are not up to the standards you will be rejected and won’t be allowed to continue on postloop. Also make sure you get a high rating. Some important factors you have to keep in mind,
1. Good grammar
2. Do posts greater than 100 words.
3. Avoid spelling mistakes
4. Post relevant comments
5. Start 2 or 3 threads in any topic you like.
These are some important factors, So I would suggest you to first write on MSWord and the copy paste it. By doing that you makes sure that there are no spelling mistakes and also your post length is optimum(It is not mentioned anywhere that the posts should 100 words, but more the words more clarity in your post naturally)

  • Approval  by postloop

After making your first 10 posts your posts will be automatically sent to the postloop team. They will check the posts and you will be receiving a message regarding your approval within 24 hours. Once you have passed this you can continue making posts in other forums and also refer postloop to your friends.

                            >>Sign up to postloop<<

How can I earn money and how much can I earn on Postloop?

There two ways of earning on postloop, i.e earn by posting on forums and Earn by referring anyone whom you know to start posting on postloop. Lets analyze the two ways now.

  • Earn by Posting on Forums and blogs

This the one of earning here once your 10 posts are approved. You can choose any of the forums in the forum List and start posting, however some forums will have some pre-requisites to join them. There are plently of others which do not require any, They just want you to post quality stuff on their forum/blog. These blog owners then rate your posts and you get points for your posts. In postloop, 100 points = $5 and you can easily get above average points if your posts have enough quality. You can see the average points/ post on your dashboard.

Earning Potential : It is quite easy for you to make 100 points in a day i.e by making around 70 posts. You can easily do this in 2-3 hours. More time you spend here, more you earn. Also you will get faster and also sometimes be awarded more points if your post is very good.
So you can easily earn $150/ month by spending your free time every day. Remember you can login anytime and contribute in forums.

  • Earn by referring people to Postloop

The second way of earning, I call this as the passive way of earning. If you manage to do this then you considerably increase your earnings on postloop. All you have to do is go to referrals section on your dashboard, You will find your referral link. You can to send this link to youe friends/ releatives and makes them join postloop. Remember you can receive referral payments only if you have passed the 10 posts qualification. You can also reach out people through your social media Profiles, But the important thing is that you have to make sure they pass the test and start earning on postoop. Because you will be given 20% of their earnings on postloop. This is not taken from their account, It is given by Postloop. So it is pointless if they join and do nothing. So provide them with all the necessary information.

Earning Potential : Consider you manage to get 10 good referrals under you and they start posting on postloop. So lets be reasonable and assume that these are earning an average of $50/ month.
i.e $500/ month for 10 referrals, you will be 20% from postloops pocket . Which means that you can $100 passive income/ month. This just an example, If you are capable of making more people earn then you will earn more, simple as that. Also make it very clear, This money is not deducted from their account, It is given by Poostloop. So it is a win win for both the referrer and the referral.

  • Withdrawal method

In order to withdraw the money go to ‘deposit/withdraw’ option on your dashboard. Before withdrawing you must have the following two things,
1. You must have a minimum of 100 points in your account (1 point = $0.05)
2. Your User Rating must be better than the average User Rating to withdraw , This easy to achieve if you have doing quality posts. These are the ratings given by blog owners and the total average is around 3.4(varies) . So if your rating is more than 3.4  you can withdraw your money.
Once the above to criterias are satisfied you can place your withdrawal request through Paypal. You will receive your money under week. To know more about Paypal click here .

Postloop for Blog/Forum Owners

Postloop is not only a place to earn some extra cash. It can efficiently be used by blog/ forum owners to keep their forums running, especially when it is new and they want some quality stuff to be discussed in their blog. These are some of the things that makes postloop a good option for blog/forum owners,

  • Large number of qualified postloopers who can add value to the forum/blog.
  • The owners have the right to check the quality of posts, if it is not up to the mark they ban the user form the forum ( this rarely happens)
  • Owners can set pre-requisites so that they can get certain type of users to post on their forum/blog to ensure high quality content
  • Payment system is very simplified, you have to purchase points from postloop and those points can be awarded to the people posting on your forum/blog
  • Also you can be a user like us, earn suffivient points and use those points to get posts to your blog. This  flexibility provided by postloop is well appreciated by all existing blog/forum owners.

Few Tips for posting

Please do not try to give low quality posts, remember the owner is paying for this and he/she would certainly appreciate if you could provide high quality posts. Sometimes you may even be rewarded for that.

  • Avoid doing controversial, racial or any derorogatary posts, you may even face a ban for it. Try to respect everyone’s views and put forward your posts politely
  • Go through the postloop FAQ , A lot of questions which will pop up in a new users mind is answered here
  • Try to do 20 posts everyday and increase it as you get more comfortable. Also focus on getting referrals.


Postloop is a trusted website which has been paying its members since a long time. Some people say Postloop is  a scam just because they failed to pass the qualification. The payment rates are also reasonable, the more you post the more you earn. The referral scheme has a lot of potential if you are capable of getting more people under you. The business model looks neat and looks like these are here to stay for a long term. So all you have to do is stop thinking and start earning.
This concludes my Postloop review, please make sure you have read my clixsense review , Subscribe to my blog if you  want updates whenever I post about a new earning opportunity online. All questions are welcome in the comment sections, Please do not hesitate to ask.

Until then stay healthy and happy earning Peppers!

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