Crowdflower Tasks : Earn more than $100 from Tasks

As promised in my previous article, Here i am with my second article to teach some things so that you can earn better from in Clixsense by Doing Crowdflower tasks. Well, Surveys and tasks are the major sources from which you can earn money on Clixsense. There are no much Tips to be given in surveys as it is pretty straightforward, Whereas Doing Tasks Is percieved as very Difficult By many Begginers at Clixsense. So Inorder to get some things into Perspective, I will address as to what has to be done in order to maximize your earnings in Clixsense by Doing Crowdflower Tasks. This article is also good for people working on neobux, Crowdflower elite etc as most of the tips are suitable for all sites. Also I would like to Give some general Tips so that you have a Happy Earning Journey At Clixsense!

What are Crowdflower Tasks?

People who are landing on my website for the first time may not know what are Crowdflower Tasks. Well Crowdflower is Company which provides small Tasks and you get paid a small amount for completing those tasks. These Tasks are available on various partner platforms like Clixsense, Neobux and their own Platform Crowdflower elite. After research and personally working on those sites, I feel the clixsense is the best place to do the Crowdflower tasks are there some special benefits there. I have discussed some tips below so that you can effectively earn some extra money on clixsense While doing Crowdflower tasks. Some of the tips are also relevant to other websites as it is generally related to Tasks. Watch a simple video below to understand how Crowdflower works.

Tips to earn more than $100/month from Crowdflower tasks

1)Reach Higher levels (at least level 1)


I would say that this is the most important thing for you, Reaching higher levels means you will be getting more tasks Which implies more money. In order to achieve this you have to be very patient. I have seen hundred’s of people complain that they cannot reach higher levels and claim that clixsense scam. The fact is if you do ‘Zero level’ tasks Correctly and wisely by taking your own time, you will surely reach higher levels. I recently wrote a guide to reach Level one on crowdflower, Make sure you read it.

Please Subsricbe to ‘Zero level Tasks‘ thread in the ‘Tasks’ section of the forum. People constantly put updates whenever there is a job which helps you do it immeadiately. Many people miss theses tasks and complain that there are no zero level jobs. It is true that zero level jobs are less but they are there sometimes, You should be lucky enough to catch up with them and complete them with good accuracy.

2) Make use of Auto refresh Plugin 


After reaching higher levels you will be getting an opportunity to work with many tasks. Most of the Tasks are repeatable, The task author puts a limit on how many Tasks a contributor can work on. So sometimes you may get a message saying ‘ You have done maximum number of Tasks‘ but the fact is whenever the TA(Task author) adds more Units you can get the same task until the following message is Displayed, ‘You have completed all work‘.

In order to do this, Download a plugin called Easy auto refresh for Chrome, Whenever you get the First Message you can set the Timer for 3 secs and start the refresher. You can continue Surfing the internet on another tab, whenever the Task appears the Refresher stops and you can work on the task.

Note: While many Tasks are refreshable, Some aren’t. You will understand which tasks are by experience or you can always ask a question here or in the clixsense forum.

3) Task ID’s after reaching Level 1 


Many a times the tasks may not Apppear in the list, Because they are posted once and the units are constantly added. There is a possible you may have missed it, But you Don’t have to worry there are many helpful people Who Post Task ID’s in Forum. What you should do is copy and past those ID’s in the following manner,

https://tasks [dot] crowdflower [dot] com/channels/clixsense/tasks/ID number

Replace The ID number part with the actual ID that you can find in the Forum.
Example: 786254(ID number of a particular Task)
I have even attached a Picture for your understanding.

4)Subscribe Certain  Threads in Tasks Section of the Forum


This is a very important step to increase your earnings from the start. As a beginner please subscribe ‘Zero level’ tasks topic in the Tasks section so that whenever someone posts about available tasks, You won’t miss because an Email will be sent to your Mail Id. Also once you reach higher levels, you can subscribe those threads where contributors post Job ID’s of repeatable Tasks.

Example :In the following thread Id’s are posted of that particular type of task,
‘ID – Ignoring The Year, Compare Wine Label Images’

5) Become a Premium Member

Once you have made about 20$ Please don’t cash out, Instead Upgrade your membership to premium. I did the same and the benefits are too good and they Cost only 18$ Valid for One year!
Clixsense has explained what are the Benefits you will be getting being a premium member here, Trust me It shot up my income by 10% .

6)Daily checklist Bonus

This one of the best part of Clixsense. They give something called as, Daily bonus!
 i.e If you click on 6Ads


, 20 Clixgrid Clicks, 10 Tasks or 2 offers and visit the forum 10 times, You will be eligible for the bonus. The Bonus for a Standard Member If He/She completes all the above mentioned Tasks  Is 7% of what has been Earned That day. Whereas for a Premium Member it Shoots Upto to 16% of what has been Earned on that particular day. Please Install the Clixsense addon on your respective browsers as even that is one of pre-requisite to get the Bonus.

In Simple Terms If you earn 10$ On a Good day, Then You will be getting a Bonus of 0.70$ if you are a standard Member, Whereas Being a premium Member enables you to get a Bonus of 1.6$!


Finally Here’s My payment Proof to cheer you up and take action,

This was the Clixsense payment proof For the month Of October, With only 12-15Hrs/week . Imagine how much can you earn if you are an Homemaker, Student Who has some free Time(Like Me) . I have Blurred the Id for Security Purpose, Hope you Understand. I Can’t Wait to see some successful Stories in my comments Section, Don’t Think Much just start the journey. It may take a month, 6 months or an year but Success is guaranteed if you work Hard


Well I hope you follow this Article and this helps you to maximize your earnings at InstaGC, I know that It is not Easy to understand but I have tried to make it as simple as possible, If you have any Doubts/questions Please feel free to comment. Also stay tuned Stay tuned to my other Informative Articles On Another Gem Of a website I have Found,
Until Then, Cheers!

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