Must Read Guide to Reach Level one on Crowdflower

Hello Preppers, I have been getting a Lot of queries by Clixsense users asking me how can they reach Level 1 On crowdflower.

One of the way to to become Level 1 is to do as many zero level tasks as possible, However zero level Tasks have become very rare and hence reaching level One is very difficult on Clixsense. Luckily Crowdflower recently introduced ‘Entrance Exam’ which enables members to reach level 1 by Passing the test, But the test is not available On clixsense as there are too many users and the Crowd flower server cannot take the Load, So I have found other Channels where you can take the test and after that you can return to clixsense as it has the best earning system. The guide is divided into two types,

1. Reach Level 1 For New Users
2. Reach Level 1 for users who already Registered on Crowdflower through Clixsense, Neobux.

Firstly you need to understand how this works, Crowdflower is the main company which provides tasks. So they have many partners(websites)like Clixsense, Neobux, Send earnings, Insta GC etc. where they post their tasks. So you can work in any of these websites and complete the tasks. But you cannot do the same tasks on two websites. I have written Guides for two situations, read the one which is Applicable to you. Read the FAQ regarding Entrance exam for more information.

Reaching Level 1 For New Users


This is simple, you have to join any website other than Clixsense, Neobux or Crowdflower elite and make Crowflower Account in that website. By doing this you will be getting access to crowdflower entrance Exam on your Dashboard. Some of the websites where Crowdflower Tasks are available,

1. InstaGC
2. Prizerebel [After signing up you can find various ways to earn from Prizerebel like surveys, Tasks, Offers, Watch video, refer and earn, Contests and more, Read my complete Rize rebel Review Here )

  • So just create an account an Account on InstaGC
  • Confirm you email and complete any offer which is worth 5 or 5+ Points, There are plenty of them you can choose any one(Read my complete InstaGC earning Guide)
  • Once you have completed a 5 or 5+ Points,Access crowdFlower through that website(create an account by logging in through Facebook for Crowflower) and then Access you DashBoard.
  • You Must be able to take the entrance test, If you still do not see the entrance test then you can contact the support. Once you have passed the Test and reached Level 1, Then do more tasks and reach higher levels.
  • You can also do offers and surveys as there are many On instaGC, initially you may take time to understand the website. Press on the ‘?’ on the top right where information is given on all aspects of InstaGC and how you can earn money.

Note : Please do not start Crowdflower with Clixsense as the entrance exam isn’t available there. Do as above and then switch to Clixsense only after reaching level 1. If you have already started Tasking on Crowdflower with Clixsense, Neobux then you can refer the guide below to reach level one.

Reach Level 1 for users who already Registered on CF through Clixsense, Neobux

If you have already started working on tasks on Clixsense or other channels where you cannot answer the entrance exam then you have to Sign up on a website where the Exam is Available. So that your crowd flower account will get linked to that website. It is very important that you have Linked your Account, Other wise you will not be able to see the entrance exam. Here are Three Simple steps,

  • Make an account In Prizerebel (Read my complete Prize rebel Review)or any other website in which Crowdflower Tasks are available(Also make sure that CF provides entrance exam in that website).For this guide, I’ll Assume you have joined Prizerebel.
  • Now access Crowflower Tasks through That website(Prizerebel), In order to link This channel you will have to do at least one zero level Task through Prizerebel, After this your account will be linked(please wait 24 hrs after you have done a task to see if your account is linked). In order to make sure that your Account is linked, Go to your crowdflower Dashboard and click on your Name > Edit Profile , Here you will be able to see the channels to which your Crowdflower accounts are Linked, You should be able to see Prizerebel here(See pic below).
  • Once you have linked, Access your CF Dashboard using Prizerebel and you should be able to see the entrance exam, If you still do not see it you will have to contact the support. Once you have Passed the exam you can go back to your original website and work on higher level Tasks.
  • You can continue on Prizerebel as this website has a lot of offers or even go back to Clixsense!

Has Crowdflower stopped Entrance Exam?

Plain and simple the answer is NO.

I have been getting a lot of queries regarding the availability of entrance exam, There are rumors that it is no longer available. To clear this doubt I sent a ticket a Crowdflower and also got a reply for my query. The positive news is that ENTRANCE EXAM is active for most of the users. It was pulled off for a while due to maintainance and it is available for most of the users now. Here is picture below of the reply. So stay calm and keep working and also remember  there is another way to get into level one by doing Level 0 tasks. I will soon write a guide on that.


Update 16th May, 2017


The above reply by Crowdflower support doesn’t clearly say if the exam is available or not, it says a bit of both. I have asked for further clarification about the same. Until then keep working on level 0 tasks and reach Level 1 in Crowdflower.


I hope this article can help you in reaching higher Levels, I am sure you will be having a lot of questions. Please Feel free to ask them in the Comments sections, I’ll answer them as soon as possible.Also, check my blog for other ways to make money online, If you feel the article can be helpful to others please do share it!

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    1. Hey Raj, you must be able to see under the ‘Figure Eight’section. I think they have discontinued entrance exams now.

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