What is Paypal – Here is all you need to know

PayPal is one of the most effective and dependable means of sending and receiving payments to sellers and from buyers respectively. Anybody who’s purchasing or selling anything on the online marketplace can open and own a PayPal account. Just visit their site, register your personal and credit or debit card details and you’re done! So, if your question is ‘What is paypal?, you have that answered.

What makes PayPal so amazing is that it’s the most fair and approved payment processor in web business. It’s used by millions world-wide and you will always receive a refund with no hidden fees if you’re ever tricked by anyone into sending them payment.

PayPal is not difficult to set up. Chances are, you already have a PayPal account. This really is particularly true if you have done any shopping on websites like eBay or any other ecommerce site before. To be able to take accept credit card payments as an online merchant, you will have to update your account from a personal PayPal account to a business account with no fees whatsoever. The only fees you pay is when someone makes a payment you’re your account.

With commitment and great effort, PayPal is now an international leader in online payment services and more than hundred million people make use of its services worldwide. Its existence could be felt around the world in many countries. All those individuals who purchase and sell stuff online or do any business of some sort on the internet are all using this services.

What PayPal does is that it lets online shoppers make payments for services and goods purchased by them online through them. The customers do not need to pay money to the online merchants on their respective websites and this offers great amount of safety and protection to the people that are transacting online. This service is essential for such online transactions as the majority of these online transacting parties is unaware of the whole profile of each other and at times never has seen each other’s faces. The greatest advantage of the service is the fact that the customer don’t have to give their sensitive information like credit card details when making payments online. The merchant also wouldn’t be dealing with the credit card details of the client, as PayPal takes care of all of that.

The whole procedure is quite straightforward with the PayPal payment service. The customer who’s willing to purchase goods from the seller/merchant will click the payment option from where he’d be taken to the PayPal web hosting service provided on the seller’s website and then when the transaction is completed, he’d be taken back to the seller’s website. The other features of the PayPal payment service are that it doesn’t have set up fees, cancellation fees, monthly minimum payments, etc. and transactions are finished on their website itself instead of the seller.


  • As a seller, you will have the ability to take both credit card and direct PayPal payments. There are those who prefer to pay via PayPal, so it is amazing to offer both choices, although individuals do not have to have a PayPal account to pay.
  • PayPal incorporates with just about everything online, from membership websites to e-mail service providers etc. This is among the best benefits about making use of a service that’s really popular like PayPal.


  • Among the greatest drawbacks of utilizing PayPal is that fees will be incurred by specific payments. Money transfers made between friends as well as family don’t incur any fees, but payments made for the transfer of products and services are billed at a certain percentage. Fee percentages, however are lower for payments greater than $3,000.
  • Many people have had their PayPal accounts blocked or frozen. This really is the largest fear related to using PayPal. There are horror stories out there involving PayPal immobilizing accounts when there are criticisms, or when there is apparently a questionable activity on the account. And when this happens, any money in the account is not accessible.

Why this article ?
This article is for you to understand what is paypal because majority the online earning platforms pay through Paypal. So It is important for you to know what is it. Now that you have understood the working and functions of paypal, it is time for you to open an paypal account and start earning online. You can Open an account by visiting here once you open an account you have to link your bank account. Then you are all set to earn online.

The sign up process is easy for most of the countries but I have seen a lot of confusion regarding opening paypal account for Indian users, So all those have who problems w.r.t opening an Paypal account you can read this guide (Only for Indians) . For others it is pretty much easy.

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