Interview 2 : Meet a Freelancing MBA Graduate

This is the second interview in the series of interviews I will be conducting. I am doing this exercise because there is a lot of cynicism about earning money from home. There are so many ways to make money online. While there many scams, I found legit earning opportunities also. My blog features those online earning opportunities and these interviews will get opinions from people who have successfully earned online like me.

So, meet Mayur , An MBA Graduate and also someone who explored the world of online earning. Let us read about his journey online, His difficulties when he began and how he managed to earn some decent money afterwards.

1)When did you first come across the term ‘Make money online’ ?

A) I came across the term ‘Make money online’ few years back when there was a lot of buzz surrounding a survey website called Speak Asia.

2)Did you believe it is was possible to earn online?

A) To be honest, No. First time I tried to earn online was few years back when I was still in my high school and I heard about the website Speak Asia. When I learned that you can make money online filling surveys then I looked for all the paid survey websites and registered to all of them. I didn’t have any success in online money making at that time and I didn’t make even a single penny by working online at that time.

3)Which was the first site you started working online?

A) I first started working online on a website called Appen butler hill. I came across a subreddit Workonline on reddit which was earn by working online. I browsed this subreddit to find out that there are some online job profiles like Web search evaluator and social media evaluator which are very well paying online jobs. So, I applied for those two profiles in every online website which had those job positions and I first received reply from Appen for the profile of Social media evaluator. They had a very basic test and screening process which I cleared and I started working there in March of 2016.

4)How did you feel when you received your first payment?

A) It felt really good, I didn’t have high hopes for getting paid online as I had this mind-set that making money online is a Hoax and scam. I didn’t actually believe that I could make money online until I received my first salary in my bank account. I was very relieved when I received my first payment, It was more than relieving as the job I was doing was a very good paying one. I didn’t tell anyone my family, my friends about working online till I received my first payment in my bank account and they were also surprised about that as they also didn’t believe that one could actually earn online.

5)How did you balance your studies and online earning.

A) I never had problem in balancing studies and online earning, on an average I work only 2 hours in a day which isn’t hard or very demanding in a 24 hour day.

6)According to you, do we need special skills to earn online?

A) I don’t think that we need any special skills to earn online, Basic English and common sense is good to go. If you are trying to make money by doing some specialised freelance work like writing, coding or designing then you do need to be very good at them to be able to make money in a very competitive market but the job profiles like Social media evaluator and web search evaluator doesn’t require you to have special skills as the company itself would train and teach you about what you are required to do and how to do it.

7)Which are the sites/apps you are earning from currently?

A) Currently I am working for Appen as a Social media evaluator and for iSoftstone as Crowdsourcer.

8)Tell us one good and one bad thing about being a freelancer?

  • One good thing about being a freelancer is flexibility in working and also you get to be your own boss.
  • One bad thing about being a freelancer would be lack of stability, also personally for me I miss the work environment that a normal 9 to 5 job has.

9)What is your advice for someone who is just starting his online journey?

A) Do your research before doing any job online, Look for reviews and past experiences of others who have worked the same job profile. Never pay anything, If a website is asking you to pay then its probably a scam. Also, get used to writing E-mail and communicating to the company or your clients.

So, That is the end of the interview. Quite an Exciting journey isn’t it? So yes things began with curiosity for Mayur and then he found the right opportunities and utilized them. I would like to conclude by saying ‘Never discard an opportunity without trying, Trying is the least we can do’. Hope this interview gives you more confidence to start your working online journey, Please read my blog for legitimate online earning opportunities.

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