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Hello Preppers, I am excited to introduce you all to the world of Collaborizm. While this is not like the typical make money sites/Apps I write about, it is related to freelancing and entrepreneurship. If you have the skill then there is great money to be made here. However, the objective of the site is to become a platform where everyone collaborates to solve problems.

To tell you more about Collaborizm, I am introducing to you my friend John Rodrigues. John has been actively participating on the platform from the past two years and has some exciting things to share with us. He will explain what the platform is and how it helped or is helping him to make a switch from Freelancing to Entrepreneurship. After all, everyone would like to be their own boss and this platform helps you to do so. Without further ado over to John!

Hello, I am John Rodrigues, lead ambassador for Collaborizm. I’m here to explain what Collaborizm is about and how it helped me. Collaborizm opened up a lot of opportunities for me and helped me take my projects to a whole new level and I want to share my experience on the platform.

What is Collaborizm ?

Collaborizm is an online incubator for innovators, entrepreneurs, creative people and any other skilled and highly motivated person. It really is a place for “everyone”, i.e.., for anyone who has an idea and the passion to pursue their idea.

Let me explain how it is a place for everyone. Most technical or creative projects require teams which have people with different skill sets, e.g., from a graphic designer to a hard  core programmer. Suppose if you are looking to build a portfolio to display your talents. It is important to work on projects to enhance your skill in your respective domain and to learn new skills as well, and Collaborizm gives you that opportunity. So, stop delaying and take the first step! And find what you love to do.

Here is a doodle I did to illustrate how it works

My experience on Collaborizm

Since childhood, I always had lots of ideas floating in my mind. After obtaining my engineering degree, i was eager to find a platform to document my work and to meet like-minded people. Then, one day i came across an ad on Facebook promoting Collaborizm, and I slowly started exploring it and the and the intensely interesting projects there. I observed what skills people were looking for and I decided to focus on how I could develop those skills. Once i achieved some proficiency in those areas, I joined some Collaborizm teams which intrigued me and  I also Started some of my own projects.

I was elated that I was able to effectively help my team members and that my new skills also helped me advance my own Projects. The first Project I Started was called: “Roombot -affordable room cleaning solution”, which helped me understand what is required to build a product, and how to access an online global network like Collaborizm. I met great people who  were genuinely interested in helping me especially Nina Naik, who helped me understand various stages of Product development.

You see it was a simple project that I Started as a hobby, which resulted in giving us such extraordinary entrepreneurial and business experience.

I went from being a newbie to top leader to lead ambassador on Collaborizm fairly quickly, which was exhilirating. Steven Reubenstone, the Founder and CEO of Collaborizm, who is a Mechanical Engineer and fellow entrepreneurial dreamer himself, is an inspiring leader with a great, dry sense of humour. He personally  helped me to understand the unique business module they were working on and he mentored me. The recommendations i got from Steven and the experience I have had on Collaborizm have helped me build confidence and greatly advance my career opportunities.

I had joined Collaborizm at its initial stage. The site is much more sophisticated and feature rich level than it was when I first joined. Some of the new Projects are simply amazing, like Smart Wheelchair, a Project led by a young Indian engineer named Shrey Fadia. Shrey, with the help of Collaborizm teammates, is building a wheelchair with IoT and other electronics which allows the wheelchair to automatically navigate around objects and has other features that make it a huge upgrade to a traditional wheelchair.

Shrey is a 21-year old self-professed entrepreneur who was just invited by an inspirational Collaborizm user named Cynthia Artin, who is a highly respected marketing professional who has backed many Collaborizm projects with not just guidance but also with financial support , to attend an upcoming IoT conference in Las Vegas. I am grateful to Cynthia for supporting people like Shrey and me and other aspiring entrepreneurs like us on Collaborizm, and for giving Shrey this amazing opportunity to display his incredible device, which will help people with disabilities.

Please read an article written by Arti Loftus, a digital artist and writer who is also a devoted Collaborizm user here, describing her experience on Collaborizm

As Arti notes: “The sovereignty you have over your work will inspire far more people than the actual content ever will.”

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