Appen Social Media Evaluator Review 2020 – How Much Can you Earn?

I get many queries regarding social media evaluator jobs for India, Australia, USA and many other countries etc. So in this post, I will give information about freelancing platform called Appen. While Appen offers multiple freelancing jobs, this post would be focussed on Appen Social media evaluator.

You can work as a social media evaluator in other companies like Lionbridge, Lepaforce etc. Since I have worked with Appen, I am compiling this social media evaluator review. This post will include a step by step process of becoming a social media evaluator at Appen, Appen social media evaluator pay and everything you need to know about the role.

I have worked as a Social media evaluator for over 10 months now. Hence, the information I provide will be based on the experience I had.

They also provide other freelancing jobs, some of the profiles include search engine evaluator, Translator, Social media evaluator, Crowdsourcing.

What is Appen?

What is Appen

In simple terms, Appen is a company which helps firms to make their data healthier. Especially with the booming influence of social media platforms on consumer habits, it becomes necessary to get the marketing strategy right. This possible if you have the right data in hand. So Appen hires people to do the same, the best part being that all the positions they hire for are work from home.

They have an Apply – Pass – Start Work policy, It is contract type and the work you get is very stable until your contract ends. The pay is decent and usually paid on an hourly basis, the pay also depends on the type of position and the country in which you reside.

Appen Social Media Evaluator Pay

All Appen jobs are paid on an hourly basis. The pay depends on the country the contributor belongs to. It is also based on the program you’d be getting into. You may either get into the one hour or 4-hour rating program, your pay would vary accordingly. I cannot disclose the exact payment I received due to NDA. However, for the amount of work I put in and considering it was flexible, the pay was very decent.

Appen recently changed the way it issues payments to it’s contractors. Appen used to pay through direct bank transfer to contractors from most of the countries but now it pays through Payoneer. So, I advise everyone who are planning to apply for any positions at Appen to open a Payoneer account and keep it ready. Once you start working, you can link the same and get paid (Instructions to link will be sent by Appen)

Sign up using the button below as you can get $25 when you receive a payment of $1000 from any source. You will not get $25 as soon as you sign up, you get it when you receive funds worth $1000. Even if you may not use it for Appen(if you do not into any project) you can use Payoneer to send and receive payments for the majority freelancing websites as it is becoming an alternative for Paypal. [To open Payoneer account you will need a bank account and the tax identification number of your respective country]


Note: Please do not sign up if you have no intention to work online because you will not get $25 just for signing up. You will have to receive at least $1000 payment from some source after which the bonus will be credited. That is why if you get into Appen project you will surely get a bonus when you are paid by Appen. So, I advise you to make the account if you have passed the qualification exam of Social media Evaluator or any other post.

What’s the Role of a Social Media Evaluator?

Now lets come to the main point of this article, what will you be doing and why are you being paid. The work of a social media evaluator is to evaluate news feeds of different social media platforms and give feedback.

Depending on the company your working through Appen, You may have to work on facebook, twitter, instagram feeds etc. I got hired to evaluate my facebook feeds and rate them. I cannot give more details as I have signed an NDA. However I can certainly say that the work is super simple, The pay is very much decent.

Everyone who applies may not get an invitation by Appen, applications are evaluated case by case and also depends on the overall demand for the applied position.

Whenever a requirement comes up you will get an email inviting you to be a social media evaluator. Then all you have to do is take the qualification test, after passing it you can start working as an SME The process is very simple and they give all instructions through email communication.

Requirements to be a Social Media Evaluator

  • A decent computer with operating system vista or above.
  • A moderate speed internet connection, 2Mbps worked fine for me.
  • Should be able to spend fixed no.of hrs/ day. For me, It was 1hr/day and at least 5 days per week(so 5 hrs in a week).
  • Basic English proficiency (reading and writing)
  • Basic Computer knowledge to troubleshoot issues with the rating tool

How to Become a Social Media Evaluator on Appen (Updated 2020)

1) Choosing the Right Job Posting

Appen has social media evaluator jobs for many countries. It is important you apply for your respective country i.e you must have identity documents from the country you apply for. I have noticed many applications are rejected because of this reason.

For example An Indian applying for a US social media evaluator posting or vice versa.

To ensure this doesn’t happen, I have provided the links for the United States and Indian Social media evaluator postings.

United States: Click here

India: Click here

In case you want to apply for a different country, all you have to do is go this link and then change the ‘location’ to your respective country. (shown in the Image below)

2) Applying for the Job

Once you have landed on the correct job posting as explained above. You can find all the information about being a social media evaluator at Appen. From the job description to requirements, everything is explained in this page.

Among the many requirements, the most important one is to have an active Facebook account with a certain number of friends, even though Instagram is mentioned it is not so important. But I advise you to open and be active in Instagram too (in case it becomes a criteria in the future).

Once you have read all this, if you match their requirements then click on ‘Apply for this job online‘ button.

You will be taken to a page which explains how your data will be used by Appen, click on ‘I Accept’ in the bottom of the page and then provide your email and click on ‘Next’.

3) Completing the Application

Once you have given your consent and provided the email, you will be taken to the application page. Please be careful and fill in all the necessary details. Most of the information they ask for is pretty basic and straightforward.

You do not need a fancy resume to get accepted, all you need is an active social media profile and good written English skills. Once you have keyed in all the details, click on ‘Submit Profile’ button.

Depending on the requirement, you may get a reply from Appen inviting you for the project in 2-14 days. In the new system, you can track your application status by logging in to your Appen dashboard.

Once you get the invitation to join the project, follow all the instructions and be quick in replying to their emails from that point.

Before they send you the qualification test details, they may ask you to submit one identity doc. This is done to ensure that there are no duplicate applications. Do not delay in sending the docs as you may lose the opportunity to take the qualification.

After passing the Qualification, you are officially a social media evaluator and they will allow you to start working. They pay you through Payoneer, so once you pass the exam make a Payoneer account by clicking the button below(you will get a bonus of $25 on receiving a deposit of $1000 which you will obviously get from Appen)


Note: Please do not create multiple ids and sign up for Payoneer, you will not receive a dime unless you get a deposit of $1000 from another source.

What Happens After I submit the Application?

You have done all the work from your side. After the application is sent you may or may not get a reply from them. If your application is accepted, they will send you an email inviting to the social media evaluator project.

If you accept the invite, you will be getting step by step guidance from them as to how to proceed and take the qualification and all other necessary details(All guidelines and materials will be given before the qualification so that you can prepare for the same).

Once you have passed the qualification test, you will be asked to set up the payment method. All you need to do is connect your Payoneer account to Appen. The whole process may go up to a week.

Don’t get disheartened if there is no vacancy, recently one of a friend was told that there was no vacancy after he sent the application but he got a call after a week to join. So just submit the application and hope for the best.

Pros and Cons of Appen Social Media Evaluator


  • Decent pay for the amount of work you do.
  • The work is really simple in nature.
  • You have the flexibility to work from home and can choose your own timings.
  • The work is very stable for this profile.
  • People from any part of the world can apply for this.
  • No special skills required


  • People complain of sudden termination of contract (I did not face any such issue)

Is Appen a Scam?

I shouldn’t even be responding to this question but there are many people out there who call it a scam. Many contributors claim that Appen throws people suddenly without notice, It is a fact that the contract can end at any time because such is the nature of the job and they make it very clear during the signing up process.

The main reason for this is not following the rating guidelines. You get two warnings and if you fail to adhere to the feedback given, they end the contract. This in no ways means they are a scam, all this is clearly mentioned during the sign-up process.

Here are Some Facts About Appen

  • Appen was founded in 1996
  • Appen was publicly listed on Australian Stock exchange in 2013
  • Appen was declared as the best company for remote jobs in the world providing work from home opportunities[As per the survey conducted by Flexjobs]
  • Appen recently acquired Leapforce, a company which is similar to Appen.

Old Process [No Longer Works]

The process is very simple, Fist you need to create an Appen account. For which,  You can go to this page (for US applicants)and then click on ‘Hot opportunity social media evaluator ‘, it will direct you to a login page, You will have an option for new registrations there.

Then you can start the process to apply for this post once you have registered on Appen. It is 8 step process, Simple and easy. Each step is discussed below. After the new update, the No.of steps have been reduced, you can accordingly fill it up by referring to the relevant steps below.
For Indians: join through this link

Step 1: Personal Data

In this step all you have to do is fill in your basic personal and communication data.  This includes your Name, Address, Communication details Like Phone, email etc. Also, they ask for online reference so that it can be authenticated that you are active on social media platforms. As you can see I have given my Facebook profile link as internet reference, This step is very important as the profile is related to social media.

You add other social media platforms like google+,Instagram by clicking on the ‘+’ Sign, Make sure you have tested the link for each of your social media profiles you have submitted. Recheck all the data and proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Education/ Training

This step you will have to enter courses which you have undergone till date. But I have not given the details here as my complete education details was listed in the resume. If you have anything outside the resume, It is worthy to mention it here. It can be any type of education/training.

Step 3: Work experience

Here you will have to input any work experience you have prior to this or even if you are working currently. Appen doesn’t have a problem if you work in other places as this is a contract job, unless the work is similar in nature. Which means you cannot work for Appen and Leapforce for the same ‘social media evaluator’ post. I don’t have to enter anything because I am still pursuing my studies and have no work experience.

Step 4: Qualifications

Here you can include any qualifications, It can be a certification in languages, computer programmes etc. Please don’t think more qualifications/ training you have easier it is to get the position, It doesn’t work that way. Just mention only if you have really done it.

Step 5: Preferences

This step they ask you if you have any preferences, well I was more than happy to earn money so I din’t have preferences. I left this blank as I was ready to work under any circumstances but If you have anything then you can type in the box provided.

Step 6: Resume/ Attachments

I would say this is the most important step because this gives Appen an idea of what you are, Makes sure you tweak your resume such that matches the social medial evaluator position. Also adding a cover letter would help, convincing them as to how you could be a good social media evaluator. You can also upload any other documents like certifications of training/ qualifications which you have mentioned before. I just attached a resume and a cover letter.

step 7: Overview and Release

This is the penultimate step, Here you will have to agree that your application can be released and can be considered for various profiles on Appen, also agree to their data privacy statement. Tick the two boxes as shown in the picture above. Also before proceeding to the next step please check your application form. It will be shown in the same step, scroll down and check if all the details you have given are correct and true. After this, you can proceed to the final step.

Step 8: Complete

You have done all the hard work now, All you have to do is click on ‘complete’ in step 7 and you will receive a message which says ‘ your profile has been released’ . This means that your application has been successfully sent.

Is it Worth Working as a Social Media Evaluator for Appen?

Being a social media evaluator at Appen is a great opportunity for everyone who is looking for work at home jobs. The nature of the job is simple and also flexible, I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to earn extra money online.

They have other positions like ‘search engine evaluator‘ / ‘crowdsourcing‘ which you can certainly try later. There are other companies like Appen providing similar opportunities, If you fail here then you can certainly try your luck elsewhere.

I hope that this Appen social media evaluator helped in some way or the other. In case you have questions related to the application or the signing up process, drop comments below and I’d be more than happy to address them.


10 thoughts on “Appen Social Media Evaluator Review 2020 – How Much Can you Earn?”

  1. Jean Lee Mae Salaysay

    Good afternoon sir , it is somewhat amusing knowing that the company’s flows of system works well for you . .iwould like to ask for help regarding for the validation of my application for social media Evaluator . Thank you .

  2. Eleize Silva Ferreira

    Hi, there! Great post. Can you be more clear about “you must have identity documents from the country you apply fo”. What does it means for real?

    Other point, I am not sure is if Ineed to hve a bachelor degree in some area, cause however I am a fluent in english language and used to online enviroment and have some soem computer skills, I don’t have a bachelor degree. I am from Brazil.

    Thanks in advance. Hope to hear from you so soom

    1. It could be any document which has a photo and basic details issued by the government. It could be your driving license or any similar doc.

      You do not need a Bachelors degree to get started with Appen.

  3. Hi Anish, I was wondering if you could shed more info on what happens when you click ‘qualify’ for the projects? I want to be prepared before pressing the button! I have been invited to apply for another position other than Social Media Evaluator, but I presume it would be a similar process.


    1. Hello Claire!

      Apologies for the late reply. Nothing much happens, your profile will be considered for other jobs and it shouldn’t affect the current job. They have many positions, social media evaluator being the best.

  4. Why do they ask for your URL to your facebook? I’m concerned at how they use your info. Will I be tracked? Will they sell my info?

    1. I do not think they sell your data. They use it for verification purpose as there a lot of fake accounts and bots.

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