10 Best Ways to Make Online in India (Suitable to All)

If you’re a student, a working individual or just taking some time off work, earning a little extra every month is something that would interest everyone, especially if you’re a student. So, if you’re looking for how to make money online in India, then I have got the right thing for you.

Making Money Online in India – Why Most of Them Fail?

Have you ever tried your hand in online business? Or have you seen an acquaintance starting their online career? Then you must be aware of the struggles of the journey.

The internet is full of stories and article telling you how to earn money online in India, but most of them fail to mention that more than half of people who try to earn money online, fail at it.

Now, this doesn’t mean its difficult, you just need a few tricks.

Starting something new requires your undivided attention and you cannot ace an exam until you study for it.

Lack of knowledge and improper execution is what mostly brings these businesses down.

So here I am giving you three mistakes that can stop you from making money online.

1. Divided Attention

If you are a newcomer who is looking for different ways to earn money online, then you must have discovered loads of methods that guarantee a definite method to give you a source of income.

From affiliate marketing to starting your own blog, there are loads of options to earn money online without investment for students. You can even create and sell your own product and become a young entrepreneur.

And maybe you have already tried some of them and failed at earning even a little from those online sources.

Here is where the problem lies.

With so many options, it is very difficult to choose what is best for you as it seems everything you come across is the best way to earn money online in India that can give you the best returns. It is easy to get lost among so many sources that you think you can ace.

Now, the problem here is that with so many options offering a good source of income, you become prone to try everything under the sun without giving enough time to one thing.

This is a very common faced by many. For example, you try your hand in freelancing but then decide that affiliate marketing is more profitable than freelancing and you switch. Here, you are prone to fail at both.

In conclusion, you wouldn’t be able to give your undivided attention to anything and bound to fail.

And before I forget it is important that I mention one last thing; the internet is full of blogs that teach you different ways to earn online and they make it seem very easy and productive.

But the strategies that worked for them may not work for you. That’s why it is very important that you understand the work from the roots and plan your strategy likewise.

So, stick with what you started and don’t go on expanding until you are sure you have time to invest.

2. Too Many Expectations

It is obvious that if you’re starting an online business, then it must be in want for extra income. You want to have some extra funds at the end of the month so as to not stress your pocket.

Although this is very good if you’re something long-term from your online work, you must not forget that nothing can make you a millionaire in a day (unless its a lottery).  

With Blogger and Vloggers taking over the entertainment industry, there is a little part in every one of us to get rich and famous. It is very easy to assume that you can get successful just like everybody else.

In fact, even before you start your business, you assume it’s going to reach heights within a few days, thanks to the millions of stories claiming so.

But we often forget that they have struggled to reach this height and it is not going to happen overnight. Good things take time and this is going to take you ample time.

I wouldn’t lie to you. It can be a very bumpy ride for many. In the beginning, you are bound to make mistakes and along the way, you are going to learn the right from the wrong. And for all this, you have to invest time.

Everyone starts from scratch and it is very easy to get lost in the crowded platform of the internet. Where it is the place of opportunities, it is not easy to claim them.

So before you jump into online business, remember to be passionate about the work and invest time and effort into it.

It is only your work that is going to yield results.

3. Planning and Planning

You plan. You create the best strategy that will bring you the ultimate success. But it all becomes a dream when nothing works out as planned.

Let’s take it with an example.

At this point, you have put complete efforts in looking for the perfect online work for yourself. You have decided the basics and came up with the logo and tagline of your product.

But in the end, you fail to take any real action.

Remember all the hours you spent researching and shaping your perfect online business? It goes down the drain.

Most people who fail at online business is because of this incapability to take any real actions. They spend most of their time in ‘planning’ their actions rather than actually executing them.

Which becomes the main reason for failure.

There can be various reasons for this. Lack of interest, thinking about doing it tomorrow, unsure of investing money or being scared of the result.

There is also the possibility of you finding something else more interesting than your previous engagements.

But remember, moving from one thing to another and failing to take a solid action will lead you nowhere. Until and unless you overcome the fear of uncertainty it is very difficult to set up a successful online business.

If you want your online business to be a success then take a step ahead from just planning and take ACTION.

The Solution to the Problem

There is not one problem that stops them from being successful, but there are various aspects of starting as an online entrepreneur.

I went deep into explaining why most of the new entrepreneurs fail at establishing their online business, what are the basic problems that are faced by new entrepreneurs and how it makes them fail at working online.

So understanding it as my duty, it is important that I give you the answer to this problem.

First and foremost, stop paddling. I know you are jumping into unknown waters. You don’t know the depth and certainly don’t know the struggles that you may have to face to keep floating.

But thrashing around without a rhythm will only result in your drowning.

Focus on one step and then decide the next action. For instance, you are starting a blog so your first step must be deciding about what you are passionate about. What do you want people to know and how can you make their lives easier.

Once you have the right thing that you know you can ace, move forward and take the next step.

Second, do not give up.

The web is a huge place. You are not going to get results in a day. Or even days and weeks. It is going to take months.

So stick on one thing and keep working on the same. Do not jump onto the next good ‘idea’ you see on the internet.

The web is a huge place and it will take some time for your work to get noticed. So do not fret over the results.

Keep your focus on your online business and take step by step decision for your business.

Now, that we have a gist of the problems that you may have or would face with your online business, it is time we come to the hard part; the actual work.

Even though the internet is full of ideas on how to earn money online in India without investment, I have collected some of the most practical methods that can help you earn a solid income.

Top 10 Best Ways to Make Money Online in India

1. Affiliate Marketing

If you have looked for methods on how to earn money online in India then affiliate marketing must have popped once or twice (or even more). It is a slow and steady business build up that helps you steadily increase your income.

Before I jump into successfully starting affiliate marketing, it is important that first, you understand the basics of the game.

Defining it in layman’s language, affiliate marketing refers to the promotion of products in order to sell them. From every sale you make through the link, you get a part of the profit as commission. So, the more customers you bring in the more is your income.

Most of the affiliate networks are provided by popular online stores and brands looking for promoting their products and selling more.

Coming to the next important point, it is important that while looking for an affiliate program you choose one that has a large and trusted user-base. This is because the users are more likely to buy products from trusted website or brand rather than a new less trusted brand.

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t promote new brands. Once you have followers that trust your recommendations, you can promote new brands to help them get better deals. But for this, it is important that you first gain trusted followers.

Also, there are various different types of affiliate programs including PPC (pay per click), PPL (pay per lead) and PPS (pay per sale). So depending on your expectations, you should choose accordingly.

I personally suggest that you look for a PPC program as it provides maximum profits.

To help you get started, I have covered some of the best affiliate marketing networks in India.

2. Become a Freelancer

If you have a useful skill that can help people in any way you can always offer your services to them online. This new trend is called freelancing and is growing rapidly. Many companies prefer freelancers over full-time workers.

For instance, if you have a way with words and you can write detailed and engaging articles then you can always work as a freelance content writer and help bloggers keep up with the SEO demands.

Another option if you want part-time work is graphic designing. In fact, with the increasing demand for SEO optimized blog posts, bloggers pay freelancers for original non-copyrighted pictures that they can use in their posts.

So while I elaborated the options you have as a freelancer, it is a must that I mention the procedure.

I will be honest, it is not easy. First and foremost, it can take you some time to get clients that are ready to pay for your services and until and unless you have good reviews, people are always a little hesitant to invest in your services.

So, to begin with, choose a niche that you are sure will be helpful to people. Next, identify your target audience.

It is very important that you identify your target audience as it will be no use marketing yourself to people who wouldn’t be needing your services.

Also, there are several websites like Fiverr that help freelancers promote their services, but it is difficult to get noticed due to the crowded service providers.

To get noticed in the crowd, you can create an online portfolio and showcase your work to your potential clients. People are more willing to invest in your services if they see your work.

Check one of the freelancing opportunities I tried during my Engineering days, I used to make $100 every month by spending 30 mins 5 days a week – Appen Social Media Evaluator Review

3. Do Micro Jobs

The internet is the whole world in itself. There is hardly anything you cannot find on this platform.

In my last suggestion of how to earn money online in India, I mentioned freelancing. But to be a freelancer, you need to be a master at a skill and you would also need to devote time to promote yourself as a freelancer.

If you do not have a specific skill that can help you professionally, or if you lack time to completely invest yourself into your part-time work, then you can always do casual micro jobs and earn whenever you need extra money.

Online platforms like Clixsense, Neobux, and Mturk gives an opportunity to do just that.

These websites pay you to complete simple tasks like filling a survey, trying out an app, playing games or inviting people to the website.

Sounds like a dream come true right?

Wait till you celebrate, know that the pay per task may not be much.

If you want to seriously earn through these programs you can get a membership of one of these sites to increase your earnings per task and get more profits.

But if you are just looking for extra income in your free time and wouldn’t be regular with the tasks, I suggest you keep the free membership rather than getting a paid membership.

4. Designing T-Shirts

Do you have a niche for designing t-shirts? Are you a lover of weird and creative designs? And do you think your designs are awesome enough to be worn? Then this is something that would interest you.

Websites like Teespring, Redbubble, and Merch by Amazon helps you sell your customized t-shirts without having to invest anything on the business.

All you need to do is create a beautiful and out-of-the-box design that has the potential to attract customers. The advantage of using these websites is that you won’t have to handle the marketing and production.

By just creating and uploading your design, your work is done.

The website will promote your tees and since these websites already have a strong user base, your product reaches more and more customers.

If you still want to promote your product and have the time to do so, you can take to your social media and promote it as much as you.

Why not use every resource you can get your hands on?

5. Buy and Sell Products Online

Talking about selling t-shirts, brings me to the next idea on my list of how to earn money from home in India.

If you think that you cannot devote much time on promoting your product and don’t want to work as a freelancer, then you can try buying and selling products online.

There is hardly anyone who is unaware of eBay and other e-commerce sites that lets people sell products. For this, you can directly buy products from the manufactures at cheaper prices and sell them online at these platforms.

To sell products online, you have two options. Either you can create your own store or sell on an existing platform like Amazon.

I personally suggest that as a beginner, you should sell your products on Amazon and other well-known online stores as they already have a huge user base and your product will be self-promoted.

Moreover, before you buy a product, make sure you do thorough research on your target audience and how well are the chances of the product performing well in India.

If you succeed at selling the product then you can always increase your range and add different products that are compatible with the old ones in order to sell more.

And remember, when you start selling products, do not invest too much in buying. Buy only a few samples and check how well it is performing in the market. You can always increase the number if the demand grows.

6. Become a Social Media Influencer

Social media influencers have become a go-to source for various industries to launch their new products and help gain more consumers through them.

As a social media influencer, you will have to try out products of different companies and influence people to use them. In turn, these companies will pay you for promoting their product.

Sounds easy, right?


Becoming a social media influencer can be a part-time online work that can become a full-time job.

You must have already seen loads of ‘influencers’ on social media and maybe you are following a few of them too. But have you ever tried to do it yourself?

Are you extremely passionate about anything? Do you spend your leisure hours looking at the latest gadgets? Or are you a solid critique of a new movie? Then this is something you should give a try.

Yes, it may take some time to gain enough followers to be addressed as an influencer but when you do, it is going to be worth it.

New companies and brands are always continuously looking for influencers that can help them take their product to the consumers and sell as much of the product as possible.

To start as an influencer, you will first have to determine your niche. You need to understand that you must have a passion for the niche you are going to influence people about, then be it fashion or technology.

Secondly, you will have to be consistent. People like to follow someone who is determined towards their work and keep them interested. And let’s be honest, no one wants to follow someone who posts once in a while.

So make sure you have enough content to keep people interested.

And lastly, sign up for the partnership programs with new brands. When you are sure you have a user base large enough to be considered ‘popular’ then do not hesitate to contact new brands and companies.

Do not wait for them to contact you as most of the companies wants influencers who already have experience in the promotion of products. Moreover, they want to look at people’s responses.

7. Mobile Apps for Small Tasks

When talking about methods of earning money online in India, it wouldn’t be wise to mention mobile apps.

Nowadays, you can find a number of mobile apps that claim to give money on completing surveys and installing apps. But we all know that most of them are just scams.

Not to be disheartened, there are mobile apps that pay for online tasks.

Companies and businesses are always looking for people for micro jobs and these apps provide a platform for these companies to get aid.

The companies pay these apps and in turn, they pay a part of it to the users as they complete these tasks.

These tasks can include trying out a new game, taking a survey, checking out an app and other mobile related tasks.

Now, remember, you may not get paid abundantly for these tasks, whatever the apps claim. So if you’re looking for solid side incomes, you should invest your time in more than one app.

Squadrun and Playment are two most effective apps that give real Paytm cash for your tasks. You can try other apps too to help gain more income.

Mobile apps may not give you as much money as the other mentioned online works, but you can earn enough to fulfill small tasks and save your money on mobile recharges.

So go ahead and utilize your leisure time for completing simple tasks on your mobile and earn a passive income.

8. Give Stock Trading a Shot

Have you ever thought about investing in the stock market? Most people are a little hesitant to dive into stock trading due to the number of myths revolving the subject.

It may sound complex and dangerous but once you understand the working of the stock exchange, it would become much more interesting and fun way to earn money.

Now, investing in the stock market doesn’t take to much technical knowledge, but this does not mean that it is easy. It requires quick thinking, sensible decisions and most importantly, you need to be passionate and eager to learn.

Coming to the must do’s when investing in the stock market, here are a few tips and tricks that can help you get the best from your stock trading.

Study Before You Invest

Do not blindly play the game.

Before you decide to invest in any business, make sure you study the background of the company and choose a company that is easy to invest in.

When you are investing your money in a business, you don’t want to do it at loss. The whole point of stock trading is increasing your income, so be sure you put your money in the right hands.

It is okay to take your time. Do not rush it; think and act.

Prefer Business Over Price

When choosing to invest in a business, I would suggest you prefer the reputation and name of the business over the price of the stocks.

As an investor and a long-time online earning method, it is important that you think of the future rather than just the price.

Investing in a reputable business that has the potential to grow is likely to give you better returns on your money than the business that doesn’t have much potential.

Think of your money before spending it to buy stocks that may not give you many returns.

Don’t Follow the Line

Most of the new investors make the mistake of blindly buying the stocks that are popularly suggested by their friends or family.

This is worse than not investing in the stock market.

Just like I mentioned before, buying stocks is a process that needs thorough thinking and intelligent decision making.

Study the company you want to invest in and invest only when you think you the business has potential. Following the herd will not help you in the long run.

Diversify Your Portfolio

If you are seriously thinking about starting investment in the stock market then it is important that you have a broad and diversified portfolio.

Having a diversified portfolio helps you broaden your investments and gain maximum returns on your money. Moreover, it will also help you minimize risks.

Also, it will help you understand the market better and you will also gain protection against volatility.

So, if you choose stock trading as a method to earn money online, then try to have a broad portfolio and do not hesitate to jump into unknown territory.

Keep Your Expectation Levelled

People have this misconception that stock trading can make you a millionaire in a week. Just like I said before, there is no overnight potion for success.

If you’re looking to earn from stock market then you will have to devote time into the work. Study, think and then act.

Having unrealistic expectations can only demotivate you and hinder your progress. Although I would suggest you set expectations to help yourself grow, do not overdo it.

Monitor your progress and only work on increasing your profits rather than setting unachievable goals.

Do not Invest From Your Pocket

The stock market can be a little complex when you are getting into it. It is difficult to set goals and differentiate investments from profits.

Many people fail to gain real profits from stock trading as they keep investing more and more money even during the temporary loses.

Remember to invest only the surplus income into your stock trading as it will save you from big loses and will keep increasing your profits as well.

We cannot ignore the uncertainty of the stock market so it is important that we prepare for it in advance.

Monitor and Monitor

The best way to know if the stock trading is working for you is by keeping a regular check on the stock market.

As a beginner, it is important that you regularly update your earning and how well or bad you are performing. This will help you to apply better strategies and increase your profits.

Moreover, it will also let you know if you are investing in the right businesses.

So, give your online job some time and monitor your progress accordingly.

Try Out Stock Trading

With these tips and tricks, I tried to ease your entry into the stock trading world. Now, I cannot claim that these tricks will help you succeed at stock trading but they can help you get a good start.

It is always better to know in advance what are the common mistakes made by beginners so that you can avoid them and stay away from serious losses.

Stock trading can be really beneficial and can be turned into a full-time job if done right.

9. Open a Video Channel

You must have been expecting this one.

Teenagers, students, and adults, every age group has taken the support of the online platforms to create videos and earn money through them.

With more and more people turning towards Youtube and other video platforms for even the simplest of answers, the traffic is continuously growing on these platforms. This means that the chances of earning a solid income from these platforms have also risen.

All the other methods mentioned in this list consist of ways to earn money with a specific skill or talent. But when it comes to creating videos, all you need to do is be passionate.

To create videos, it is not necessary to ace a single niche.

Help people out with the day to day tasks or teach them some awesome tricks you use to make your life easier.

In fact, if you are an entertaining person, you can always use that talent to amuse people. Everybody likes a good laugh.

To earn money with your Youtube channel, all you need to do is follow a few steps.

First and foremost, you will have to create an account and have a video that follows the guidelines of the channel.

Secondly, you can sell ad space in your video in order to earn income. This means, whenever your video is viewed, you will earn money on the video.

Lastly, you can always sponsor your videos. This means, instead of selling ad space in your video, you can promote a product. This method is fast money whereas the former one is long term income.

Some vloggers even promote their own products through their videos and make earning by selling them.

One more way you can monetize your videos is by affiliate links. Recommend your viewers the products that you are using in your video or the products you prefer and leave their affiliate links in the description.

So, every time any viewer click’s the link, you will earn (depending on the type of affiliate program).

Take out your camera and make good use of it. Don’t worry about perfection, just be passionate and keep creating!

10. Start a Blog

Blogging has become very common today. People are more eager to share their opinions and skills with the world and be a part of the larger community.

Blogging lets you share your skills and expertise with the rest of the world and help you work on your own terms.

It is something that helps people earn money while talking about something they are passionate about.

But it is not so easy as it sounds.

Before you think of starting a blog, you must have these three qualities:

  • Be passionate

When you start a blog, people will be looking forward to you to get answers and know about the subject. They will be eager to learn something new and it will be your duty to continuously provide them with new content.

This is why, it is really important that you are passionate about the subject you are gioing to blog about.

  • Have thorough knowledge

As a blooger, it is a must that whatever you blog about is legitimate content that will help people.

You need to be sure that what you write about and bring to people is completely true and productive. Even if you are not sure about something, it is better to confirm it before you go online and preach about the facts.

So make sure you are well-informed about the subject.

  • You are ready to invest time

Time plays a very important role as a blogger.

As a beginner, it is expected that you may have a full-time job and may not be able to give sufficient time to your blog. But do not forget, it is important that you devote a small part of your day to the blog.

To ensure the success of your blog you will have to look into the various aspects of blogging, promotion being one of them. And you can only promote your blog when you have a little time to invest.

As a blogger, you can earn money through selling ad space on your blog, promoting products or by affiliate marketing.

There is no shortage of earning money through a blog, but you need to be passionate and hard-working if you want real gains from it.

Before I end, people are going to trust your suggestions and advise, so make sure you have something valuable to offer.

Be Smart, Re-Invest and Grow Your Wealth

In this article on how to earn money online in India, I have mentioned the top ten ways that could offer you the best solutions and I hope that you have found what you were looking for.

Making money online, at the comfort of your house may sound like a dream come true, but it is not at all easier than doing fieldwork. In fact, this mindset is the reason why most people fail at making substantial progress in their online work.

It is important that you put in efforts and invest time in your online job so as to increase your income and gain money on your dormant assets. Keeping the money in banks is a safe but slow and minuscule investment. You are not going to get good returns with it.

So why not invest it in something big and get the best from it?

The common belief of online jobs being risky is stopping many people from pursuing a better career. There is nothing wrong with taking a leap.

Just be careful, do your homework and keep up the hard work, you will definitely succeed.

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