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Hello readers, firstly let me congratulate you for landing on this blog. In today’s blog post I will be writing about an app using which you can make some easy and quick money. If you explore more on this app then you can make some stable money every month from this . The name of the App is Whaff rewards, so it’s time for a detailed review on this App.

What is Whaff Rewards?

You might have already got an idea regarding the app from it’s name. Basically you get paid for completing offers like downloading other apps, playing games, answering product surveys. Whaff rewards partners with some advertisers who pay some amount for all these activities, a certain share is given back to the players for completing offers. Depending on the countries, the type of offers vary. Some countries will have more surveys and some others will have very less surveys, especially US, UK, Canada , Australia users will have many surveys or offers. However there is one way by which anyone from any country can earn easily, so I’ll start with that. Before that let us how to get started.

Whaff Rewards earning guide

Step 1 : Follow this link and download the app. Also you can download by clicking the button below. While registering make sure you put the code ‘DX81004‘ to get some Bonus reward. Put this code when they ask for Invite code.Now your all set to make some money.

Step 2 : As I said earlier there are many ways to make money on this app, however I will start with the easiest way, so that anyone from any corner of the world can start earning.

Earn by inviting friends : Yes you can earn money by inviting others to join this app. All you have to do is make sure that your invite code is used when your friends register. You can find your invite code in the ‘Invite friends’ section of the App. You can easily invite your friends from Facebook, Instagram, email, Direct message etc. You get 0.30$ when your friends register using your code and even he gets some bonus. This may seem like it is a very small amount, however I will explain to you how this can be very significant using an example Case study.

Case study : So imagine you are socially active Person. So knowing 500-1000 people isn’t a tough ask in today’s day and age. So all you have to do is explain to them how Whaff Rewards app works and make them install using your invite code, please give them complete information as to how they earn from this app, I will tell in detail how can you make money from this app other than getting referrals. So basically you can make $300 very easily. This is just an example, you can make a lot more if your referrals stay active.

Why am I saying that this is the easiest way?

  • In today’s age making friends isn’t difficult at all. You meet new people everyday in social media or outside world
  • You can connect to 1000s of people online. All you have to do is explain about the app clearly and how can this benefit a user
  • You can even run targeted ads on google or Facebook.Just make sure that you don’t end up spending more than you earn!

What are the other ways?

It doesn’t end with only inviting friends , you can earn by completing variety of offers. The availability of type of offers solely depends on the demography (I.e the country in which the user resides). Let’s look into each of the earning option in detail.


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