Squadrun Review : How can this app earn you some Money

Welcome back preppers, In my previous post I wrote about an app called Sparkprofit ,which pays you for making forex/market predictions. Today I will introduce you to another fun game like mobile app called ‘squadrun‘ which pays you for performing small tasks. In this Squadrun review I will give you all the details from joining to earning, So that you can start making some pocket money as soon as you are done reading my article, I suggest you to download this pocket money app right now. Trust me this is not like any of those apps (mcent, ladoo etc) which pay you for downloading other apps, So stay tuned and read along. This article will also be useful for businesses looking for on demand workforce than a traditional workforce, This type of workforce will help them scale up and also reduce the cost.

What is Squadrun ?

First let us understand what this app is all about, Squadrun is an indian startup which has developed an app that enables online retailers(Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon etc) to post small tasks and these tasks can be performed by the crowd(That is we the people) who have joined the app. So they provide a Platform for E-tailers to get their job done and enable us to make some pocket money. The app is more like a game, The small tasks are called ‘Missions’ in the app. The user interface is pretty simple, So i guess it’s time to explore the app since you have understood how it works. This Squadrun review will guide you on how to make money from Squadrun.

Some terms Used in Squadrun

  • The tasks you do here are called as Missions
  • The points you earn are termed as Squadcoins , 100 squadcoin(SC) = 1 Rupee.
  • The points can be redeemed to your Paytm or PayU accounts.
  • The App is only available for Indian Users for the time being.

Getting started with Squadrun

  • This step is common for all mobile apps, click here to download the app or press the button below to download the app on your phone(please use your smart phone) , Then after you have downloaded the app wait until it is installed.[aio_button align=”center” animation=”none” color=”orange” size=”small” icon=”none” text=”DOWNLOAD SQUADRUN” relationship=”nofollow” url=”http://squadrun.co/share/UUA6IH”] Squadrun-App
  • After installation, open the app and you will have to login to the app using your Facebook account. Read the terms and conditions before doing so, After you do not have any problem in those terms and conditions you can proceed and login. This is just a customary for any service/product.(Image shown below)
  • Once you have logged in you will get something called asinitiation mission , here it is important that you put ‘UUA6IH‘ for referral code. This mission is basically designed to know you better as a user. There will be some questions asked about you and once you have completed this mission, you can start doing any missions on your dashboard.
  • Here is a list of Missions you may get after the initiation mission, This what a User in my house got when she joined recently. However it may change depending on what Missions will be up when you join Squadrun. I will use the example shown in the image below to explain a few things which you should know.
  • Those are the missions available to you. You can choose to do any of the missions, All you have to do is click on any mission, read the instructions carefully and complete within the allotted time. The best part is that you can switch to any other activity without loosing progress.
  • To continue from where you left previously open the app go to My Missions on your dashboard and you can find your ongoing missions there and complete them , ‘Qualifier are those missions upon completion you get more such related missions whenever they are uploaded. The ‘Purple Tagson some of the missions suggest that even if you fail the mission you will not use a life which you would for missions which do not have a ‘Purple tagon them.
  • It is very important for you to know details about the lives system, Redeeming squad coins etc. I will explain those with Images in the coming points.
    Note : It is very important that you guys complete the qualifier missions so that you get access to more such missions in future, If you do not complete the qualifiers you won’t receive missions.
  • By pressing on the3 Straight lines icon on the top left corner, you will be taken to your dashboard which would initially look like the picture shown below,
  • As seen above you will be having 3 lives to start with which will be increased to 5 lives once you earn more Squadcoins and do more missions correctly. You will lose a life if you fail to complete a mission within the allotted time or if you incorrectly complete a mission. You can get a life by completing 5 missions in a row correctly. Also you can no longer play the game once you have lost all your lives, If in any case you feel that you have unfairly lost a life you can send a message to the support with proper explanations. The support is quite responsive to the users, You can send a message to them by going to Support at Basecampoption on your Dashboard.
  • Suppose you have been rejected for a mission (i.e you have incorrectly performed a mission) , The reason for rejection will be given most of the time. Toggle toMy MissionsOn your Dashboard (image shown below) , Then swipe the screen two times to your left which should take you to ‘Re-attempts’ where the reason will given. One more Important point is that if you do 3 same missions incorrectly in a row, you can no longer work on that Mission again. So if you do one type of mission incorrectly the first time, See to it that you do it correctly the next time.
  • Conversion of Sqaudrun to Paytm Wallet
    Once you have understood the basics start working on qualifiers to unlock more missions. Once you have accumulated enough points (i.e min of 6000 squad coins) you can redeem the points by going to the ‘Bank’ section on your Dashboard. By pressing on‘Bank option you can either choose Paytm or PayU to redeem your squad coins into the respective wallet. Don’t worry if you do not have an Paytm account, You can easily Sign up for Paytm and get an account. Once you have an Paytm account, Go to the Bank option and then choose ‘Paytm’ option. Enter the mobile number and email which should match with the Paytm Account details, Then press on redeem and within a few minutes you should have the money in your Paytm wallet if you have done everything Correctly. This is the process to covert Squad coins to Paytm wallet. You can use the Paytm wallet for recharge, paying bills, Shopping etc . It can also be transferred to your bank account. ( Image shown below)
  • Squdrun Calling Missions
    I Have covered all the basics for you, The most important part is to complete the Squadrun missions correctly for which you will have to read the ‘Instructions’ carefully. Once you are familiar with a certain type of mission then you can do it easily when it appears the next time. Also you will get some tasks called as ‘Calling Missions’ , These are well paid missions. In order to get those Missions you will have to verify your Mobile number. To do that click on the ‘3 dots’ on the top right corner, You will receive a pop as shown in the Image below. Enter your number and complete the verification process after which you will be eligible for Calling missions whenever it will be available. Calling missions are those in which basically you ask feedback from people About ‘X’ company which you will be representing. There are many types of calling missions, I have mentioned one of the types.
    Please note : You won’t be losing any money by making calls for Squadrun as it is redirected through their software, Instead you will be making money for making short calls(1- 3 mins max) . Just follow the script given, If you have any doubts please ask here (In comments section)
  • Squadrun says that the missions will be approved by 24 hours, But majority of the Missions will be approved by 10-20 mins except for calling missions. In calling missions they will have to manually check the quality of the calls made by the users, hence it will Take Around 24 hours for approval but other missions are automatically approved within 20 mins. This ends the step by step guide from joining to earning.

What Type of Missions will I get On Squadrun?

Now you may be wondering what kind of missions will you be working on Squadrun, Well there many types of missions. In my experience of 3 months I have done many exciting types of missions. The picture below will give you an idea of what are the types of Missions you may will be getting in this App.


Squadrun Earning Potential
Well That is the most important Aspect right, I have earned over 2000 INR in around 3 months. The missions arepaid between(INR 2 – INR 25) based on the difficulty level, Also Each mission takes around 1 – 5 minutes to complete once you are familiar with the App. I was just testing this app and managed to make that money, Imagine if you had a lot of free time and tried all the Missions. Certainly it will not make you Richie rich but you will have some pocket money for recharge, Movies etc. Please don’t cheat by creating Multiple accounts, it will result in a Ban. This is what I have In my Account currently(Everyone likes proof right?)

What can I do if I don’t get missions on Squadrun?

I get a lot of such queries related to availability of missions, why am i not getting missions, when will i get missions etc. I wrote a consolidated answer for all those questions here

Update : If players are very good at calling missions i.e they have successfully completed certain no.of calling missions on squadrun as per given instructions and required quality then you can earn 3k/month just by doing calling missions. Yes, Fixed 3000/ month as you will be given more lives and more access to more such missions. In order to make this possible you have to download the app(above) and do all the qualifiers. After that complete ‘calling missions’ by following the instructions. Do as many calls you can, when you have maintained a certain level consistency you will be given access to more calling missions by Squadrun.

Update : Earning options are increasing in squadrun as their adding bonus for good players. So quality is very important. I have had converstions with many players and I am happy to say that most of the top players earn between 5 to 10k / Month. However, you cannot start earning this much right from the start. You may start with 1k and gradually with experience you can go up ladder. My advice is that try to pass all qualifiers and perform the missions with great attention.
is a video below where the Top players share their experiences(Includes me ? )


Update : I am noticing that most of the people join the app thinking that they will get free easy money. Please be informed that this is not such an app, The more effort ad time you put into this app and develop relevant skills the more you will be earning. There are players who hardly make 100 rupees because they expect money without trying to put an effort while there are others who have been working hard making Rs. 15,000 + / month. Please decide what kind of person you want to be, A dreamer or real worker?

Also, people simply complain that there are no missions in the app, having played this app for more than 1 year now I can confirm that at least one mission (Calling/data) will be available on the app. If you are really determined, Pass all the qualifiers as and when they come. Also, Try the calling missions as they have a better frequency and more bonus opportunities. So, Word hard play hard #Game on!

Update : There has been a major update to the interface of Squadrun especially the way Calling missions work. It is much easier to complete calling missions now and also the time taken is reduced by atleast 30% which is great news, You can earn more in less time. The video below explains the changes, I may write a detailed guide on this new version soon.

Final conclusion

Squadrun is an Exciting, Easy to use App with an awesome user interface, As they promise ‘ Get Paid to Play’ is certainly true. The app is suitable for any Demography(Gender/age) and a great Time Pass, Consider this as an replacement for the time killer(Facebook) which yields you nothing but News/Memes which you have already seen on Whatsapp. So go ahead and download it and make some Pocket money. If you want to earn $200/ month read my Clixsense review

Also if your wondering how to Upgrade your Paytm Wallet then read my post.

If you have Any more queries/ Doubts regarding The app please drop in your comments below, I will be more than happy to reply. If want to read more about the company, Read the Squadrun story .I will be back with another Mobile app from which you can earn money in my next Article, Until Then Ciao!

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