SqaudRun Player Interview : Meet Steve Fernandes

Hello preppers, Today I am posting something unique on my blog in an effort to make this blog more reader centric. After all, the aim of this blog is to empower anyone who wants to make money online. This article is an interview of a player who has been working on an App called SquadRun for about a year now. If you haven’t heard of SqaudRun, you can read my review here.

Read this article to understand how a simple App like SquadRun is providing youth with means of earning some cash which can be rightly utilized to pursue their Passion.

Steve Fernandes is an aspiring teenager like you, He is passionate about creating vexel art portraits, typography, minimalist vector graphics etc. I asked him to create an artwork relevant to this article and he came up with this amazing work.


This art indicates how Steve is pursuing his passion with the help of SqaudRun App, Now lets start with the interview and see what has to share with us!

SquadRun Player Interview: Steve Fernandes

1)When did you hear about SquadRun for the first time?

I was strolling around in the Playstore looking for apps when this bright yellow icon caught my eye which said “get paid to play” , It grabbed my interest and let me tell you this , Hitting install was one of the best choices i’ve made!

2)Did you believe that you could earn by doing missions? (As this was something new)

When i first read the description of SquadRun where its concept is explained that you will be paid for the missions you do it felt very different from all other “earn with app” claims I have seen , SquadRun felt way more refined and systematic. I did have doubts if it actually works as good as it says but all that was cleared the moment I got my first mission approved.

3)What do you like the most about SquadRun?

Execution. Many apps try the idea of online work but SquadRun is unmatched in how well it executes this idea , the whole system is put together extremely well plus if there are any hiccups the support team is very good at getting things up and running.

4)Would you recommend this app to your friends/ relatives?

Yup! When I first suggested SquadRun to my cousins they were surprised at this concept of doing missions to earn using a phone , When they gave it a try they were just as amazed as I was when I first tried Squadrun myself!

5)If you do not mind sharing, How much do earn in an average from SquadRun?

I have been using SquadRun for almost a year now and while earnings depend on the amount of work you do each month I have seen a massive increase in missions and value per mission. On average I can make about ₹4000 per month on Squadrun which is great!

6)Lastly, how does Squadrun help you to fulfill your passion?

I always wanted to have my own computer for learning new things but I never could afford one , However when I started working on SquadRun that changed! it helped me fulfill my wish of having my own computer and now I am learning Graphic Design and SquadRun is supporting me each day to reach that goal!

That’s the end of the interview and thanks for reading it, Hope this has inspired you and you have already taken the first step to earn online.

And yeah Steve also has an Instagram page where he posts his Amazing artworks, If you want to have a visual treat every day you can follow him at instagram.com/steveplusf , A Big thumbs up to SquadRun which is changing lives of thousands of people.

Please free to share your thoughts in the comments section, Until my next article ciao!

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