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Hello preppers, Here I am with another earning app for you. Playment app provides with simple tasks and upon completing them you get points, These points can then be redeemed as Paytm wallet, Flipkart Coupans etc. Also The app is available only to Indian users as of now. Read this Playment reveiw to understand how to join and make some extra pocket money which can come in handy for you.

Who is Playment?

Playment-app- review

Playment is an Indian Startup based out of Bangalore, They are a company who have developed an app which provides you with an opportunity to make some pocket money. The business model is very simple, Playment gets in touch with big E-Commerce companies who will have huge (A lot) of data which will be a big problem for the company if they do not refine or keep it in a structured manner. So playment converts this into small tasks and puts it into the app, The users can complete the these tasks and get some points in return. These points can be redeemed to Paytm, Flipkart, snapdeal, Bookmyshow etc.

Step by step Playment guide


Step1 : Pretty simple, Go to google play store and download the ‘Playment’ App you can download it from this link

Step2 : So you have downloaded the app, Next step is to register on it. This is also very simple, All you have to do is login through your facebook account and your account gets created. Now you are all set and you start doing the Task.


Step 3 : As you have logged in you may be able to see some tasks as shown in the above picture, The task which you see may differ as it depends what task is available when you join.


Step 4 : Choose any of the task from the list, Read the instructions thoroughly and perform the task. You will be prompted if you have done it correctly as soon as you have submitted the task. If you do a mistake then you will not get the point which the task is worth of. The tasks are very simple, Within a few hours you will get familiar with the platform and soon performing tasks at a faster rate and good accuracy.


Step 5 : After you have done at least 25 points = 25 INR you can redeem your Balance by going to ‘Redeem’ option on your dashboard. There you can choose among the various options like Flipkart, Paytm etc. If you want cash then you can choose Paytm because you can transfer Pay TM wallet money to your bank. if you want to shop then you can choose Vouchers from Flipkart, Snapdeal etc. Make sure you key the correct email id and phone number when you redeem your points.

How much can I earn from this App?
It is very obvious that you cannot earn thousands from this app because the tasks are very simple. It takes less than a minute to perform the tasks and most of them are 1 Point tasks. I have seen plenty of tasks appearing in a day, for an active person raking in 25-50 points shouldn’t be a difficult .

Moreover you can do it on your phone whenever you are bored while waiting for your bus or when your travelling somewhere. So you can convert the time which you would otherwise waste into something more productive.

It also doesn’t mean that you earning is restricted to 50 points, you can earn much more or less depending on the availability of the tasks and your ability to complete them quickly with High accuracy. So you can earn anywhere between 500 – 1500 INR if you actively do the tasks. Do not rush through, you will not get the point even if one of your answers are wrong.


  • So far I have seen at least a few tasks everyday, there hasn’t been a single day without Tasks
  • The Tasks are very simple and can be completed within a minute most of the times
  • One more thing I love about the app is that you can directly speak to thier support, You can just call them and ask any queries. I have called them 3 times and each time there was a positive response
  • Wide variety of options to redeem your points


  • Even though the tasks are very easy and can be completed under a min, I fell point 1 is pretty low. However they have positively replied that soon they are going to provide high points task. I have sometimes seen a task worth 2 points.
  • They do not provide the reason as to why you were wrong in a particular task, I contacted them with this regard and they have replied saying that they are planning on providing the reason why we went wrong.

What types of Tasks will I get?

You may be wondering what are the types of tasks you may get on the app, Here are a fe which I have come across.
Solve the puzzles

  • Find the action Figure name
  • Indentify the laptop skins
  • Indentify Fastener in Tops
  • Judge the sentiment of the review

There are many more and the list will go on, I would also like to add that some tasks can be really interesting to work on. You end up getting knowledge and also get some money so , A win-win scenario!


As far my experience goes this app is great for earning pocket, The interface is easy to understand. The tasks are simple and can be done quickly in your free time. Spending 30 mins a day will easily get you around 600bucks a month which you can use it for movies, mobile recharge etc. Also, they may get better with time as their only a start up now, I am excited to see how much more earnings opportunities do they provide us.

So the app is a must try in your spare time or when you are bored. The more you do, the more you earn. Also read my other articles where I have written about other earning opportunities online, Also please share this article and spread it so that your friends can make some pocket money!


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