PayTM Guide – How to use Paytm?

Hello preppers, lately we hear a lot about PayTM. Also, you would have seen ads continuously being played in all channels with a tag line #Paytm Karo. If you are wondering how to use paytm, then this is the perfect guide for you. So let us understand what is Paytm, how is it beneficial to you and how can you make / save money by using this App. So stay on and read this tell all post . By the end of this post you will understand how can you use PayTM to send, Receive, save and earn money. Also I get some queries like ‘How to get Paytm Cash’, So I have given list of Apps from which you  earn money in the form of Paytm.

#What is PayTM?

Complete PayTM Guide

  • Now the biggest question in our mind is what is this App all about. Is it a bank, a e-commerce site or a bill payment App. Well, PayTM started out as a mobile recharge app. After immense popularity they started offering other bill payment options, now they have also introduced PayTM wallet and e-commerce.
  • In simple words , PayTM makes use of their huge user base and partners with various other companies, then they work out a partnership model where in they get some % of money for every purchase made on their partners website. A share of this money is given back to the user.
  • So a neat cash back model is designed, the best being that the credit is instant without any wait. What works out for PayTM is that the cash back will be credited to our PayTM wallet, there by making the user spend the cashback money in PayTM itself.
  • There are many things you can do using PayTM, You can send money to any PayTM user, Receive money from other users, Set up PayTM for your business and accept payments for the same, add money to your wallet and then use it on the partner apps/websites of PayTM to get cashback or shop on their e-commerce section.
  • This article is only relevant if you are using the PayTM mobile app. You can Download the App here
  • Yes, We can do a lot of things with this app.So I will explain each of this in detail, I promise you that this blog post even though it is going to be long it will be very useful for you. So grab a drink and continue reading!
  • The entire article is split into question/ answer type of writing so that it is easier for the readers. So each question is like one activity you can do in Paytm. Let’s get started!

1)How do I add money to my Paytm Wallet?

This is the first step, add money to your wallet so that you can use it anywhere where they accept Paytm. There would times you would have a forgotten your wallet/ Purse, No worries Paytm can help from booking a cab to having food and also watch a movie if your day was bad 😛

  • To add money to your wallet, click on ‘add money‘ on the homepage as shown in the pic below.


  • Now you will be taken to add money to your wallet page where you will have different options to add money as shown in the pic below.add-from-debit-card-to-paytm
  • You can add cash using your credit/debit card or using net banking. After you do one transfer then you can also make use of saved cards for faster transfer of cash next time. Choose an option, Enter the amount and give the relevant details after which you can click to ‘Proceed to Add money‘. Within a matter of few seconds money will be added to your wallet and you will get a success message(May be slow sometimes if your net cannot match up to the speed of Paytm!)

2)How do I pay using Paytm?

  • After Demonetization,many stores are accepting payments made through PayTM. So how do you pay as a user, It is very simple, got to ‘Pay‘ in the home screen as shown in the pic below.


  • As you can see once you click on Pay you will be directed to a page where you can complete the Payment either by using the Mobile Number or by scanning the QR Code of that merchant. I would say for purchases use QR code as there no way you can go wrong, while there are possibilities for you to enter the incorrect number.


  • Once you have chosen the method of Payment you will prompted to enter the amount to be paid, enter the amount and press ‘Send‘. Boom the payment is sent and there is no hassle of change as any amount of any denomination can be sent using Paytm!

3)How do I Accept Payments to PayTM Wallet?

  • Remember those days when there would be so much difficulty in collecting cash from your friends if you have paid the bill for Food/ Drink. Gone are those days as now you can just ask your friends to send you the money through Paytm, So no more fighting for Chillars. Eat, Drink and Paytm Karo!


  • You can receive the payment by going to the ‘Accept Payment‘ section on the Homescreen. Where you can find your QR code which your friend will have to scan and enter the amount to be paid to you. Also the payment can always be sent to your Mobile Number if someone has already left the place.


  • The same Applies for Merchant, you can take a print of your QR code and paste it on a visible space so that you do not have to open the app for each and every Customer. You can choose if the money has to be deposited in the bank or  your Wallet in the same ‘Accept Payment‘ Page. Just scroll down and you will find the option there.

4)How do I find stores where PayTM is accepted

  • Gone are the days where you just hoped that Paytm was accepted in a particular store, after the new update it is possible for you to check the stores that accept PayTM in your Locality. In order to find the stores, Go to ‘Nearby‘ option in the app. Make sure you turn on the GPS on your phone. Then tap on ‘Pay with paytm‘ which gives you a list of stores. You can also find stores where you can upgrade your Paytm wallet.


NOTE : However, This feature isn’t completely successful yet. I called 5 stores just to cross check if they actually accepted PayTM. I got 4 ‘NO’s‘ and a ‘YES‘ , make sure you call the store and enquire. I am sure this will get better as this a new feature.

5)How do I save Money using PayTM?

Whatever you used to do offline before now the same can be done using Paytm and also you get great offers in the form of Cashbacks, Low prices and finally everything through one app. The following are the things you can do through PayTM,

  • Recharge or Pay bills 
    You can pay your Mobile Postpaid bill, Electricityll, DTH, Gas, Metro, Broadband, Landline, Water bills etc. Whenever do any bill payment please lookout for promo codes without which you will not be able to get any kind of rebate.

Ex : Whenever you are doing a Recharge, There would be a list of promo codes which you can choose from. Each Code will have a different offer and you can choose any one of them. Make sure that you read the offer completely so that it suits what your looking for. In the Pic below you can see the list of promo codes under ‘offers‘, So if I enter ‘PAYTMFUN‘ and make a payment of more than Rs.100 then I can get a free Movie ticket!

  • Book travel tickets On PayTM
    Yes, You can even book Ticket on this App. Choose any form of transport and you will be able to books tickets for it including Indian Railways.  Choose the relevant transport and you will be taken to booking page asking for some details, on the same page you will be able to find the current offers applicable for that booking.


As shown in the pic above, I tapped on ‘Bus‘ on the Homepage under ‘Book on Paytm‘ which takes me to the page where I have to give the relevant details, if you notice you can find Promocode in the image. In my case The code is ‘WINTERBUS‘ by which I can get a cashback of up to Rs. 200 for the booking. Similarly you will find relevant offers when you book tickets for Train, Pane, events etc.

  • Shop on PayTM
    shop-on-paytm-appAs in previous cases you can avail great discounts by shopping on PayTM, Go to the category you want to shop and look out for deals of the day, Super bazaar etc. It is almost like an E-Commerce Site offering most of the things like other competitors like Amazon and Flipkart.
  • Other Offers

Sometimes there are 100% cashback offers for which you will have to press on 3 tiles icon on the top left corner of the App, Then Navigate to Offers  and choose Pay with PayTM offers. and you will get a list of Amazing offers by using PaytM Wallet as shown in the Picture.

6)How to earn money from Paytm?

Yes, you heard it right you can earn Paytm Wallet money by using some Apps. Basically they give tasks which are very simple in nature and in doing them correctly you get some credits. Those Credits can be transferred to your Paytm Wallet. Isn’t that cool?

Following are the Apps which give PayTM Cash,

  1. SquadRun : This is the best among the Lot, You will be given small tasks called Missions and upon completion you will earn squadcoins which can be converted to PayTM Wallet money(100SC = 1 Rupee). I have Written a Complete guide on this app, Please read it Here
  2. Playment : This is another app which is similar to SquadRun in nature, However the tasks are a bit low paid. But hey who cares until and unless they are at least paying us something and it is totally our wish to work on the app or not as it is something like freelancing. Feel free to read my Playment Article
  3. Stintmint : Another similar app which gives points for completing data tasks called as ‘Stints’.

7)How do I Upgrade my PayTM wallet?

If you are someone who will be using PayTM extensively then it is better you upgrade your wallet which will enable you to transact upto Rs. 1 Lakh/ month otherwise it is capped at Rs. 20,000 / month for a Non- Verified User. The process of Upgradation is very simple and you can refer this Article of mine for more info on that.

8) Is PayTM Secure and is it available in Languages other than English?

Below is the answer I found regarding security from their Blog, Also in the new update they have added option through which you can add a password/ Pattern which should be added for every transaction.


Regarding Languages, Yes Paytm is now available in most of the Indian Languages. Tho ab Phone Uthao aur Paytm karo!

9)How do I contact the PayTM Support?


The most important thing for consumers like us is a robust Support, Luckily paytm Support is quite robust. I have got reply to my email queries withing hours in many Occasions. So, at any point you face any problems in terms of failed orders, Deduction in wallet, cashback not received etc. Feel free to contact them via Email or Toll free number given below. You can also raise your ticket through the App. Also refer this article as many of the queries have been made clear here

Support Email :
Support Number : 9643-979797

Final Thoughts!

I would like to conclude saying that there is lot more to talk about PayTM but what I have covered is enough to get you started and also should help you to earn some Paytm money, feel free to drop in suggestions/queries/ doubts so that I can keep updating this article with more information. I will make sure this article is Updated with all the latest changes in the App. The journey towards a Digital India has just Begun, Let us proudly join our hands and be a part of it. Share the post across the social media Platforms you active on, Until the next Article #PaytmKaro! 🙂