Best Amazon Affiliate WordPress PlugIns 2020

Affiliate marketing is one of the most effective ways to earn money through your blog. One of the most popular and successful affiliate marketing providers is Amazon. Becoming an Amazon affiliate needs you to have the approval of the service provider in question. 

An Amazon affiliate WordPress plugin auto-generates affiliate links. In layman’s terms, you wouldn’t have to manually look for products and generate links as the plugin will do it for you.

Amazon affiliate WordPress plugins are a great way to save time and become more efficient in providing affiliate links. Here are some of the best Amazon affiliate plugins.

Although there are a number of Amazon affiliate plugins around the internet, especially those that provide free services, it is best to look for plugins that have a good record.

Top 15 Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugins 2020

1) AAWP (Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin)

If I had to choose the best Amazon affiliate WordPress plugin then it would have to be AAWP. 

The AAWP comes with a number of up-to-date features, widgets, and customization options, which makes it a favourite for the bloggers. 

Their software periodically updates the affiliate links and products, as well as their prices and discounts, to showcase products that are more likely to sell, and earn profits. This increases your earnings through your blog. 

The other thing that is worth mentioning is their customizing option. This may not be important for many, but if you care about the design then AAWP has you covered. With different designs, custom designs and templates, there is no shortage of customization options.

Features of AAWP

Being one of the most popular WordPress plugins, it has some of the best features. 

Text Links

It generates text links that you can use in the content of your blog.

Product Boxes

AAWP gives you the option of showcasing one or multiple product boxes on your blog page. 

Bestsellers List

They also create a bestseller list that you can display for your readers.

Data Fields

With the help of data fields, you can present the information about individual products. 


Other than generating links, they also provide widgets, which you can also use to make adjustments and choose between core functionalities. 

What do I like about them?

  1. The filtered and ordered lists.
  2. The number of options and customization options provider by AAWP.
  3. SSL/HTTPS support.

2) WooZone by WooCommerce

Woocommerce offers a number of affiliate plugins. Its Amazon affiliate WordPress plugin comes under the WooZone bundle pack, which has a number of features and plugins to make affiliate marketing easier for you. 

The WooZone Bundle Pack, which comes with the Wzone, the actual Amazon affiliate WordPress plugin, images variation plugin for WooCommerce, Searchazon (the auto search plugin for WordPress), and Kingdom (amazon affiliate theme).

WooZone is best for WooCommerce WordPress store because of its extensible features. It has a number of plugins and widgets you can use to display amazon products on your website, through which you can earn the advertising fee. 

Features of Woocommerce

Here are some of the features of WooCommerce which makes it a desirable choice.

Quick Import

The user can import hundreds of Amazon products to their website in a matter of seconds. 

Works on Every Device

WooCommer works on all devices and can be used across various platforms.


The WooCommerce plugin has a number of features and customization offers, which can help you achieve the desired look of your blog. 


WooCommerce has its name among the most secure and safest Amazon affiliate WordPress Plugins.

Open Source

WooCommerce is an open-source software which gives the user the freedom of auditing, modifying, and extending the code as per their needs. 

Benefits of Woocommerce

  1. You can sell physical as well as digital products through the Woocommerce plugin.
  2. The image variations and product descriptions make the blog look more professional and appealing to the eye.
  3. Woocommerce software is easy to install. 

3) AAPro

The AAPro Amazon affiliate WordPress plugin is another plugin that provides leading services. Their software provides several integrated services that make it extremely easy to use and also make selling products easier. 

AAPro has extensive themes and a chrome extension, making it a very favourable plugin. The themes let you customize your blog the way you want and make it look as desirable as you wish. 

Moreover, with the chrome extension, you won’t have to switch between websites to make any changes to the functions.

Features of AAPro

AAPro claims to have some of the most unique features. Some of them are mentioned below.

Direct Import

With the help of AAPro plugin, you can directly import any product from the Amazon e-store to your website.

Auto Import

AAPro’s auto-import feature makes your work easier and more efficient. It lets you auto-import products at any frequency.

On-Site Cart

This feature is one of my personal favourites. AAPro provides an on-site cart, as a result of which the user does not have to leave the website to make a purchase. 


When you start a blog or an online store, it is very important to keep a track of the blog statistics. This feature lets you do exactly that, along with providing the user behaviour data.

Amazon Reviews

Including product reviews increases the chances of selling a product. AAPro displays Amazon product reviews on your website.

Multiple Search Methods

AAPro provides three different search methods for user convenience; on-site search, remote search, and auto-search method.

Product Badges

The main point of affiliate links is to sell products. AAPro increases the chances of selling more products by providing auto-generated product badges that tag products at different levels.


AAPro has a number of widgets that provide support and advance functions with the plugin. 


The shortcode support provided by the AAPro helps you display data across the blog.

Multiple Devices

AAPro is supported by all the devices.

Design and Layouts

The unlimited options of designs and layout plans can help you create an impressive website. 

Benefits of AAPro

  1. It has multiple import options which makes it extremely easy to use. 
  2. It gives you the option of uploading a product with the CSV file upload.
  3. It has a number of tools that provide all the support you need to create an affiliate website. 

4) Azonberg

Azonberg Amazon affiliate WordPress plugin is one of the most user-friendly plugins, which comes with amazing features to customize your affiliate website. 

The long list of features and layout options helps you to create a website that your clients will love. It has everything you may need to create a place that you are proud of. 

You can include the image, description, category, price, and ratings of every product mentioned under the product name and let the user decide if the product is for them. 

If the users can get various products to compare in one place, you are more likely to sell at least one out of all the products. 

Features of Azonberg 

Here are some features of Aronberg that are worth mentioning.


As already mentioned before, Azonberg is one of the easiest plugins to use as it requires no complex coding.

Embed CSV List

With just one click, Azonberg creates ASIN(s) lists for all the amazon products. 

Direct Checkout

Just like AAPro, Azonberg also gives the user the option of direct checkout without having to leave your website.

Customized Templates

With the help of Azonberg plugin, you can create customized templates for your products to make them look more desirable.

Supported By Various Amazon Affiliate Programs

Azonberg works across all the major Amazon affiliate programs including the United States, Canada, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, India, and Japan.

Benefits of Azonberg

  1. You do not need the knowledge of coding or API keys.
  2. The ‘Add to Cart’ has free 90 days cookies.
  3. You can customize the ‘Add to Cart’ button as well.

5) WP Table Builder

Slightly different from the other plugins mentioned in this list, the WP table builder is a drag and drop table builder that lets you create magnetic tables to attract buyers. 

It may not be as diverse as the other plugins, but it still covers all the major elements, including the text, list, rating, image, and button. 

What I like about this plugin is that it has integrated cell management, which lets you add or remove a column or row, or even change the width and length of the cell, column, or row. Basically, you get to customize your product table.

Features of WP Table Builder

Some of the noticeable features of the WP table builder are mentioned below.

Easy to Use

The drag and drop option makes it super easy to use without having to select too many complex options.

Mobile Responsive

The tables built by the WP Table Builder are responsive to mobile websites too. 


With the help of the shortcode, you can drop the table wherever on your website page- easily and in a few seconds.

Text Links

You can create text links and customize the font, size, and style as you wish.


You can show the product image in the list and align it left, right, or centre of the description box.

Benefits of WP Table Builder

  1. You can create an ordered or unordered list.
  2. The lists can be created for everything, not only for products. For example, menu lists or product specification tables.
  3. It is suitable for every type of website.

6) GutenSearch

Guten has a number of different WordPress plugins available for different purposes. The GurenSearch plugin helps you create Amazon affiliate links. This Amazon WordPress plugin is dedicated to creating links and product descriptions that are more likely to sell.

You will have to integrate this plugin with your Gutenberg Builder and start using it to create links. It will save you from having to visit Amazon to search for a product. You can also search according to specific countries.

Features of GutenSearch 

Some of the features of the GutenSearch that makes it a desirable plugin are mentioned below.

Two Checkout Options

GutenSearch offers two types of checkout options. The first is the direct checkout option where the user can directly buy the product and will be redirected to the Amazon checkout page.

The second available option is ‘Add to Cart’. With this option, the product is added to their Amazon shopping cart. This option comes with free 90 days cookies, helping you earn profits if the purchase is made within that time limit.

No API Keys

To make a checkout with GutenSearch, you do not need any API keys. All you need is your Amazon affiliate ID.

Multiple Amazon Affiliate Programs

You can link your GutenSearch plugin with the major amazon affiliate programs including the United States, Canada, France, Germany, India, Japan, Italy, and Spain. This also increases your commission.

Customer Search

Wouldn’t it be great if your customer could look for a product themselves that suits them the best?

This will help them trust you more, thereby encouraging them to buy your products. 

Benefits of GutenSearch

  1. The customized designs help you design your website as you wish.
  2. GutenSearch has a number of different layout options. 
  3. You don’t need to know complex codes or have API keys.

7) EasyAzon

If you are looking for a free Amazon affiliate plugin then EasyAzon is a plugin that you can go for. EasyAzon lets you create Amazon affiliate links from the WordPress post editor itself. You do not have to go through the hassle of searching for the products at the Amazon website and then moving the links.

It creates Amazon links within seconds and saves time and energy in the process. Moreover, it supports all the Amazon affiliate programs present worldwide. 

Not only this, but you can also localise the results based on your customer preferences. This means that if your customer is American, then he or she will be directly taken to the website, whereas an Indian customer will be directed to the ‘.in’ domain.

Features of EasyAzon

Some of the features that are covered in the free version of EasyAzon are listed below.

Multiple Commissions

EasyAzon is available across all the major Amazon affiliate programs including the United States, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

Optional Text Links

You can create text links through EasyAzon and also customize it on the basis of where you would want the product page to open- on your website or n a new tab- so that the customer won’t lose the focus of the blog.

Access to Amazon Affiliate Training

When you install the EasyAzon plugin, you also get access to the Amazon Affiliate Training, through which you can learn to increase your commissions and become a more efficient affiliate marketer.

The training also covers backlinking techniques and keyword research.

Benefits of EasyAzon

  1. An efficient free plugin
  2. Has all the basic features that are needed for affiliate marketing.
  3. Free access to Amazon affiliate training.

For better features, you can choose their premium plan.

8) Amazon JS

Unlike the other plugins mentioned in this list, Amazon JS is not the easiest plugin to use, especially if you are a noob at understanding technology.

You can search for Amazon products using keywords, ASINs, or URLs, and showcase it on your blog through a shortcode or HTML of the product.

With the help of jQuery template, you can customize the products and make them look more appealing. The plugin works through your access key, so you will first have to sign up for the Amazon affiliates and then share your access key.

Features of Amazon JS

Some of the features of the Amazon JS are mentioned below.

Free Plugin

Even though Amazon JS is a basic plugin, you get it for free. If you are a new blogger and you are not sure which way to go, then Amazon JS is a good option.

Multiple Amazon Affiliates

Amazon JS supports a number of Amazon affiliate programs including the United States, Canada, France, Spain, China, Italy, Spain, India, Japan, UK, and Germany.

Amazon JS Shortcode

The Amazon JS shortcode lets you add a product anywhere on your website, without going through a long procedure.

Benefits of Amazon JS

  1. You get the HTTPS support.
  2. You can access the customized template with jQuery.
  3. Free plugin.

9) Amazon Simple Admin

Another free amazon affiliate WordPress plugin is AmazonSimpleAdmin. This plugin lets you create affiliate links and display them on your website without any costs. Although Amazon Simple Admin is a free plugin, you can still get the benefits of various features with it.

It covers a number of features, including different templates and layouts to design your website and also track your commissions simply by providing your Amazon associate ID.

Features of AmazonSimpleAdmin

Some of the features that make it a good choice are mentioned below.

Product Data

You can receive the complete product data and make accurate listings based on them. All you need to do is provide your Amazon Affiliate ID.

Shortcode Tags

The shortcode tags provided by the AmazonSimpleAdmin lets you showcase multiple products with short, hassle-free tags. 

Multiple Affiliate Programs

It supports a number of Amazon affiliate programs including Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Germany, Spain, France, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, United Kingdom, and USA.

Featured Collections

If you want to highlight a group of products or present them as a collection, you can do it with AmazonSimpleAdmin.

Benefits of AmazonSimpleAdmin

  1. It supports customer reviews.
  2. You can design your own product template.
  3. Simple user interface.

10) Thirsty Affiliates

Thirsty Affiliates is a simple and easy way to get uncluttered and short amazon affiliate links which can be used on your website. You can even customize URL links to make them more efficient. 

It offers a number of features including multiple redirect options, import reports, and export reports. You do not need any extra plugins to take advantage of these features. 

You can download the thirsty affiliates here, and follow the steps that show up.

Features of Thirsty Affiliates

Thirsty Affiliates’ features that make it so desirable.

Autolink Keywords

You only need to provide a keyword and Thirsty Affiliates will automatically link the products with it.

Detailed Analysis

Thirsty Affiliates provides you with a detailed report of your imports and exports, with charts that track your earnings and record user behaviour.

Link Fixer

The link fixer automatically updates all your links and makes sure they stay up to date.

Geolocation links

This means that the links generated on the visitors’ website will be according to their location. This helps you sell more products.

Benefits of Thirsty Affiliates

  1. It doesn’t cost you anything to download the plugin.
  2. It is integrated with google analytics.
  3. You have the option to uncloak links to make them adhere to Amazon’s terms of service.

11) Amazon E-Store Affiliates

Amazon E-Store Affiliates may not be a free plugin, it sure is one of the best. It has a number of irresistible features that make it a desirable choice. Some of the features like auto import and custom widgets, and a wide range of theme options may seem a little common, but it offers much more than just that.

Amazon E-Store Affiliate is compatible with Woocommerce. With a responsive interface, it also comes with a slider revolution.

Some of the features are followed below.

Features of Amazon E-Store Affiliates

Auto Import Products

With Amazon E-Store Affiliate, you can auto-import products from Amazon without having to move to the site. All you need is a keyword, and the plugin will handle it for you.

Amazon Remote Images

You get exclusive access to Amazon’s remote images, that is, images straight from Amazon’s CDN.

Page Optimization

With this plugin, you not only optimize the design of your product description but also customize the whole page.

Products Stats

If you are someone who likes to do thorough research on a product before recommending it, then this plugin is perfect for you. It gives you the product stats and ratings, all at one place.

Benefits of Amazon E-Store Affiliates

  1. You get access to Amazon CloudFront.
  2. You get a commission for the products that are bought by your customers. The product may not be advertised on your website.

12) Pretty Link Lite

Pretty Link Lite is more of a link tracking plugin than a link generating one. However, you can use it to shorten the links and display them on your website.

It tracks all your links and generates a detailed analysis of where the link has come from, be it a browser, an OS or a host. This detailed report can help you understand what products are doing well and what products need to be replaced.

It is best for people who are looking for more professional links and do not want to directly promote Amazon links. 

Features of Pretty Link Lite

Important features that make it worth your time.

Clean and Simple URLs

Pretty link lite gives you an opportunity to create clean and simple links and help them look more professional.

Track Link Performance

Their detailed reports show how your links have been performing; be it via email or on twitter.

Click Details

Not only does it track the performance of a unique URL, but also it tracks the details of the user who clicked on the link. This will help you understand and build your audience.


Pretty Link Lite uses cookies to track everything. This helps you keep a record of your purchases and earn accurate commissions.

Benefits of Pretty Link Lite

  1. You can turn the tracking on and off for each link.
  2. You can select temporary or permanent redirection for your generated links.
  3. It not only tracks the number of clicks per link but also a number of unique clicks.

13) Auto Affiliate Links

As the name of the plugin suggests, it auto-generates product links and adds it to your content. You can also manually set these links and display them in your content, wherever you want. The best part is no matter how you modify your content, since these links are generated when the content is displayed, they are always up to date.

Other than this, you can choose from a number of options to decide whether you want to cloak or uncloak the link, or if you want them to be nofollow or dofollow.

Features of Auto Affiliate Links

Features of Auto Affiliate Links that should not be missed.

Auto-Generate Links

Fulfilling the main purpose of a plugin, Auto affiliate links automatically generates links that can be displayed on your blog.

Link Customization

There are a number of features that can be applied on the links. For example, you can make them nofollow or dofollow. You can even specify the links you want to cloak.

Limit on Links

If you do not want your blog to look like a reseller website, then you have the option of putting a limit on the number of links displayed per page.

Benefits of Auto Affiliate Links

  1. Links are auto-generated and customizable.
  2. Links can be generated from Amazon, Clickshare, and Shareasale.
  3. You also have the option of manually generating the links.

14) Amazon Auto Links

Reducing efforts and making your task easy is what this plugin does. It auto-generates links and displays them across your blog, while keeping them up to date. Moreover, it comes with a number of features that make it extremely desirable.

Amazon auto links come with various support widgets that can be placed in the sidebar to make link generation more accurate and help you earn more commissions.

Features of Amazon Auto Links

Here are some of the features.

Auto Generation of Links

My favourite feature of the Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugins is the auto-generation of links. This plugin also automatically creates links to display them on your website.

Interactive Widgets

A number of widgets can be displayed on the sidebar, to sell products more easily and accurately.

Efficient Shortcodes

The shortcodes help you to place as many links as you want across your website in just a few seconds.

Export Ads

It lets you export ads to an external website with a feed.

Benefits of Amazon Auto Links

  1. Supported by 14 of the Amazon affiliate programs across the world.
  2. It is compatible with PA-API 5.
  3. It does not require javascript.

15) 2kb Amazon Affiliates Store

If I had to choose one of the most professional and diverse affiliate plugins, then 2kb would be it. 

It comes in a whole bundle, with a bunch of different features and addons that help you create a highly professional and result-yielding website. It creates product descriptions in the form of blog posts, which can be shown with their complete details and reviews.

This is a great way of increasing your chances of selling a product.

Moreover, it doesn’t come with any restrictions. You can remove it any time you want. 

Features of 2kb Amazon Affiliates Store

Some of the features that I like about 2kb are as follows.

Product Posts

It displays every item as a post with everything in one place; its description, features, and reviews.

Amazon Affiliate Programs

The Amazon affiliate programs that are supported by this plugin are Germany, UK, Canada, Japan, Italy, France, China, India, and Spain.

90 Days Cookies

The add to cart feature has a 90-day cookie option. That means you will earn the profit if the purchase is made within 90 days.

Smart Management

A wide variety of widgets and smart features makes it a very efficient and easy-to-use plugin.

Benefits of 2kb Amazon Affiliates Store

  1. Professional features and easy management.
  2. Imports made through category search.
  3. Supports WordPress themes.

Choose Your Amazon Affiliate Plugin

Choosing a plugin may not seem like the most important task, especially for generating links that you can get through Amazon’s affiliate directly. But sorting out your links and categorizing them according to reviews will help your customers trust you and be more open to buying your products.

Moreover, it is important that you do your research before investing in any plugin. Make sure you have an idea of all the features you expect your plugin to have, and what your expectations from it are. Only then choose a plugin that will suit you and help you in the long run.

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