How to Recover a Forgotten Gmail Password

How many times have you been told to keep your passwords updated to stay secure, you just updated you gmail password and because you do like very week you managed to forget it this time. Don’t worry, this post explains how you can recover your forgotten password and if you read more I have included an awesome method which will help you recover passwords of all websites and yes, I am talking about recovering those passwords without you having to reset them!

Here are the steps to recover your forgotten gmail password

You would have managed to forget your password but luckily gmail remembers it, but it wont give it to you so easily. You have to go through a validation process which establishes your authenticity to recover your account. Follow the steps below,

  • Go to and try logging in to your account, key in your gmail username and password(which would obiviously be wrong). You will prompted with message saying that the password is incorrect.

How to recover a forgotten gmail password

  • Now click on forgot password option as seen the picture above, you will get a host of recovery options based on the authentication settings you had done earlier.Pat your self if you have added a secondary email address or a phone number as it will make the recovery process easier.

remember old passwords

  • Once you click on forgot password, google asks you for any password which you have previously used for the account. If you do remember, enter that password and your done. If not(majority of us wouldn’t remember) click on try a different question as shown above

recover by text verification

  • Next if you have provided a number during registration then google will send a code to that number and your account can be recovered. If you have changed the number or do not have access to it then try a different question

asnwering security question

  • The next recovery option is you will be asked to answer a security question which you chose during your registration. That is always chose a question which you know the answer for without having to remember it while setting up your gmail account, something like what is your mother’s maiden name. Since you haven’t done that let us move on to the next option.

account recovery date

  • If you remember the date you created your gmail account then you have a lifeline again as google can help you out provided you remember the date, input the date and follow preceding steps. If you do not remember then follow the final step which may help you out.

last step recovery

  • If you failed to recover the password so far then last resort would be to give the most recent email id which you have used, gmail will send a code and ask some questions, if everything goes well you will be able to recover the password. To be frank you shouldn’t even to getting to last option as it is highly unlikely you’ll recover the password here. 

Hoping you have successfully retrieved your gmail password I request you to change the password and follow my guide below which help you remember all your passwords for any website. The only requirement is that you should have a gmail account and follow the steps below.

This password recovery guide only works if you have done the following settings, The following are the pre-requisites for my method to work.

  • You should have a gmail account
  • Go to Google passwords and sign in with your gmail credentials
  • Once you have signed in you will be shown two options as in the image below. Make sure you keep ‘Smart lock for Passwords‘ on. Also you can keep the ‘Auto sign-in‘  option on, so that you do not have to enter the password each time you go to a website as it would be already saved.


Now you have done all the settings, why did we do this?

  • This ensures that whenever you log-in to any website it provides you an option to save the password(refer pic below). Once you have clicked on Save, it will save and store the password so that you do not have to type it each time.


  • This step is very important for you to be able to recover your passwords using this method, Always make sure you click on ‘Save‘ when ever you get a prompt like ‘Do you want google chrome to save your password for this website?’ when you login to any website.

Recover your forgotten passwords

  • If you have done all the above settings then you can recover your passwords easily. I was excited when I found out about this and so I taught i’ll write a article on this which would help many like me who are fed up recovering passwords the usual way.
  • Now, Let me assume that you have forgotten your password and you have not kept the auto sign-in option on or you have changed your device and you don’t remember any of your passwords. Relax, follow the guide below and you can easily find your password to any website you logged in previously.
  • Go to Google password (Don’t tell me you forgot your google password, Recover that and then proceed if you managed to forget even that :P)
  • Once you have signed in, you can see a list of websites as seen in the picture below. There it is! all the websites along with the username and password can be found here. Yes it is that simple, but to be frank I did not know this and that is way I am writing this post when I discovered this.


  • In this huge list, go to the website for which you do not remember the password and then press on the ‘eye‘ symbol. Now you will be able to see the password for that website. I have attached a picture above for your reference. You can do this for any website you have logged in previously.
  • So say bye to ‘forgot your password‘ or ‘Reset password using your registered email‘ kind of options.Using google passwords you can recover password of any account be it Facebook, Microsoft, Flipkart, Amazon etc as everything will be stored in that page. However if you like to organize your passwords then I recommend you a free application to manage your passwords called Lastpass. It comes in the form of extension and also supports mobile apps, so it works across all devices.

Now that we know how to retrieve the passwords easily without having to send password reset mails each and every time, let’s move on the next part of the article. i.e how to create strong passwords and how to manage passwords.

How to create strong passwords?


  • This is one more problem I faced when I sign up to websites. It is common for most websites to ask for a strong password as security is a problem now, Millions of accounts get hacked as we have seen with the data breach cases of big companies. So, most of the websites ask for a combination of small letter, character, number etc. to be included in the password.But sometimes it gets really difficult to get a suitable password matching the website requirement. There were times when I have tried more than 5 times with all the requirements but still not able to get a password which would satisfy their guidelines.
  • So I did some research and our best friend google provided a solution. The solution was Lastpass Password generator. So this tool helps in creating passwords without a hassle, So far passwords created using this have been accepted in a single shot there by saving a lot of time which I otherwise used to spend on creating passwords.
  • In case you are in a situation like me and struggling to create a suitable password then all you have to do is visit the link below,

[aio_button align=”none” animation=”none” color=”green” size=”small” icon=”none” text=”GET ME AN AWESOME PASSWORD” relationship=”dofollow” url=””]

  • You will be taken to Lastpass password generator where you can see a pre-created password which you can use, I am sure it will be accepted right away in the website which you were trying to sign up and do not worry, no password will be repeated and given to others as each time you refresh the page a new password will be created. Now you do not have to break your head to get a suitable password, the same can be easily done using the link above.

How to manage and organize passwords?

Password recover

  • So far I told you how to retrieve lost/forgotten passwords and also how to generate a strong password. The awesome fact is using Lastpass you can also save and manage your passwords.  You can easily auto store all your passwords and also create different groups like Social, Work etc. You will just have to remember a master password using which you can access all your passwords. This is a pretty handy tool provided you want to be organized and you work in a lot of websites. Perfect for people who work from home and it also has a free version which is more than sufficient.
  • Here are two guides which will help you in setting up Lastpass password manager,
  1. Lifehacker – Guide to set up Lastpass password manager
  2. How to geekSetting up Lastpass tutorial


Hope this post helped you to retrieve your lost password and also introduced you to a wonderful tool called Lastpass. There may be other similar tools but since I have used Lastpass I wrote a post about the same. If you have any queries/suggestions please use the comments section. Always happy to hear from you, Share this post if you feel that it can be useful to your friends and relatives.