20 Ways To Make Money Online In India

Let me Guess? Did you read somewhere that you can earn a lot of money online in India by quitting your 9-5 job and starting your own blog. You would have read hundreds of ‘How to make money online in India’ blogs and framed an opinion that you can lead a cool lifestyle by having your own blog.

Well, sorry to disappoint you, while all of them are right in a way there a few things which are not disclosed to you. So, before I write about the best ways to make money online in India without any investment, I want to make a few things clear about earning online.

1.There nothing magical online which gives you instant money. The amount of work you need to put into online ventures is much more than in offline ventures. However, once you have enough content and the relevant skills you can lead a lifestyle you have read about from other bloggers.

2.Online earning is filled with scams promising you with a lot of money in short amount of time. Before we look at some ways to make money online I’d like to always keep this in mind, Any program/ website which claims you make thousands of dollars in a week is certainly a scam.

3. Three things you need to succeed online – passion for a topic, perseverance, and Internet!

Now that you know the reality of making money online, let us see some of the ways in which you start making money online. You have to start somewhere which is why this article aims at giving you some ideas you can work on whenever you have some free time. Let the journey towards financial freedom begin!

All of you already know that this piece of writing is completely devoted to learning the legal and fully apt money making skills. In all mostly bachelors are the ones who wish to opt for jobs online because of few reasons. These include the fact that they have plenty of time to invest in so that they can learn a new skill and simultaneously make some extra pocket money, and also many even opt for such opportunities to give a boost to their resume. Apart from this some individuals might have money constraints and thus this becomes the only way for him/her to finance themselves while in college.

And now leaving the bachelors aside, let us talk of other people and why they chose to go for online jobs. Under this category, we have the homemakers including both male and female who wish to invest their time in to something creative and impactful. This is the group of individuals who work from home on a daily basis and make money by sitting comfortably at home on their sofas.

There are en numbers of opportunities available for people online. It’s just by choice and volunteering that they can invest their skills in to something product and learns even more. But my dear before starting your journey of making money online, you need to know it is neither an easy road nor an instant road. The internet is a platform for all and one can only survive online if he/she has patience and skills.

So now, the most important question- ‘What does it take to work online?’ The answer is simple; you need a laptop, internet connection, and the motivation to learn something new.

The top established fields of online working

  1. Freelancing

This is the era of freelancing, if you are a great designer, writer, marketer, speaker, etc; you can easily get plenty of jobs online. The young start-ups of our country are always looking for people who help them with their product and even help them in connecting & spreading awareness to others. And yes, this job can be yours if you are willing to be that connecting factor and worker for an organisation. Usually such jobs pay you on a per article/model basis and you might end up earning up to Rs 5000 to Rs 10000 per month.


  1. Short period jobs or Manual online jobs

Of course, sometimes it can happen that you are in an urgent need of some money and for that you can even make money online by providing small services to people at minimal prices like Rs 200. This I believe is the best way of monetizing your extra time.

For this, you may get in touch with online firms which help their customers with small and impromptu services.


  1. Online paid surveys

A huge number of websites are there to give you a sum of money for every single survey you take. Now you’ll say how do these work? Well such websites are financed by a big companies like Samsung, Nokia, etc and these pay people to understand their customers better and also for genuine feedbacks. One can earn up to Rs 2000 to Rs 3000 per month via these websites. The best thing being, they notify you every time you can eligible to take up a survey and thus don’t require any extra investment of time.


  1. Consultant

The internet is all about research, knowledge, and skills. People use it to find out about relevant and true ideas. You really don’t have to be great in this domain and will eventually learn with time. All you need is to be better than your customer and yes you will surely earn a great amount if you pursue consultancy with loyalty. This is similar to having a consultancy firm but is fully online.

You can help the clients with marketing strategies, content writing skills and even more. It isn’t tough but is surely research and experienced based.


  1. YouTubing

I am sure that you must have heard of Superwomen, AIB, Bhuvan Bham, Harsh Beniwal, Neetu Bisht, TVF, Technical Guruji, and more. You know how they are now earning in lacks? It is by pursuing their interest as jobs. YouTube is the new platform to showcase all your skills, be it the tech freak mind of yours or the melodies voice of yours. This is the platform which can make you become famous and rich. All you need is a great camera, editing skills (which you shall eventually learn), and talent. The platform is all about how to connect with people by putting in the most excellent of your ideas together. This might be a long journey but my friend if you are investing your time in to something you love then surely it won’t be that brainstorming.


  1. Earn through Instagram and Facebook

Ever wondered why people keep on marketing a wide variety of products/pages? Well it is because many companies pay them for the marketing purpose. Also, if you feel that the amount earned must be almost negligible, then you are wrong. There many people who earn up to Rs 20000 per post on facebook, instagram, and twitter.

Social media base is a crucial factor that defines your marketing and for this organisations are always ready for an investment. If you are amongst those who have great writing skills and can approach a large audience through your posts then this is the job for you.

  1. The website creator

The will of having a small business of one’s own is increasing incredibly day by day and hence comes the need for a website which makes you look very professional. If you are a person who can create websites then surely you can be the website creator and earn bucket full of money. This is a great way of earning money if the websites you create and design have a class.


  1. Renting a domain

It might come to you as a surprise but now you take up a website on rent if you aren’t able to buy it fully. This is a great way of having a regular income. Many people chose to use the already existing websites with a great traffic for professional use, instead of going the old school way and starting from scratch.


  1. Content writing

Just like me, you can also be a content writer and write for big websites at great prices. A person with decent English can always try out this new field. It is perfect for money making and best for learning new skills and enhancing the old ones. Go for good websites and look for content writing internships, this will boost your grammar, resume, and current affairs.

Also, if you work with efficiency, maybe after a few years you will be amongst those who charge Rs 5000 to Rs 20000 per article.


  1. Personal blogging

There are two ways of making money online as a content writer: write for other or for yourself. The first one shall give you instant income as you will be working for great websites, whereas on the other hand the second one will help you in making money slowly and gently. In all this defines the difference of a job and a business. If you opt to start a personal blog, it will become your personal business and the content inside will have your copyrights.


  1. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is similar to what we call a retail shop. In this you have tie ups with retailers like Jobong, Nykaa, Flipkart, and Amazon and then you are supposed to promote your favourite products on your website or may be even social media. These companies then give you a percentage of money every time a customer clicks on the buy button through your website. This has been mentioned as a separate category and not with marketing because this can fit in with all sorts of online businesses. Also surprisingly you don’t even have to have an exclusive website for this, just write an article, publish it online through wordpress maybe and link it to the products you are reviewing. Apart from a website, you can even opt for quora, facebook, linkedIn, or more for your reviews.


  1. An online digital store

This is the chance to fulfil your entrepreneurial dreams. Start by selling things like jewellery, clothes, electronics, etc and have all the designer feels. But make sure that the idea is valid, the page is all up to mark and quirky, tie up with shops & companies for procuring the products, and in the end market the store for customers.

  1. Internships

The best way of learning many skills is by interning for a variety of firms. You can be a content writer, HR, food reviewer, educationist, data analyst, photographer, designer, graphic designer, and what not. Internships are the best way for a college or school student to learn new skills and make good money without any extra burden. These are best for short term purpose and can be adjusted according to your college/school schedule.


  1. Make money through web search

Qmee.com recently came out with a cool way of making money through web search. An individual needs to add on a browser and then conduct any kind of research. While doing this he/she may come across a number of sponsored results, and if you click on them then Qmee gives you a reward. The best thing of this is that there is no minimum cash out policy and the money can be redeemed easily.


  1. Be the writer with kindle

If you have got some relevant writing skills and can make up a great book then the Amazon Kindle store is perfect for you. The store lets you publish your self-written books as an ebook and gives you money. As it is that now Kindle has become a global app it is efficiently used by people world over and if a book of yours gets a sale then the 70% of the amount comes to you.

Just to equip you with the features, the success of your book would also depend on the fact if you have created a value and the book is non-fiction. Simply go for topics like, ‘Best ways of acing an interview’, as it is you are a budding writer and people prefer fictions from established writers. Added to this, make sure that you put on a unique cover which stands out amongst the other pile of books.


  1. Recycle those old phones

I am sure that just like me; you too have those old mobile phones lying in your drawers that are off no use. Use websites like budli.in or Mobile Cash Mate to sell off those old phones online and in return get a good amount. Just for the information, it’s not always that you will get a great price as it also depends on the condition of the phone you are selling. But in all this is the best of disposing off those old mobiles which are nothing but useless.


  1. Human Resource

The Human Resource in charge has a surprisingly cool job. You get to hire people and be the boss. One can always opt to intern at firms which ask you to work from home and hire people for them. In the majority of the cases all you need to do in short list a certain amount resumes from a bunch, interview them, and later decide the best fit for the organisation you are working for.


  1. Online tutor

If you are good with academics and feel that you can be a great teacher then don’t hesitate, websites like Unacademy are there to take you in and let you teach. All you would need to do is to create slide shows and explains topics and accordingly on the basis of your views you shall get paid. This is a great job for anyone who is knowledgeable, a good teacher, and a speaker.


  1. SEO Manager

Search Engine Optimizations are the ones which are crucial for any company as it takes a company to greater heights. If you feel that you can ace this job then go for it. All the companies are always inclined towards good SEO managers who can get them the best for business keywords and who knows you might be the one. For better understanding and class you can always opt for SEO training programs and give it a shot.


  1. Trade your photos online

If you are a photographer then this will be of great use. Get out some of your great clicks from your picture stock and sell them on websites like Fotofolia, Photobucket, Shutterstock, and iStockPhoto. These websites help you by providing you a platform to sell your pictures or say they provide you a space in their shop so that customers can come and buy your pictures. Also, the best feature about this is that you can sell a single picture multiple times and earn plenty.


Well, here was a long list of things which equip you earn money online in India. In the end it’s all about how and why you want to invest your time in to these activities. You need to keep a balance between your already going work and the new work which you are planning to opt for. Only then is it that you will be able to keep a great pace in both. Also, while choosing the kind of activity that you will be pursuing, make sure that it enhances your skills and gives you a new outlook towards the other things in this world. Your next part time work from home job should be related to something which you love, be it fashion, technology, education, politics, Hollywood, Bollywood, or anything. This is because it will make sure that you are investing your time in something which you love.


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Written by Anish Nandalike
I am an Mechanical engineer by Education, I started this blog to spread my knowledge regarding making money online. I write on earning platforms which is suitable to anyone from teenagers to Housewives. Read along and start making some money in your free time.