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How to add money in Paytm wallet

Paytm has become a part of our day to day lives, some use it to pay for their daily commute while some others use to pay their bills. This means that money has to be added to the wallet on a constant basis as this is way of transacting is becoming mainstream. While it is quite easy to add money to the Paytm wallet I am getting a lot of queries where readers ask me how can they add money to their Paytm wallet for free. Let me make it very clear, adding money to the wallet is free by default. There is nothing special you have to do in order to add it for free, If there are websites claiming that there is a special hack to add for free then it is fake. Now let us move on and understand the process of adding money to our Paytm wallet.

Step by step guide to add money to Paytm wallet

  • First and foremost make sure you have signed up for Paytm and you have a functional account

How to add money in paytm wallet

  • Then login to your Paytm wallet or Paytm app. On the dashboard you will see an option ‘Add money’ as shown in the picture above. Click on that option.

enter paytm wallet amount

  • Next, a screen will appear asking you to enter the amount of money you want to add to your paytm wallet. Please enter the amount promptly and make sure you check it again.

choose payment option

  • Once you have entered the amount and clicked on done you will be taken to the next option, here you will have to choose the payment mode. Currently you can add money using your debit card, Net banking, UPI and some Credit cards.
  • After choosing the relevant payment option, input all the details like Name, CVV etc and then click on Pay now.

successfully added money to wallet

  • Once you have added money to your wallet you will a success message as seen in the picture above.

With this simple four step process you can easily add money to your Paytm wallet and it is totally free. You may still have a lot of questions in your mind about adding money and wallet limits, I will address the most common/ frequently asked questions.

Here is a video tutorial which you can refer to if you still have some doubts related to adding money,

Is the money in my Paytm Wallet safe?

  • This surely is the first thing that would come up in your mind, what if someone steels your phone! Is your money safe, people can even hack into your account and transfer it to their account. To address all these concerns Paytm now insures the money in your wallet. The best part is that you do not have to pay any added charges towards this insurance, anyone who has balance in their wallet automatically qualifies to be insured by Paytm.
  • The insurance amount is upto 20,000 which is more than sufficient in my opinion, It is applicable in case of theft or any unauthorized transactions. If it is a theft make sure you file a complaint and keep a copy of the FIR in place.
  • In order to claim the insurance you must notify the Paytm care at or by calling their Customer Care number +91 9643 979797 within 12 hours. This mandatory and failing to do so may make you illegible for the insurance.
  • In case of theft you must provide the FIR details to Paytm within 24 hours
  • The genuinity of the claim will be checked and if everything seem to be fine, Paytm will refund the lost money back to your wallet after confirming ownership of your wallet.
  • This is great news as this now indicates that our money is safer in paytm wallet than our normal wallets, if someone pick pockets our wallet we all know that it is gone forever as finding the person has never been a successful task
  • Follow the above steps when you lost your phone or your wallet has been hacked, this should help you out.

What are the limitations to add money in Paytm Wallet?

  • If you are a new user then the limit is capped at 20,000 rupees. Which means that you can add a maximum of 20,000 to your wallet as you are a non-KYC user
  • Once you become a Paytm VIP member in other words once you have submitted your KYC documents and upgrade your Paytm wallet, the limit gets raised to 1,00,000!
  • With digital transactions being more popular and widely accepted it is better you upgrade your account even though you may not cross 20,000 a month in Paytm
  • I have made a detailed post regarding upgrading Paytm Wallet , have a read


This pretty much is the process to add money to your wallet, if you have any specific queries please ask in the comments section. I advice everyone to keep some money in your Paytm wallet because you never know when you you may need it, most of the services now accept Paytm and it can actually save your day when you have no cash. As always, until my next piece stay tuned and kindly share this article if it was useful to you as it may be useful to others also.





Gmail Password recovery

How to Recover a Forgotten Gmail Password

How many times have you been told to keep your passwords updated to stay secure, you just updated you gmail password and because you do like very week you managed to forget it this time. Don’t worry, this post explains how you can recover your forgotten password and if you read more I have included an awesome method which will help you recover passwords of all websites and yes, I am talking about recovering those passwords without you having to reset them!

Here are the steps to recover your forgotten gmail password

You would have managed to forget your password but luckily gmail remembers it, but it wont give it to you so easily. You have to go through a validation process which establishes your authenticity to recover your account. Follow the steps below,

  • Go to and try logging in to your account, key in your gmail username and password(which would obiviously be wrong). You will prompted with message saying that the password is incorrect.

How to recover a forgotten gmail password

  • Now click on forgot password option as seen the picture above, you will get a host of recovery options based on the authentication settings you had done earlier.Pat your self if you have added a secondary email address or a phone number as it will make the recovery process easier.

remember old passwords

  • Once you click on forgot password, google asks you for any password which you have previously used for the account. If you do remember, enter that password and your done. If not(majority of us wouldn’t remember) click on try a different question as shown above

recover by text verification

  • Next if you have provided a number during registration then google will send a code to that number and your account can be recovered. If you have changed the number or do not have access to it then try a different question

asnwering security question

  • The next recovery option is you will be asked to answer a security question which you chose during your registration. That is always chose a question which you know the answer for without having to remember it while setting up your gmail account, something like what is your mother’s maiden name. Since you haven’t done that let us move on to the next option.

account recovery date

  • If you remember the date you created your gmail account then you have a lifeline again as google can help you out provided you remember the date, input the date and follow preceding steps. If you do not remember then follow the final step which may help you out.

last step recovery

  • If you failed to recover the password so far then last resort would be to give the most recent email id which you have used, gmail will send a code and ask some questions, if everything goes well you will be able to recover the password. To be frank you shouldn’t even to getting to last option as it is highly unlikely you’ll recover the password here. 

Hoping you have successfully retrieved your gmail password I request you to change the password and follow my guide below which help you remember all your passwords for any website. The only requirement is that you should have a gmail account and follow the steps below.

This password recovery guide only works if you have done the following settings, The following are the pre-requisites for my method to work.

  • You should have a gmail account
  • Go to Google passwords and sign in with your gmail credentials
  • Once you have signed in you will be shown two options as in the image below. Make sure you keep ‘Smart lock for Passwords‘ on. Also you can keep the ‘Auto sign-in‘  option on, so that you do not have to enter the password each time you go to a website as it would be already saved.


Now you have done all the settings, why did we do this?

  • This ensures that whenever you log-in to any website it provides you an option to save the password(refer pic below). Once you have clicked on Save, it will save and store the password so that you do not have to type it each time.


  • This step is very important for you to be able to recover your passwords using this method, Always make sure you click on ‘Save‘ when ever you get a prompt like ‘Do you want google chrome to save your password for this website?’ when you login to any website.

Recover your forgotten passwords

  • If you have done all the above settings then you can recover your passwords easily. I was excited when I found out about this and so I taught i’ll write a article on this which would help many like me who are fed up recovering passwords the usual way.
  • Now, Let me assume that you have forgotten your password and you have not kept the auto sign-in option on or you have changed your device and you don’t remember any of your passwords. Relax, follow the guide below and you can easily find your password to any website you logged in previously.
  • Go to Google password (Don’t tell me you forgot your google password, Recover that and then proceed if you managed to forget even that :P)
  • Once you have signed in, you can see a list of websites as seen in the picture below. There it is! all the websites along with the username and password can be found here. Yes it is that simple, but to be frank I did not know this and that is way I am writing this post when I discovered this.


  • In this huge list, go to the website for which you do not remember the password and then press on the ‘eye‘ symbol. Now you will be able to see the password for that website. I have attached a picture above for your reference. You can do this for any website you have logged in previously.
  • So say bye to ‘forgot your password‘ or ‘Reset password using your registered email‘ kind of options.Using google passwords you can recover password of any account be it Facebook, Microsoft, Flipkart, Amazon etc as everything will be stored in that page. However if you like to organize your passwords then I recommend you a free application to manage your passwords called Lastpass. It comes in the form of extension and also supports mobile apps, so it works across all devices.

Now that we know how to retrieve the passwords easily without having to send password reset mails each and every time, let’s move on the next part of the article. i.e how to create strong passwords and how to manage passwords.

How to create strong passwords?


  • This is one more problem I faced when I sign up to websites. It is common for most websites to ask for a strong password as security is a problem now, Millions of accounts get hacked as we have seen with the data breach cases of big companies. So, most of the websites ask for a combination of small letter, character, number etc. to be included in the password.But sometimes it gets really difficult to get a suitable password matching the website requirement. There were times when I have tried more than 5 times with all the requirements but still not able to get a password which would satisfy their guidelines.
  • So I did some research and our best friend google provided a solution. The solution was Lastpass Password generator. So this tool helps in creating passwords without a hassle, So far passwords created using this have been accepted in a single shot there by saving a lot of time which I otherwise used to spend on creating passwords.
  • In case you are in a situation like me and struggling to create a suitable password then all you have to do is visit the link below,

  • You will be taken to Lastpass password generator where you can see a pre-created password which you can use, I am sure it will be accepted right away in the website which you were trying to sign up and do not worry, no password will be repeated and given to others as each time you refresh the page a new password will be created. Now you do not have to break your head to get a suitable password, the same can be easily done using the link above.

How to manage and organize passwords?

Password recover

  • So far I told you how to retrieve lost/forgotten passwords and also how to generate a strong password. The awesome fact is using Lastpass you can also save and manage your passwords.  You can easily auto store all your passwords and also create different groups like Social, Work etc. You will just have to remember a master password using which you can access all your passwords. This is a pretty handy tool provided you want to be organized and you work in a lot of websites. Perfect for people who work from home and it also has a free version which is more than sufficient.
  • Here are two guides which will help you in setting up Lastpass password manager,
  1. Lifehacker – Guide to set up Lastpass password manager
  2. How to geekSetting up Lastpass tutorial


Hope this post helped you to retrieve your lost password and also introduced you to a wonderful tool called Lastpass. There may be other similar tools but since I have used Lastpass I wrote a post about the same. If you have any queries/suggestions please use the comments section. Always happy to hear from you, Share this post if you feel that it can be useful to your friends and relatives.

Interview 2 : Meet a Freelancing MBA Graduate

This is the second interview in the series of interviews I will be conducting. I am doing this exercise because there is a lot of cynicism about earning money from home. There are so many ways to make money online. While there many scams, I found legit earning opportunities also. My blog features those online earning opportunities and these interviews will get opinions from people who have successfully earned online like me.

So, meet Mayur , An MBA Graduate and also someone who explored the world of online earning. Let us read about his journey online, His difficulties when he began and how he managed to earn some decent money afterwards.

1)When did you first come across the term ‘Make money online’ ?

A) I came across the term ‘Make money online’ few years back when there was a lot of buzz surrounding a survey website called Speak Asia.

2)Did you believe it is was possible to earn online?

A) To be honest, No. First time I tried to earn online was few years back when I was still in my high school and I heard about the website Speak Asia. When I learned that you can make money online filling surveys then I looked for all the paid survey websites and registered to all of them. I didn’t have any success in online money making at that time and I didn’t make even a single penny by working online at that time.

3)Which was the first site you started working online?

A) I first started working online on a website called Appen butler hill. I came across a subreddit Workonline on reddit which was earn by working online. I browsed this subreddit to find out that there are some online job profiles like Web search evaluator and social media evaluator which are very well paying online jobs. So, I applied for those two profiles in every online website which had those job positions and I first received reply from Appen for the profile of Social media evaluator. They had a very basic test and screening process which I cleared and I started working there in March of 2016.

4)How did you feel when you received your first payment?

A) It felt really good, I didn’t have high hopes for getting paid online as I had this mind-set that making money online is a Hoax and scam. I didn’t actually believe that I could make money online until I received my first salary in my bank account. I was very relieved when I received my first payment, It was more than relieving as the job I was doing was a very good paying one. I didn’t tell anyone my family, my friends about working online till I received my first payment in my bank account and they were also surprised about that as they also didn’t believe that one could actually earn online.

5)How did you balance your studies and online earning.

A) I never had problem in balancing studies and online earning, on an average I work only 2 hours in a day which isn’t hard or very demanding in a 24 hour day.

6)According to you, do we need special skills to earn online?

A) I don’t think that we need any special skills to earn online, Basic English and common sense is good to go. If you are trying to make money by doing some specialised freelance work like writing, coding or designing then you do need to be very good at them to be able to make money in a very competitive market but the job profiles like Social media evaluator and web search evaluator doesn’t require you to have special skills as the company itself would train and teach you about what you are required to do and how to do it.

7)Which are the sites/apps you are earning from currently?

A) Currently I am working for Appen as a Social media evaluator and for iSoftstone as Crowdsourcer.

8)Tell us one good and one bad thing about being a freelancer?

  • One good thing about being a freelancer is flexibility in working and also you get to be your own boss.
  • One bad thing about being a freelancer would be lack of stability, also personally for me I miss the work environment that a normal 9 to 5 job has.

9)What is your advice for someone who is just starting his online journey?

A) Do your research before doing any job online, Look for reviews and past experiences of others who have worked the same job profile. Never pay anything, If a website is asking you to pay then its probably a scam. Also, get used to writing E-mail and communicating to the company or your clients.

So, That is the end of the interview. Quite an Exciting journey isn’t it? So yes things began with curiosity for Mayur and then he found the right opportunities and utilized them. I would like to conclude by saying ‘Never discard an opportunity without trying, Trying is the least we can do’. Hope this interview gives you more confidence to start your working online journey, Please read my blog for legitimate online earning opportunities.

PayTM Guide – Send, Receive, save and earn money!

Hello preppers, lately we hear a lot about PayTM. Also, you would have seen ads continuously being played in all channels with a tag line #Paytm Karo. So in this post I intend to tell you everything about this app/website. So let us understand what is Paytm, how is it beneficial to you and how can you make / save money by using this App. So stay on and read this tell all post . By the end of this post you will understand how can you use PayTM to send, Receive, save and earn money. Also I get some queries like ‘How to get Paytm Cash’, So I have given list of Apps from which you  earn money in the form of Paytm.

#What is PayTM?

Complete PayTM Guide

  • Now the biggest question in our mind is what is this App all about. Is it a bank, a e-commerce site or a bill payment App. Well, PayTM started out as a mobile recharge app. After immense popularity they started offering other bill payment options, now they have also introduced PayTM wallet and e-commerce.
  • In simple words , PayTM makes use of their huge user base and partners with various other companies, then they work out a partnership model where in they get some % of money for every purchase made on their partners website. A share of this money is given back to the user.
  • So a neat cash back model is designed, the best being that the credit is instant without any wait. What works out for PayTM is that the cash back will be credited to our PayTM wallet, there by making the user spend the cashback money in PayTM itself.
  • There are many things you can do using PayTM, You can send money to any PayTM user, Receive money from other users, Set up PayTM for your business and accept payments for the same, add money to your wallet and then use it on the partner apps/websites of PayTM to get cashback or shop on their e-commerce section.
  • This article is only relevant if you are using the PayTM mobile app. You can Download the App here
  • Yes, We can do a lot of things with this app.So I will explain each of this in detail, I promise you that this blog post even though it is going to be long it will be very useful for you. So grab a drink and continue reading!
  • The entire article is split into question/ answer type of writing so that it is easier for the readers. So each question is like one activity you can do in Paytm. Let’s get started!

1)How do I add money to my Paytm Wallet?

This is the first step, add money to your wallet so that you can use it anywhere where they accept Paytm. There would times you would have a forgotten your wallet/ Purse, No worries Paytm can help from booking a cab to having food and also watch a movie if your day was bad 😛

  • To add money to your wallet, click on ‘add money‘ on the homepage as shown in the pic below.


  • Now you will be taken to add money to your wallet page where you will have different options to add money as shown in the pic below.add-from-debit-card-to-paytm
  • You can add cash using your credit/debit card or using net banking. After you do one transfer then you can also make use of saved cards for faster transfer of cash next time. Choose an option, Enter the amount and give the relevant details after which you can click to ‘Proceed to Add money‘. Within a matter of few seconds money will be added to your wallet and you will get a success message(May be slow sometimes if your net cannot match up to the speed of Paytm!)

2)How do I pay using Paytm?

  • After Demonetization,many stores are accepting payments made through PayTM. So how do you pay as a user, It is very simple, got to ‘Pay‘ in the home screen as shown in the pic below.


  • As you can see once you click on Pay you will be directed to a page where you can complete the Payment either by using the Mobile Number or by scanning the QR Code of that merchant. I would say for purchases use QR code as there no way you can go wrong, while there are possibilities for you to enter the incorrect number.


  • Once you have chosen the method of Payment you will prompted to enter the amount to be paid, enter the amount and press ‘Send‘. Boom the payment is sent and there is no hassle of change as any amount of any denomination can be sent using Paytm!

3)How do I Accept Payments to PayTM Wallet?

  • Remember those days when there would be so much difficulty in collecting cash from your friends if you have paid the bill for Food/ Drink. Gone are those days as now you can just ask your friends to send you the money through Paytm, So no more fighting for Chillars. Eat, Drink and Paytm Karo!


  • You can receive the payment by going to the ‘Accept Payment‘ section on the Homescreen. Where you can find your QR code which your friend will have to scan and enter the amount to be paid to you. Also the payment can always be sent to your Mobile Number if someone has already left the place.


  • The same Applies for Merchant, you can take a print of your QR code and paste it on a visible space so that you do not have to open the app for each and every Customer. You can choose if the money has to be deposited in the bank or  your Wallet in the same ‘Accept Payment‘ Page. Just scroll down and you will find the option there.

4)How do I find stores where PayTM is accepted

  • Gone are the days where you just hoped that Paytm was accepted in a particular store, after the new update it is possible for you to check the stores that accept PayTM in your Locality. In order to find the stores, Go to ‘Nearby‘ option in the app. Make sure you turn on the GPS on your phone. Then tap on ‘Pay with paytm‘ which gives you a list of stores. You can also find stores where you can upgrade your Paytm wallet.


NOTE : However, This feature isn’t completely successful yet. I called 5 stores just to cross check if they actually accepted PayTM. I got 4 ‘NO’s‘ and a ‘YES‘ , make sure you call the store and enquire. I am sure this will get better as this a new feature.

5)How do I save Money using PayTM?

Whatever you used to do offline before now the same can be done using Paytm and also you get great offers in the form of Cashbacks, Low prices and finally everything through one app. The following are the things you can do through PayTM,

  • Recharge or Pay bills 
    You can pay your Mobile Postpaid bill, Electricityll, DTH, Gas, Metro, Broadband, Landline, Water bills etc. Whenever do any bill payment please lookout for promo codes without which you will not be able to get any kind of rebate.

Ex : Whenever you are doing a Recharge, There would be a list of promo codes which you can choose from. Each Code will have a different offer and you can choose any one of them. Make sure that you read the offer completely so that it suits what your looking for. In the Pic below you can see the list of promo codes under ‘offers‘, So if I enter ‘PAYTMFUN‘ and make a payment of more than Rs.100 then I can get a free Movie ticket!

  • Book travel tickets On PayTM
    Yes, You can even book Ticket on this App. Choose any form of transport and you will be able to books tickets for it including Indian Railways.  Choose the relevant transport and you will be taken to booking page asking for some details, on the same page you will be able to find the current offers applicable for that booking.


As shown in the pic above, I tapped on ‘Bus‘ on the Homepage under ‘Book on Paytm‘ which takes me to the page where I have to give the relevant details, if you notice you can find Promocode in the image. In my case The code is ‘WINTERBUS‘ by which I can get a cashback of up to Rs. 200 for the booking. Similarly you will find relevant offers when you book tickets for Train, Pane, events etc.

  • Shop on PayTM
    shop-on-paytm-appAs in previous cases you can avail great discounts by shopping on PayTM, Go to the category you want to shop and look out for deals of the day, Super bazaar etc. It is almost like an E-Commerce Site offering most of the things like other competitors like Amazon and Flipkart.
  • Other Offers

Sometimes there are 100% cashback offers for which you will have to press on 3 tiles icon on the top left corner of the App, Then Navigate to Offers  and choose Pay with PayTM offers. and you will get a list of Amazing offers by using PaytM Wallet as shown in the Picture.

6)How to earn money from Paytm?

Yes, you heard it right you can earn Paytm Wallet money by using some Apps. Basically they give tasks which are very simple in nature and in doing them correctly you get some credits. Those Credits can be transferred to your Paytm Wallet. Isn’t that cool?

Following are the Apps which give PayTM Cash,

  1. SquadRun : This is the best among the Lot, You will be given small tasks called Missions and upon completion you will earn squadcoins which can be converted to PayTM Wallet money(100SC = 1 Rupee). I have Written a Complete guide on this app, Please read it Here
  2. Playment : This is another app which is similar to SquadRun in nature, However the tasks are a bit low paid. But hey who cares until and unless they are at least paying us something and it is totally our wish to work on the app or not as it is something like freelancing. Feel free to read my Playment Article
  3. Stintmint : Another similar app which gives points for completing data tasks called as ‘Stints’.

7)How do I Upgrade my PayTM wallet?

If you are someone who will be using PayTM extensively then it is better you upgrade your wallet which will enable you to transact upto Rs. 1 Lakh/ month otherwise it is capped at Rs. 20,000 / month for a Non- Verified User. The process of Upgradation is very simple and you can refer this Article of mine for more info on that.

8) Is PayTM Secure and is it available in Languages other than English?

Below is the answer I found regarding security from their Blog, Also in the new update they have added option through which you can add a password/ Pattern which should be added for every transaction.


Regarding Languages, Yes Paytm is now available in most of the Indian Languages. Tho ab Phone Uthao aur Paytm karo!

9)How do I contact the PayTM Support?


The most important thing for consumers like us is a robust Support, Luckily paytm Support is quite robust. I have got reply to my email queries withing hours in many Occasions. So, at any point you face any problems in terms of failed orders, Deduction in wallet, cashback not received etc. Feel free to contact them via Email or Toll free number given below. You can also raise your ticket through the App. Also refer this article as many of the queries have been made clear here

Support Email : [email protected]
Support Number : 9643-979797

Final Thoughts!

I would like to conclude saying that there is lot more to talk about PayTM but what I have covered is enough to get you started and also should help you to earn some Paytm money, feel free to drop in suggestions/queries/ doubts so that I can keep updating this article with more information. I will make sure this article is Updated with all the latest changes in the App. The journey towards a Digital India has just Begun, Let us proudly join our hands and be a part of it. Share the post across the social media Platforms you active on, Until the next Article #PaytmKaro! 🙂





SqaudRun Player Interview : Meet Steve Fernandes

Hello preppers, Today I am posting something unique on my blog in an effort to make this blog more reader centric. After all, the aim of this blog is to empower anyone who wants to make money online. This article is an interview of a player who has been working on an App called SquadRun for about a year now. If you haven’t heard of SqaudRun, you can read my review here.

Read this article to understand how a simple App like SquadRun is providing youth with means of earning some cash which can be rightly utilized to pursue their Passion.

Steve Fernandes is an aspiring teenager like you, He is passionate about creating vexel art portraits, typography, minimalist vector graphics etc. I asked him to create an artwork relevant to this article and he came up with this amazing work. 


This art indicates how Steve is pursuing his passion with the help of SqaudRun App, Now lets start with the interview and see what has to share with us!

SquadRun Player Interview: Steve Fernandes

1)When did you hear about SquadRun for the first time?

I was strolling around in the Playstore looking for apps when this bright yellow icon caught my eye which said “get paid to play” , It grabbed my interest and let me tell you this , Hitting install was one of the best choices i’ve made!

2)Did you believe that you could earn by doing missions? (As this was something new)

When i first read the description of SquadRun where its concept is explained that you will be paid for the missions you do it felt very different from all other “earn with app” claims I have seen , SquadRun felt way more refined and systematic. I did have doubts if it actually works as good as it says but all that was cleared the moment I got my first mission approved.

3)What do you like the most about SquadRun?

Execution. Many apps try the idea of online work but SquadRun is unmatched in how well it executes this idea , the whole system is put together extremely well plus if there are any hiccups the support team is very good at getting things up and running.

4)Would you recommend this app to your friends/ relatives?

Yup! When I first suggested SquadRun to my cousins they were surprised at this concept of doing missions to earn using a phone , When they gave it a try they were just as amazed as I was when I first tried Squadrun myself!

5)If you do not mind sharing, How much do earn in an average from SquadRun?

I have been using SquadRun for almost a year now and while earnings depend on the amount of work you do each month I have seen a massive increase in missions and value per mission. On average I can make about ₹4000 per month on Squadrun which is great!

6)Lastly, how does Squadrun help you to fulfill your passion?

I  always wanted to have my own computer for learning new things but I never could afford one , However when I started working on SquadRun that changed! it helped me fulfill my wish of having my own computer and now I am learning Graphic Design and SquadRun is supporting me each day to reach that goal!

That’s the end of the interview and thanks for reading it, Hope this has inspired you and you have already taken the first step to earn online.

And yeah Steve also has an Instagram page where he posts his Amazing artworks, If you want to have a visual treat every day you can follow him at , A Big thumbs up to SquadRun which is changing lives of thousands of people.

Please free to share your thoughts in the comments section, Until my next article ciao!



3 Ways to Upgrade your Paytm Wallet

Paytm is becoming much more than a recharge site which it was a few years back. Now it offers amazing Cashbacks on Recharge, Bill payments, Bus tickets and also has it’s now e-commerce store. It has tied up with fast food giants, Super markets to provide unbelievable cashbacks. These are applicable to payments made through Paytm wallet.

In todays post I will help you to upgrade your wallet limit so that you fully utilize all the offers on the app and website. You may be wondering what do I mean by upgrading the Paytm Wallet, As a Normal user your account will have a limit on Transactions upto rupees 10,000/month. So you cannot use the wallet once you hit the Limit of 10,000.

Don’t worry there are 3 ways by which you can Upgrade your Paytm Wallet. Before that let use understand as to why should we upgrade our Paytm Wallet.

Reasons to Upgrade your Paytm Wallet


  • As soon as you submit your documents and get your wallet upgraded your monthly limit increases to 1 lakh. Since Paytm wallet has to be complaint with RBI Policy it requires us to submit a KYC form with a relevant ID and address proof.
  • No longer will you get a message like ‘Wallet transaction limit exceeded’ as your wallet will have a limit of 1,00,000 so that you can buy your favorite Camera/TV/Mobile using Paytm and also get amazing Cashbacks without being worried about the limit.
  • As a verified user you will get access to special offers which are only applicable to upgraded accounts. After all we are verified and do deserve some special offers 🙂

3 ways to upgrade your Paytm Wallet

Here is a step by step guide which will help you to upgrade your Paytm Wallet and Enjoy all the offers with no strings attached.

  • To upgrade your wallet you have to go the Paytm website as it cannot be done using the app as of now. Go to the Paytm website and then Click on ‘Wallet upgrade’ As highlighted in the Picture below,
  • You will be then directed to the Wallet upgrade page which will have three options you can choose from as shown in the pic below. I will explain all the three options available.
  • Request a visit from our agent : The easiest option among the three is to ‘Request a visit from our agent’. A Paytm agent will visit you at the address which you have given and collect all the required documents, It automatically takes the address whenever you have entered in Paytm previously, You can also add a new address if it is changed. All you have to do is keep all the documents ready along with the originals. The document list is on the pic below. This is not available for all locations, Please input your address and you will be notified if this option is available for your location after you click on ‘Book appointment’. If not you have to go with the other two options.
  • Visit the nearest Paytm KYC Center : If the first option is not feasible then you can always visit the nearest KYC Centers, However Paytm has only 6 centers as of now and all these are in main cities. The list of KYC Centers will appear as you choose this option (Shown in the Pic below) .If you stay close to any of these centers all you have to do is visit the the center with a KYC form and relevant documents.
  • Courier documents to us directly : If both the above options aren’t feasible for you then don’t worry there is one last way which is suitable for anyone staying in any part of the country, All you have to do is download the KYC form, Take a hard copy of it and fill the form. Also attach all the relevant documents ans then courier the form and the documents to the specified address. Make sure that you have self attested the documents(which means that you have to sign in all the copies that you submit). Please double check the address as giving a wrong address will lead to failure of verification and you may have to send the documents again.
  • Also in all the above cases, if you submit your PAN card copy then you can make single transaction of 50,000 or more.

Hope this article assisted you in upgrading your wallet limit and please be patient as the process of wallet upgradation may take time depending on which option you go for. Enjoy all the offers Paytm has in store for you and always be an aware consumer while shopping online. Wishing all a happy and safe shopping, If you find this article to be useful please share this among your friends and social media. if you want to earn some pocket money then please read my Squadrun Review by which you can earn Paytm Cash.



What is Paypal – Here is all you need to know

What is PayPal?

PayPal is one of the most effective and dependable means of sending and receiving payments to sellers and from buyers respectively. Anybody who’s purchasing or selling anything on the online marketplace can open and own a PayPal account. Just visit their site, register your personal and credit or debit card details and you’re done! So, if your question is ‘What is paypal?, you have that answered.

What is paypal

What makes PayPal so amazing is that it’s the most fair and approved payment processor in web business. It’s used by millions world-wide and you will always receive a refund with no hidden fees if you’re ever tricked by anyone into sending them payment.

PayPal is not difficult to set up. Chances are, you already have a PayPal account. This really is particularly true if you have done any shopping on websites like eBay or any other ecommerce site before. To be able to take accept credit card payments as an online merchant, you will have to update your account from a personal PayPal account to a business account with no fees whatsoever. The only fees you pay is when someone makes a payment you’re your account.

With commitment and great effort, PayPal is now an international leader in online payment services and more than hundred million people make use of its services worldwide. Its existence could be felt around the world in many countries. All those individuals who purchase and sell stuff online or do any business of some sort on the internet are all using this services.

What PayPal does is that it lets online shoppers make payments for services and goods purchased by them online through them. The customers do not need to pay money to the online merchants on their respective websites and this offers great amount of safety and protection to the people that are transacting online. This service is essential for such online transactions as the majority of these online transacting parties is unaware of the whole profile of each other and at times never has seen each other’s faces. The greatest advantage of the service is the fact that the customer don’t have to give their sensitive information like credit card details when making payments online. The merchant also wouldn’t be dealing with the credit card details of the client, as PayPal takes care of all of that.

The whole procedure is quite straightforward with the PayPal payment service. The customer who’s willing to purchase goods from the seller/merchant will click the payment option from where he’d be taken to the PayPal web hosting service provided on the seller’s website and then when the transaction is completed, he’d be taken back to the seller’s website. The other features of the PayPal payment service are that it doesn’t have set up fees, cancellation fees, monthly minimum payments, etc. and transactions are finished on their website itself instead of the seller.


  • As a seller, you will have the ability to take both credit card and direct PayPal payments. There are those who prefer to pay via PayPal, so it is amazing to offer both choices, although individuals do not have to have a PayPal account to pay.
  • PayPal incorporates with just about everything online, from membership websites to e-mail service providers etc. This is among the best benefits about making use of a service that’s really popular like PayPal.


  • Among the greatest drawbacks of utilizing PayPal is that fees will be incurred by specific payments. Money transfers made between friends as well as family don’t incur any fees, but payments made for the transfer of products and services are billed at a certain percentage. Fee percentages, however are lower for payments greater than $3,000.
  • Many people have had their PayPal accounts blocked or frozen. This really is the largest fear related to using PayPal. There are horror stories out there involving PayPal immobilizing accounts when there are criticisms, or when there is apparently a questionable activity on the account. And when this happens, any money in the account is not accessible.

Why this article ?
This article is for you to understand what is paypal because majority the online earning platforms pay through Paypal. So It is important for you to know what is it. Now that you have understood the working and functions of paypal, it is time for you to open an paypal account and start earning online. You can Open an account by visiting here once you open an account you have to link your bank account. Then you are all set to earn online.

The sign up process is easy for most of the countries but I have seen a lot of confusion regarding opening paypal account for Indian users, So all those have who problems w.r.t opening an Paypal account you can read this guide (Only for Indians) . For others it is pretty much easy.

Now that you have opened/ going to open a paypal account , you start earning online by referring by Guides on Clixsense and Appen. If you have any queries please ask them in the comments section. If you want to post articles on my blog