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Prizerebel cover

Prizerebel Review : Converting free time into money | Quickprepper

Hello Readers, I am excited to review another get paid to  website. Prizerebel has been in this market from 2007 and has paid millions to its huge user base. I decided to try this website and I was surprised by the awesome UI and earning opportunities in the website. So I decided to write a neat prizerebel review explaining how you can earn money and also will give some tips to maximize your earnings here, So stay tuned as this post will be a mixture of videos and examples. My guides are long as I want to explain everything in detail, I request you to be patient and read the complete article so that you can efficiently use the site, Afterall I am writing this article keeping you in mind!

What is Prizerebel?

Prizerebel Review

It is a practice at Quickpepper that I explain what the site is all about, this time the video will explain about the site neatly. Basically it is a GPT website which pays you for doing surveys,tasks, Offers and also has contests. It is legit and has been paying its members from 2007, it also has tons of options which you can use to redeem. From Paypal cash to gift cards they have it all.

Prizerebel Detailed Guide

  • Signing up(Join)
    The sign up Process is pretty simple, You can visit this Link or use the Button below and use either your facebook account to sign up or use your email address. A confirmation will be sent and after verifying that you are good to go.
  • Now you have joined Prizerebel and wondering how can you make some dollars. Before that let us understand the level and the point system. Simply said every activity you do (like completing Surveys, task, offers, videos etc) gives you points and these points can be used to redeem cash or gift cards. All you need to know is that in Prizerebel, 100 points = $1

Prizerebel Levels
Added to this prize rebel has an awesome level system which makes things competitive, So higher your  level the more you earn. The best part is that the availability of Prizerebel offers and tasks remains same for all users, Only there are a few extra benefits for higher level users as explained in the chart above.

  • Making money

Now that you have understood the basics, Now let us understand how can we efficiently work on this website to make money. As said previously, there are a lot of ways to earn here like Surveys, Crowdflower Tasks, Watching videos, Completing offers etc . However if you do not have a strategy then you are not going to make significant cash here. So I will give two strategies and a common strategy which is applicable to all. Lets get started!

Strategy 1


  • Surveys : This strategy is for people from Tier 1 countries, if your wondering why am I classifying on the basis of countries, The earning opportunities like surveys,watching videos are Pre-Dominantly for Tier one countries. I am not saying that the others will not receive surveys or offers but the volume is very high for primarily for countries like US, UK, AU and CA and other Tier one Nations. So I suggest you to focus more on those offers, Always complete your profile and give accurate information(Tip : survey companies like honest people) . Sometimes you may be screened out from surveys midway, worry not soon you will get a hang of how to answer surveys.

Earning Potential : A lot, you earn easily between $100 – $300 provided that you are good at answering surveys. Here is the picture below showing how much people are earning from surveys. So the No.1 in the list has earned $129 already in less than a week, If he can do it why not you?!
Prize rebel surveys


  • Offers One more good way to earn is Offers, you will paid either for registering for a service or for installing an app. Such offers are plenty for some countries. Have a target of completing offers everyday. if you are worried of spam which usually doesn’t happen on Prizerebel, use a separate email for all these offer sign ups so that you won’t be bothered much. the video below explains an example offer.


Earning Potential : There are lot of offers on various offerwalls(partner companies which provide offers on Prizerebel) like peanutlabs, Adsend, Your surveys etc. The more offers you do the more you earn, Initially it may be difficult to understand but as time progresses you can yourself make a list of the best Offerwalls and only complete the offers from those walls. Again depending on your skill you can easily make $200+ every month. the top earner makes a lot, if he/she can do it why not you?
Prize rebel offerwalls


  • Strategy 2
    Crowdflower Tasks : So as said earlier surveys and offers are not available for all countries but hey do not get disappointed, for you guys there are crowdflower Taks. In the Navigation tab go to earn and then click on Tasks. First you need to make a crowdflower account so that you start doing the tasks. Make sure that while signing up for CF your email matches with the email you used for facebook.

          These Tasks are very simple to do,             However initially you will get very             less Tasks as you will be level one.             So you to either take the entrance               Exam exam or do zero level Tasks             as and when they appear. I have                 already written two articles on                   reaching level 1 on crowdflower                 and how to maximize earnings                   from Tasks, I suggest you read both           the articles.
          1. Guide to Reach Level one (         Please register though Prizerebel )
          2. How to Maximize Crowdflower earnings

Earning Potential : This totally depends on your skill to complete tasks, If you reach higher levels Like level 2 or level 3 you can surely earn $200+ every month if your active daily. I was earning $200 easily as I was Level 3 in crowdflower. Here are the stats of a few people who are earning well from Tasks.

Prizerebel Tasks

  • Combined Strategy
    Well this is something which anyone can do , You can earn by making others join Prizerebel. Prizerebel Offers referral comissions varying from 20% to 30% depending on your level. What does that mean, The video below explains how this feature helps you to earn money.

Earning Potential : Well this is really is unlimited because you can get any number of referrals. Imagine you make a team of 100 and train them to perform efficiently on Prize rebel, spread the word among relatives and friends, anyhting is possible. But the key is to make them work on Prize rebel, If they simply join and do not perform any activity then it is quite useless. Here is what the top referrer is earning passively!

Prizerebel referrals

So if your dedicated and follow my strategy you must be able to earn well from this site. The key is to excel either at Tasks or surveys/Offers and side by side get referrals and educate them about the earning opportunities in this website. More they earn more points to gain. First month or two is usually slow, this is were most of them give up. I earned less than $20 first month but now I earn a lot lot more, I was patient enough to test the system and it eventually my patience was rewarded.

Pro tips to earn more 

  • There are contests on Tasks, Surveys, Offers etc. If you are in top 10 you will receive some extra cash, Always strive to reach there.
  • Surveys can be Irritating in the beginning, once you get a hold of it then it is only a matter of time that you will do 3-4 surveys / day successfully. Make sure you identify the best offer walls for your country.
  • Tasks can be real slow when your level zero, Do not lose heart and keep going at it. Also try the entrance exam which makes things easy for you. Once you reach level one then you get a lot of Tasks, Complete them with high accuracy. Also do not get expelled in more than 3 types of tasks in a single day as it will affect your level.
  • Also based on your Level on Prize rebel you get a monthly bonus, For example if a platinum level user makes $300 in a month he will get a bonus of $15.
  • Spread the word and get referrals from Social media, You can even blog about prize rebel and get referrals. The key is to make these referrals work.


I conclude my Prizerebel Review on a very positive note, The site is 9 years old now. Having paid millions of dollars to its members. The site has a lot of earning opportunities as discussed above. A little bit of patience and hard work can easily get you anywhere between $200 – $400 / Month, If you manage to get dedicated referrals that earning can go up. As I see it with  most of the people, They give up even before they start. So I request you try and keep going on this, If you have any query at any point of time feel free to comment, I will surely reply.

Until the next Earning opportunity, See you all!

Spare 5 Review – Earn Extra money in your spare Time

Hello Preppers, I know it has been really long as I did not post for almost two months. I was searching for some more websites/ apps during this gap and I am glad to inform that I have found some. Today I will introduce you to Spare5, It is Similar to Crowdflower but the best part is that the tasks are super easy and they accept everyone. Basically, you get to do Image tagging, Phone calls, Draw boxes tasks which are very simple. So I will give you the complete Process of signing up and also a guide/ review on what you should be doing to earn money from Spare5.

What is Spare 5?

Spare 5 review
As Usual I always explain about the company so the same goes for this one too, Spare 5 is a Data enrichment company which Helps in the process of machine learning and Artificial Intelligence. Well that is not important for us, All we need to know is that spare5 needs our help in order to analyze the data or to create Patterns for Machine Learning. So they convert the Data into Tasks and make it available to us through the Spare5 Ios App or the Website. The app is not yet Available for Android. They pay very week on Friday through Paypal if your balance is more than $1. The idea is to enable you to convert your spare time to some pocket money.

What are the Pre-Requisites?

  • iPhone or a computer
  • Internet access
  • Paypal account(As this is the only payment option as of now)

Complete Spare 5 Review and Step by Step guide for beginners

  • Signing up : In order to get started with earning on spare5 you can sign up using this Link, you get $1 for every $10 you earn if you sign up through that link or by pressing the button below.
    You can sign up suing your Facebook, Email or Linkedin Account.
  • Spare5 Dashboard : After signing up you can access your dashboard which will resemble the image below. Initially since you are new you may have a lot of qualifiers, once you pass the qualifiers you will get access to tasks as and when they are available. It is very important that you perform the qualifiers with utmost care, while there is a provision to re-attempt the qualifiers sometimes you may not get the chance.Here are some Important Tabs on your Dashboard,
    Spare5 Dashboard

Upcoming : These are the tasks which may be available in 24 hours, So that you can make time and be ready for the task
Available : The Tasks that are currently available for you and you can complete them to earn cash!
In Review : After you do certain number of tasks, Spare team reviews the quality of your Tasking. All those tasks which are being reviewed can be found in this Tab. It is very important that you maintain the quality so that you can Maximize your earnings.
Completed : The tasks which you have recently completed
Unvailable : These tasks are unavailable to you because either you have failed to qualify or the quality of Tasking in that particular Task wasn’t satisfactory

Spare5 XP system : Recently Spare5 Introduced XP system, Which means each time you perform a task, you get experience points depending on the category of tasks. There are about  six categories of tasks, as shown in the picture below. So more your experience points more the tasks you will get in future says Spare5. However everyone has an equal opportunity to grow just Like a game. Again it says that quality is very important and the Points will be revoked if there seems to be a any compromise on the quality of Tasking.
Spare 5 XP system
These are the Basics you should know About Spare5 , Now I will tell you a strategy to earn money.

Why don’t I get get tasks on Spare5?

This question is asked a lot by my blog readers and Spare5 users. Before I answer this question have a look at the info-graphic below which explains the entire process of Spare5 tasks creation and distribution,

Why no tasks on spare5

As explained above tasks are sometimes even demographically targeted in terms of country, sec etc depending on what the clients demand. The most important factor is to perform the tasks with high accuracy.

Just passing the qualifier is not enough, you need to keep the quality top notch to continue tasking as your answers will be reviewed periodically and if the quality is poor you may lose access to the tasks. Last thing, complete all the qualifiers you see on your dashboard as you never know when tasks will start coming for it.So, keep working honestly so that you won’t be in a situation of not having tasks

Spare 5 Startegy and Tips to earn money 

  1. Perform all the Qualifiers you get, People tend to ignore some and then complain that they don’t receive Tasks. Qualifiers will not be for an indefinite time, Make sure you complete them as soon see a qualifier.
  2. Once you start a Task, Keep on doing it at a stretch without taking breaks. If you see a Task and decide to do it after an hour, The task may not be there as others will be completing it at the same time. It is on first come first serve basis.
  3. Try to achieve higher levels, I am sure spare5 has some good plans with the level system which they have implemented recently.
  4. Please do not cheat by opening multiple accounts, You will surely be banned and finding out such accounts will not be difficult for Spare5.

Finally, Spread the word about Spare5 , make more people join Spare 5 through your Link. You can earn upto $30 if your referral earns Around $100 in the First month. So guide him/her through the process and help him/her understand the Platform. Also your referrals can get upto $10 if they sign up under you. So it is a win-win situation for both.
Spare 5 Referral
Example : So if you join under me using this link, for every $10 you earn you get a bonus of $1 until you earn $100. So you can earn around $10 as Bonus. This is given by Spare5!
P.S – I get a Bonus from Spare5 too 🙂

Spare5 Payment Proof

Here is my payment Proof,
Spare 5 payment proof
So with minimal effort I earned $100 in a month. Remember I do this in my spare time. Some fives (players are called as Fives) earn much more than this depending on the task availability and their Skill. With limited time I was able to achieve this, what is stopping you from earning. Also Iphone users do get some Calling tasks which is not available for Web users, which means more money for Ios users. Also try to get good referrals under you.Your friends who are finding to make ends meet, you can help them by guiding them until they familiarize with the website. Also there is an option to Donate any percentage of your earning to Charity, you are just one click away from doing something good that will changes others life!


Spare5 is a great concept and neat platform to earn money. The tasks are simple in nature and also very User-friendly. The UI is very responsive and gives a positive vibe, you feel like you are playing a game and not doing some monotonous work. The pay promptly very week through Paypal. So what are you waiting for fives, Start earning!

If you have any questions regarding Spare5 feel free to ask me through the Comments section.

Complete InstaGC earning Guide

Hello Preppers, I got busy previous week compiling this neat earning guide on a website called InstaGC. You may have heard about it or hearing it for the first time, This guide is for both first timers and People who previously couldn’t earn much from the Website. I will discuss some the easiest ways of earning on this website, this is not a get rich quick website. I have done a complete InstaGC review for you. The amount of money you earn propotional to the time you spend here which is actually a Good thing. So read the complete guide and If you have any questions, Feel free to use the Comment Box.

What is InstaGC?
Lets us understand how does InstaGC provide you with an opportunity to earn money online. Their business model is like any other GPT websites, They partner with various Companies which want consumer opinions on their products or a general topic, These companies pay us for providing answers to their surveys. Also they have partnered with Crowdflower which gives us access to micro tasks. This website has been in operation since more than 5 years now and has paid its members all the time.

Basic terms and Withdrawal Options

  • Let us understand some basic terms and how are the ways you can withdraw your money,
    For any offer, Surveys or Tasks you complete on the Site you get Awarded with points. Each point is worth $0.01, here is a table below showing you the point system.
    InstaGC Points





  • You can use these points and get gift cards for shopping sites, Direct cash, also redeem it using Paypal. Let us Look at each option and you can Choose any one suitable to you,
  • Paypal : By far the easiest way to redeem, just input your PayPal email and you will have the money deposited within 3-5 days. However for people from USA, Canada and UK this feature enabled only after they have redeemed $50 by gift cards. Min Balance required is 100 points($1)
  • Gift cards : this is suitable for heavy shoppers, The points can be used to get a Code which you can use while you shop from those specific websites. There cards available for different point denominations.
  • Direct bank Transfer : presently available to only US members.

Complete Earning Guide

Now you know enough about InstaGC and it is time to get started and learn how to effectively make the maximum from this website

1)Offers, Surveys, Listening to music and Browsing

  • First step is simple, just go to InstaGC and make an account or click the button below to join.
  • After you have joined make sure you have confirmed the email. 
  • There are many ways you can earn from this website as it can be seen in the picture below, the key is to try all and choose the best among them as the offers vary depending on the country you are From. Us, UK, Cannada get the highest surveys/offers , but tasks is something everyone gets in pretty much same proportions.
    instaGC offers
  • As you can see on your dashboard there many offer providers like Adwall, Paymentwall,,offertoro,Adgate rewards,Wanna ads. These are Different offer providers who provide you with Offers and surveys, Now initially I request you to try all. You will find out eventually which are the best ones suited for you as the offers depends on your Demography. I see a lot of people complete Offers/surveys From Adwall, Wanna ads and Payment wall. The Highest number of surveys can be found on Adwall.
  • You may have to fill some personal data so that you become eligible for the surveys, Please give the information which enables you to get more surveys. The surveys range from 50-300 points, I will give some tips in the last part of the article which you can refer.
  • You may be screened out of surveys midway and you can nothing about it, Once you do a few surveys who will get the hang of it.

2) Crowdflower Tasks

You can also earn by Competing Crowd flower tasks on Insta GC, If you do not get surveys then is a definite place where you can earn money. Before being able to earn good money you will need to reach Level 1 or higher so that you get access to more Tasks and hence more money. These are the steps to Follow,

  •  From your InstaGC Dashboard click on Crowdflower. As a  first time user you will need to make a Crowdflower(CF) account, Make sure you use your Facebook email while registering with Crowdflower because the login is through Facebook.
  • Once the account is created then login, you may not see any tasks as you are level zero. As tasks for Level 0 workers is very low, recently Crowdflower introduced ‘Entrance Exam‘ which enables you to reach Higher levels by Passing the Exam.
  • Go to your CF dashboard by clicking this link and you must be able to see an option to which which enables you to take the entrance Exam as shown in the picture below.
    CFlower Entrance exam
  •  Answer the test without any haste, Take your own time to answer accurately. After passing it takes around 24 hours for changes to reflect on your CF level. If you have any query you can always file ticket to the CF support.
  • One more way of reaching level one is to complete zero level tasks as and when their available, I have written a Guide to reach level one on CF which you can refer here.
  • Read this guide to increase your earnings from Tasks.

3) Getting referrals

This is one more good way to earn if you know who to spread the word about InstaGC and make other people join. All you have to do is send them your referral link and make them join through that. you can find your referral link by clicking on ‘Promote‘ on your dashboard.

The key here is to give them all the information so that they earn the Maximum. InstaGC gives 10% of your referrals earnings to you and additionally gives 10 points  for making them join(only for US, Cannada and UK sign ups). I will give you an example so that you can understand easily.

Example : Lets assume you made 30 people join through your referral link. So considering you have given complete info and they are managing to earn about 3000points/month(quite easy). Lets do that math,
%10 of 3000 = 300*30 = 9000Points , which means you can earn $90/ month just by referring people. This can be more or Less depending on how many you manage to join under you and make them work.

4) Contests

  • This Multiplies your earnings, If you are good at surveys,offers and tasks this is a great Multiplier. They run daily, Weekly and monthly contests for Tasks, Offers and Referrals. you can see your standing in each of these categories by clicking on ‘Compete‘ tab on your Dashboard. So if you are among the top three in any of these contests you will earn extra money simply for being at the Top. Let me make understand how to works, Lets have a look at the Offers Contest at the moment, So I go to Compete and I see this

InstaGC contest

  • From the picture above, mcanthony171989 will get $50 just for being at the top till the end of this month. Moreover there are daily and weekly contests. So an easy $100 if manage to win all the contests, remember is not a luckily contest. you perform the maximum and earn the maximum. Similar contests can be found for Tasks and referrals.

Some Tips which will help earn some extra money

  • Always have eye on the ticker which is on the bottom right of your dashboard. This shows what offers others have successfully completed and you can try those offers. Image shown below
    InstaGC ticker






  • Make sure you work on tasks, it may be slow initially but you get a hang of it things get pretty easy. refer thsi guide I wrote on Maximizing earnings from Tasks.
  • Spend some time daily, you may be a bit confused when you start out. Key is to login daily and try some offers or surveys.
  • Get more referrals by inviting your friends who are interested in earning some money(who wouldn;t be). Use your social media profiles effectively yo market.
  • Finally, Work hard and things will work out for you 🙂

IntsaGC Payment Proof

Everyone likes to see payment proofs, This site is long enough and has proved that it isn;t a scam. Here are some proofs to comfort you.
InstaGC payment proof


Among the many other ways to earn online, InstaGC is a good option to expand your earning and make some more extra money. It has a wide range of offers, surveys and tasks which will keep you busy in your free time. This website has timely paid its members and has an excellent record, I highly recommend this website.

If you have any more questions/doubts make sure you visit this help page. If your doubt still persists do not hesitate to drop a comment, Ill be happy to answer your queries. My search for more earning opportunities begins again, Until the article ciao prepper. Please make it a point to share the article if you liked it 🙂

If you have any more questions/doubts make sure you visit this help page. If your doubt still persists do not hesitate to drop a comment, I’ll be happy to answer your queries. My search for more earning opportunities begins again, Until the article ciao Preppers. Please make it a point to share the article if you liked it 🙂

Must Read Guide to Reach Level one on Crowdflower

Hello Preppers, I have been getting a Lot of queries by Clixsense users asking me how can they reach Level 1 On crowdflower. One of the way to to become Level 1 is to do as many zero level tasks as possible, However zero level Tasks have become very rare and hence reaching level One is very difficult on Clixsense. Luckily Crowdflower recently introduced ‘Entrance Exam’ which enables members to reach level 1 by Passing the test, But the test is not available On clixsense as there are too many users and the Crowd flower server cannot take the Load, So I have found other Channels where you can take the test and after that you can return to clixsense as it has the best earning system. The guide is divided into two types,

1. Reach Level 1 For New Users
2. Reach Level 1 for users who already Registered on Crowdflower through Clixsense, Neobux.

Firstly you need to understand how this works, Crowdflower is the main company which provides tasks. So they have many partners(websites)like Clixsense, Neobux, Send earnings, Insta GC etc. where they post their tasks. So you can work in any of these websites and complete the tasks. But you cannot do the same tasks on two websites. I have written Guides for two situations, read the one which is Applicable to you. Read the FAQ regarding Entrance exam for more information.

Reaching Level 1 For New Users

Crowdflower entrance exam

This is simple, you have to join any website other than Clixsense, Neobux or Crowdflower elite and make Crowflower Account in that website. By doing this you will be getting access to crowdflower entrance Exam on your Dashboard. Some of the websites where Crowdflower Tasks are available,

1. InstaGC
2. Prizerebel [After signing up you can find various ways to earn from Prizerebel like surveys, Tasks, Offers, Watch video, refer and earn, Contests and more, Read my complete Rize rebel Review Here )

  • So just create an account an Account on InstaGC
  • Confirm you email and complete any offer which is worth 5 or 5+ Points, There are plenty of them you can choose any one(Read my complete InstaGC earning Guide)
  • Once you have completed a 5 or 5+ Points,Access crowdFlower through that website(create an account by logging in through Facebook for Crowflower) and then Access you DashBoard.
  • You Must be able to take the entrance test, If you still do not see the entrance test then you can contact the support. Once you have passed the Test and reached Level 1, Then do more tasks and reach higher levels.
  • You can also do offers and surveys as there are many On instaGC, initially you may take time to understand the website. Press on the ‘?’ on the top right where information is given on all aspects of InstaGC and how you can earn money.

Note : Please do not start Crowdflower with Clixsense as the entrance exam isn’t available there. Do as above and then switch to Clixsense only after reaching level 1. If you have already started Tasking on Crowdflower with Clixsense, Neobux then you can refer the guide below to reach level one.

Reach Level 1 for users who already Registered on CF through Clixsense, Neobux

If you have already started working on tasks on Clixsense or other channels where you cannot answer the entrance exam then you have to Sign up on a website where the Exam is Available. So that your crowd flower account will get linked to that website. It is very important that you have Linked your Account, Other wise you will not be able to see the entrance exam. Here are Three Simple steps,

  • Make an account In Prizerebel (Read my complete Prize rebel Review)or any other website in which Crowdflower Tasks are available(Also make sure that CF provides entrance exam in that website).For this guide, I’ll Assume you have joined Prizerebel.
  • Now access Crowflower Tasks through That website(Prizerebel), In order to link This channel you will have to do at least one zero level Task through Prizerebel, After this your account will be linked(please wait 24 hrs after you have done a task to see if your account is linked). In order to make sure that your Account is linked, Go to your crowdflower Dashboard and click on your Name > Edit Profile , Here you will be able to see the channels to which your Crowdflower accounts are Linked, You should be able to see Prizerebel here(See pic below).
  • Once you have linked, Access your CF Dashboard using Prizerebel and you should be able to see the entrance exam, If you still do not see it you will have to contact the support. Once you have Passed the exam you can go back to your original website and work on higher level Tasks. 
  • You can continue on Prizerebel as this website has a lot of offers or even go back to Clixsense!
    Crowdflower Level One

Has Crowdflower stopped Entrance Exam?

Plain and simple the answer is NO.

I have been getting a lot of queries regarding the availability of entrance exam, There are rumors that it is no longer available. To clear this doubt I sent a ticket a Crowdflower and also got a reply for my query. The positive news is that ENTRANCE EXAM is active for most of the users. It was pulled off for a while due to maintainance and it is available for most of the users now. Here is picture below of the reply. So stay calm and keep working and also remember  there is another way to get into level one by doing Level 0 tasks. I will soon write a guide on that.



Update 16th May, 2017

Crowdflower entrance exam update

The above reply by Crowdflower support doesn’t clearly say if the exam is available or not, it says a bit of both. I have asked for further clarification about the same. Until then keep working on level 0 tasks and reach Level 1 in Crowdflower.


I hope this article can help you in reaching higher Levels, I am sure you will be having a lot of questions. Please Feel free to ask them in the Comments sections, I’ll answer them as soon as possible.Also, check my blog for other ways to make money online, If you feel the article can be helpful to others please do share it!

Work As A Social Media Evaluator For Appen And Earn some Extra Money

Appen Social Media Evaluator Guide

I am back with an work at home earning opportunity , I get many queries regarding social media evaluator jobs and work from home job opportunities for India, Australia, USA and may other countries etc. So in this post I will give information about an online workplace called “Appen” which provides opportunities for us to work online or from home. This is for a particular position called ‘Appen Social media evaluator‘ .

Well, you can work as a social media evaluator in other companies like Lionbridge, Lepaforce etc. Since I have worked on Appen, I am writing this step by step guide which will help you understand about the work nature, how to apply and all the the information you need to know about being a social media evaluator. I have been working for about three months now, I am writing this review as I received payment from them and hence it is proved that they are a legitimate company.

They also provide many work at positions for philippines, Indonesia. New Zealand and many more countries. Some of the profiles include search engine evaluator, Translator, Social media evaluator, Crowdsourcing etc

What does Appen do as a Company?
Appen social media evaluator

Well, the above picture is the ‘About us’ page of the company. In simple terms Appen is a company which serves web based/ e-commerce firms to make their data healthier, Especially with the booming influence of social media platforms on consumer habits it becomes necessary to get the Internet marketing strategy right for the brands for which proper analysis of Data is a must. So Appen hires people to do the same, The best part being that all the positions they hire are work at home positions.

It has a  simple Apply – Pass – start work policy, It is contract type and the work you get is very stable until your contract ends. The pay is decent and usually paid on hourly basis,The pay also depends on the type of position and the country in which you reside. 

How does Appen pays it’s contributors?

Appen recently changed the way it issues payments to it’s contractors. Appen used to pay through direct bank transfer to contractors from most of the countries but now it pays through Payoneer. So, I advice everyone who are planning to apply for any positions at Appen to open an Payoneer account and keep it ready so that you can link it as and when Appen asks for it from you.

Sign up using the button below as you can get $25 when you receive a payment of $100 from any source. You will not get $25 as soon as you sign up, you get it when you receive funds worth $100. Even if you may not use it for Appen(if you do not into any project) you can use Payoneer to send and receive payments for majority of services/websites as it is becoming an alternative for Paypal. [To open Payoneer account you will need a bank account and the tax identification number of your respective country]

payoneer referral

Note : Please do not sign up if you have no intention to work online because you will not get $25 just for signing up. You will have to receive at least $100 payment from some source after which the bonus will be credited. That is why if you get into Appen project you will surely get bonus when you are paid by Appen, So I advice you to make the account if you have passed the qualification exam of Appen Social media Evaluator or any other post.


What do I have to do as a Social Media Evaluator?

Now lets come to the main point of this article, What will you be doing and why are you being paid. The work of a social media evaluator will be to evaluate news feeds of different social media platforms and give feedback.

Depending on the company your working through Appen, You may have to work on facebook, twitter, instagram feeds etc. I got hired to evaluate my facebook feeds and rate them. I cannot give more details as it will breach of agreement with Appen. However I can certainly say that the work is super simple, The pay is very much decent. So now I will start the step by step guide, remember applying doesn’t guarantee you a position.

You will get a response from them and whenever a requirement comes up you will get an email inviting you to be a social media evaluator. Then all you have to do is take the qualification test, after passing it you can start earning. The process is very simple and they give all instructions through email communication.

Requirements to be a social media Evaluator

  • A decent computer with operating system vista or above.
  • A moderate speed internet connection, 2Mbps works fine for me.
  • Should be able to spend fixed No.of hrs/ day. For me It is 1hr/day and atleast 5 days per week(so 5 hrs in a week), but for some other places it is 4 hrs/day. All this will be made clear to you before accepting the offer.
  • Basic English reading and writing would be sufficient.
  • Also basic computer knowledge to troubleshoot ( Again all instructions are given)


Step by step guide to become A social media Evaluator On Appen

Social Media evaluator
The process is very simple, Fist you need to create an Appen account. For which,  You can go to this page (for US applicants)and then click on ‘Hot opportunity social media evaluator‘ , it will direct you to a login page, You will have an option for new registrations there. Then you can start the process to apply for this post once you have registered on Appen. It is 8 step process, Simple and easy. Each step is discussed below. After the new update the No.of steps have been reduced, you can accordingly fill it up by referring to the relevant steps below.
For Indians : join through this link

US participants can earn anywhere between 400-1500 $/month depending on the no of hours they are selected to do in a day. 

Step 1 : Personal Data

Appen social media evaluator
As it can be seen in the picture above, In this step all you have to do is fill in your basic personal and communication data.  This includes your Name, Address, Communication details Like Phone, email etc. Also they ask for online reference so that it can be authenticated that you are active on social media platforms. As you can see I have given my Facebook profile link as internet reference, This step is very important as the profile is related to social media. You add other social media platforms like google+,Instagram by clicking on the ‘+’ Sign, Make sure you have tested the link for each of your social media profiles you have submitted. Recheck all the data and proceed to the next step.

Step 2 : Education/ Training

Appen step 2
This step you will have to enter courses which you have undergone till date. But I have not given the details here as my complete education details was listed in the resume. If you have anything outside the resume, It is worthy to mention it here. It can be any type of education / training.


Step 3 : Work experience

step 3
Here you will have to input any work experience you have prior to this or even if you are working currently. Appen doesn’t have a problem if you work in other places as this is a contract job, unless the work is similar in nature. Which means you cannot work for Appen and Leapforce for the same ‘social media evaluator’ post. I don’t have to enter anything because I am still pursuing my studies and have no work experience.

Step 4 : Qualifications

Step 4
Here you can include any qualifications, It can be a certification in languages, computer programmes etc. Please don’t think more qualifications/ training you have easier it is to get the position, It doesn’t work that way. Just mention only if you have really done it.

Step 5 : Preferences

Step 5
This step they ask you if you have any preferences, well I was more than happy to earn money so I din’t have preferences. I left this blank as I was ready to work under any circumstances but If you have anything then you can type in the box provided.

Step 6: Resume/ Attachments

Step 6
I would say this is the most important step because this gives Appen an idea of what you are, Makes sure you tweak your resume such that matches the social medial evaluator position. Also adding a cover letter would help, convincing them as to how you could be a good social media evaluator. You can also upload any other documents like certifications of training/ qualifications which you have mentioned before. I just attached a resume and a cover letter.


step 7 : Overview and Release

Appen application
This is the penultimate step, Here you will have agree that your application can be released and can be considered for various profiles on Appen , also agree to their data privacy statement. Basically tick the two boxes as shown in the picture above. Also before proceeding to the next step please check your application form. It will be shown in the same step, scroll down and check if all the details you have given are correct and true. After this you can proceed to the final step.

Step 8 : Complete

You have done all the hard work now, All you have to do is click on ‘complete’ in step 7 and you will receive a message which says ‘ your profile has been released’ . This means that your application has been successfully sent.

What Happens After I submit the Application?

You have done all the work from your side, After the application is sent you may be getting a reply from them stating if there are is vacancy for the post or not. If it is available, you will be again be sent a mail asking if you will be willing to work for the post. If your reply is yes, you will be getting step by step guidance from them as to how proceed and take the qualification and all other necessary details(All guidelines and materials will be given before the qualification so that you can prepare for the same).

So once you have passed the test you may be starting work after two days. The whole process may go up to a week. Don’t get disheartened if there is no vacancy, recently one of friend was told that there was no vacancy after he sent the application but he got a call after a week to join. So just submit the application for social media evaluator and hope for the best.


  • Decent pay for the amount of work you do.
  • The work is really simple in nature.
  • You have the flexibility to work from home and also can choose your own timings, The only requirement is the you should compete certain amount of work as mentioned in your production details.
  • The work is very stable for this profile.
  • People from any part of the world can apply for this.
  • Basic computer and English knowledge is sufficient.


  • None, I have been working here for about 3 months now. For me there seems to be no cons, I have read else where that the contract may get terminated anytime. Well, that isn’t much of a con because it is a contract job at the first place.


I have been getting emails saying that the link to apply for Appen which I have provided above no longer works. I researched about this and found that Appen has changed the application process, It is much easier now and I will explain the process step by step. Read on and apply to become a social media evaluator on Appen 2017!

  • Account creation : This is the first step, which is to create an Appen account. Click on this link , go to the bottom of the page and then choose the category as ‘Social media evaluator‘ and choose your country as shown in the picture below. After filling the details hit the search button.

Social media work from home

NOTE: If you keep the category as ‘All‘ then you can see all the jobs available for your country.


  • Appen will search if social media evaluator position is available for your country and will display all the relevant information as shown below. As you can see for ‘USA‘ there are many opportunities available, do not get confused with the location they have given next to the title, all positions are work from home and hence the city you live in doesn’t matter. Go through the list and depending on your time availability you can go with 1 hour / day or even 4 hour / day option. Click on the title and you will be taken to the next page. 

Appen jobs listing


  • In this page the job description will be given so that you can get a sense of the work you will be doing in case you get selected. You will find all the details about the job in this page, details regarding work schedule, requirements etc.
  • The most important one is to have a active facebook account with a certain number of friends, even though Instargam is mentioned it is not so important but I advice you to open and reach the number for instagram as you never know when that may become mandatory. Once you have read all this, if you match their requirements then click on ‘Apply for this job online‘ button.

Social media eval more info

  • On the next page, you will have many options to apply for the job as shown in the image below. I prefer ‘Create Profile & Apply‘ as it will be helpful for applying for any other opportunities in future.

Appen application process

  • Once you click on ‘Create profile and Apply‘ you will be taken to the application page, on the first page you will have to fill the Candidate profile. You will have to attach your resume and provide details like Name, address, Username and password for the account to be created, languages known etc. Click on submit profile and in the next page you will have to answer more questions. Read the questions carefully and asnwer them honestly. With this the application is complete and you can submit it, you will get a confirmation mail that your application has been received.
  • Depeding on the requirement, you may get a reply from Appen inviting you for the project in 2-14 days. In the new system you can track your application status by logging in to your Appen dashboard. Once you get the invitation to join the project, follow all the instructions and be quick in replying to their emails from that point because they take it very seriously. 
  • After passing the Qualification, you are officially a social media evaluator and they will allow you to start working. They pay you through DBT or Payoneer, so once you pass the exam make a Payoneer account by clicking the button below(you will get a bonus of $25 on receiving a deposit of $100 which you will obviously get from Appen)


Note: Please do not create multiple ids and sign up for Payoneer, you will not receive a dime unless you get a deposit of $100 from another source.

Is Appen a Scam?

I shouldn’t even be responding to this question but I feel that a factual answer is required so that you get sense of what this company is all about. People say that Appen throws people suddenly without notice, It is a fact that the the contract can end at any time because such is the nature of the job and they make it very clear during the signing up process but they do notify you, also you will be paid for the hours worked up to that point.

Here are some facts about Appen

  • Appen was founded in 1996
  • Appen was publicly listed on Australian Stock exchange in 2013
  • Appen was declared as the No.1 company in the world providing work from home opportunities 
  • And finally i’ll end it with a payment proof, because no one gets bored of Payment proofs !

Appen payment proof



Being a social media evaluator at Appen is a great opportunity for everyone who is looking for work at home jobs. The nature of the job is simple and also flexible, I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to earn extra money online. They have other positions like ‘search engine evaluator‘ / ‘crowd sourcing‘ etc which you can certainly try later. There are other companies like Appen providing similar opportunities, If you fail here then you can certainly try your luck elsewhere.

With this I end by guide on Appen for the post of Social Media evaluator work from home opportunity, Please make sure you go through my other articles for more work from home opportunities etc. Share the article so that more and more people get empowered to work from Home, Also subscribe so that you can get an email whenever I post about a new earning opportunity. I have many more coming up!

If you have any doubts related to the application process please ask about it in the comments section. You can also contact me for any help you require on this. Happy earning preppers!



Postloop review

Postloop Review and Guide

Hello Preppers, I hope everything is fine on your side as today I am going to introduce to a new earning Opportunity in this article. Yes as the title suggests in this Postloop review I will be making you understand what is Postloop and how can you earn money from this website. So before much ado I will start the review, Read the complete article patiently to understand how this works.

What is Postloop?


Postloop review

Well before making you understand what is Postloop, I want to ask you all one question. Have you ever taken part in forum discussions or you liked a blog and dropped a comment in it, Where you ever paid for it?
I guess not, So here is an opportunity for you earn by taking part in forum discussions, Blog comments etc. Yes you got it right, Postloop is a website which pays you post to on forums, blogs etc. Such websites are called as PTP(Paid to post) websites.

Their working model is very simple, Forum and blog owners who want activity submit their Forums to Postloop and Pay certain amount to them and buy points. The forum owners then use the points and distribute it to users who post on their forums. There are many forums you can choose from once you have reached certain Posts/ requirements set by the forum owners. Better the comments more you rating and more you earn.

The points you earn is converted to money, The conversion is 100points = $5. But in order to to able to post on forums you should first pass the screening test. You have to do 10 posts in Postloop own forum, Your post will be evaluated by them. If you are good enough you will get access to other forums otherwise you can no longer work here. So I request you to be careful while writing the first 10 posts. Now I begin the step by step guide of my Postloop review, A guide from starting to earning!

Postloop Review and guide (step by step tutorial)

  • Join Postloop

Join Postloop

The first step is you have to join Postloop, You can do that by visiting or pressing the button above. Then press on ‘Join’ Option and fill the basic details for your profile like email, password, username . Your account is created and you can login to your dashboard.

  • Confirming the Email and familiarize with the Dashboard

As you can see in above picture there is a message for you to complete your profile and confirm the email, Please do the same before proceeding. After you have done that try understanding the terms on your dashboard. The important things being ‘Rating’ and ‘The points received’ as it is an indication of the quality of your comments and also determines your payment. As I said earlier you have to make 10 Posts on ‘The postloop portal’ , This can be considered as a qualification test.

  • How to make make the First Ten posts?

Once you have filled your profile and verified your email, Go to ‘Forums’ on your dashboard. You will receive a welcome to postloop message at the top and a link click here, Please click on it and you will receive Instruction as shown in the picture below



  • Join The Postloop portal

Postloop portal

Subscribe and join the Postloop portal, for simplicity use the same password and email for all my forum accounts on Postloop. Once you have joined the Postloop portal, Login and choose any of the topics as shown in the above image and do 10 quality posts keeping the guidelines in mind. So choose a topic you really like, Diversify and make comments on two or three topics of your choice. It would be great if you can create threads in those topics, Thread is nothing but you start a discussion in a topic.|

For example : You can go to the books section and start a thread on ‘how a book changed my life’ , you can post  that topic and start by saying about one book that changes your life. Other participants will chip in and the thread will get lively. Please make sure that your thread topic isn’t existing already.
If you don’t want to do all this, Just makes 10 posts on any of the topics and your good to go.

  • Making the the first Ten Posts

I can’t stress more on this, Please be very careful when you make these first ten posts as it will determine if you can continue posting or not. If you are not up to the standards you will be rejected and won’t be allowed to continue on postloop. Also make sure you get a high rating. Some important factors you have to keep in mind,
1. Good grammar
2. Do posts greater than 100 words.
3. Avoid spelling mistakes
4. Post relevant comments
5. Start 2 or 3 threads in any topic you like.
These are some important factors, So I would suggest you to first write on MSWord and the copy paste it. By doing that you makes sure that there are no spelling mistakes and also your post length is optimum(It is not mentioned anywhere that the posts should 100 words, but more the words more clarity in your post naturally)

  • Approval  by postloop

After making your first 10 posts your posts will be automatically sent to the postloop team. They will check the posts and you will be receiving a message regarding your approval within 24 hours. Once you have passed this you can continue making posts in other forums and also refer postloop to your friends.

                            >>Sign up to postloop<<

How can I earn money and how much can I earn on Postloop?

There two ways of earning on postloop, i.e earn by posting on forums and Earn by referring anyone whom you know to start posting on postloop. Lets analyze the two ways now.

  • Earn by Posting on Forums and blogs

This the one of earning here once your 10 posts are approved. You can choose any of the forums in the forum List and start posting, however some forums will have some pre-requisites to join them. There are plently of others which do not require any, They just want you to post quality stuff on their forum/blog. These blog owners then rate your posts and you get points for your posts. In postloop, 100 points = $5 and you can easily get above average points if your posts have enough quality. You can see the average points/ post on your dashboard.

Earning Potential : It is quite easy for you to make 100 points in a day i.e by making around 70 posts. You can easily do this in 2-3 hours. More time you spend here, more you earn. Also you will get faster and also sometimes be awarded more points if your post is very good.
So you can easily earn $150/ month by spending your free time every day. Remember you can login anytime and contribute in forums.

  • Earn by referring people to Postloop

The second way of earning, I call this as the passive way of earning. If you manage to do this then you considerably increase your earnings on postloop. All you have to do is go to referrals section on your dashboard, You will find your referral link. You can to send this link to youe friends/ releatives and makes them join postloop. Remember you can receive referral payments only if you have passed the 10 posts qualification. You can also reach out people through your social media Profiles, But the important thing is that you have to make sure they pass the test and start earning on postoop. Because you will be given 20% of their earnings on postloop. This is not taken from their account, It is given by Postloop. So it is pointless if they join and do nothing. So provide them with all the necessary information.

Earning Potential : Consider you manage to get 10 good referrals under you and they start posting on postloop. So lets be reasonable and assume that these are earning an average of $50/ month.
i.e $500/ month for 10 referrals, you will be 20% from postloops pocket . Which means that you can $100 passive income/ month. This just an example, If you are capable of making more people earn then you will earn more, simple as that. Also make it very clear, This money is not deducted from their account, It is given by Poostloop. So it is a win win for both the referrer and the referral.

  • Withdrawal method

In order to withdraw the money go to ‘deposit/withdraw’ option on your dashboard. Before withdrawing you must have the following two things,
1. You must have a minimum of 100 points in your account (1 point = $0.05)
2. Your User Rating must be better than the average User Rating to withdraw , This easy to achieve if you have doing quality posts. These are the ratings given by blog owners and the total average is around 3.4(varies) . So if your rating is more than 3.4  you can withdraw your money.
Once the above to criterias are satisfied you can place your withdrawal request through Paypal. You will receive your money under week. To know more about Paypal click here .

Postloop for Blog/Forum Owners

Postloop is not only a place to earn some extra cash. It can efficiently be used by blog/ forum owners to keep their forums running, especially when it is new and they want some quality stuff to be discussed in their blog. These are some of the things that makes postloop a good option for blog/forum owners,

  • Large number of qualified postloopers who can add value to the forum/blog.
  • The owners have the right to check the quality of posts, if it is not up to the mark they ban the user form the forum ( this rarely happens)
  • Owners can set pre-requisites so that they can get certain type of users to post on their forum/blog to ensure high quality content
  • Payment system is very simplified, you have to purchase points from postloop and those points can be awarded to the people posting on your forum/blog
  • Also you can be a user like us, earn suffivient points and use those points to get posts to your blog. This  flexibility provided by postloop is well appreciated by all existing blog/forum owners.

Few Tips for posting

Please do not try to give low quality posts, remember the owner is paying for this and he/she would certainly appreciate if you could provide high quality posts. Sometimes you may even be rewarded for that.

  • Avoid doing controversial, racial or any derorogatary posts, you may even face a ban for it. Try to respect everyone’s views and put forward your posts politely
  • Go through the postloop FAQ , A lot of questions which will pop up in a new users mind is answered here
  • Try to do 20 posts everyday and increase it as you get more comfortable. Also focus on getting referrals.


Postloop is a trusted website which has been paying its members since a long time. Some people say Postloop is  a scam just because they failed to pass the qualification. The payment rates are also reasonable, the more you post the more you earn. The referral scheme has a lot of potential if you are capable of getting more people under you. The business model looks neat and looks like these are here to stay for a long term. So all you have to do is stop thinking and start earning.
This concludes my Postloop review, please make sure you have read my clixsense review , Subscribe to my blog if you  want updates whenever I post about a new earning opportunity online. All questions are welcome in the comment sections, Please do not hesitate to ask.

Until then stay healthy and happy earning Peppers!

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Crowdflower Tasks

Crowdflower Tasks : Earn more than $100 from Tasks

As promised in my previous article, Here i am with my second article to teach some things so that you can earn better from in Clixsense by Doing Crowdflower tasks. Well, Surveys and tasks are the major sources from which you can earn money on Clixsense. There are no much Tips to be given in surveys as it is pretty straightforward, Whereas Doing Tasks Is percieved as very Difficult By many Begginers at Clixsense. So Inorder to get some things into Perspective, I will address as to what has to be done in order to maximize your earnings in Clixsense by Doing Crowdflower Tasks. This article is also good for people working on neobux, Crowdflower elite etc as most of the tips are suitable for all sites. Also I would like to Give some general Tips so that you have a Happy Earning Journey At Clixsense!

What are Crowdflower Tasks?

People who are landing on my website for the first time may not know what are Crowdflower Tasks. Well Crowdflower is Company which provides small Tasks and you get paid a small amount for completing those tasks. These Tasks are available on various partner platforms like Clixsense, Neobux and their own Platform Crowdflower elite. After research and personally working on those sites, I feel the clixsense is the best place to do the Crowdflower tasks are there some special benefits there. I have discussed some tips below so that you can effectively earn some extra money on clixsense While doing Crowdflower tasks. Some of the tips are also relevant to other websites as it is generally related to Tasks. Watch a simple video below to understand how Crowdflower works.


Tips to earn more than $100/month from Crowdflower tasks

1)Reach Higher levels (at least level 1)

crowdflower tasks

I would say that this is the most important thing for you, Reaching higher levels means you will be getting more tasks Which implies more money. In order to achieve this you have to be very patient. I have seen hundred’s of people complain that they cannot reach higher levels and claim that clixsense scam. The fact is if you do ‘Zero level’ tasks Correctly and wisely by taking your own time, you will surely reach higher levels. I recently wrote a guide to reach Level one on crowdflower, Make sure you read it.

Please Subsricbe to ‘Zero level Tasks‘ thread in the ‘Tasks’ section of the forum. People constantly put updates whenever there is a job which helps you do it immeadiately. Many people miss theses tasks and complain that there are no zero level jobs. It is true that zero level jobs are less but they are there sometimes, You should be lucky enough to catch up with them and complete them with good accuracy.

2) Make use of Auto refresh Plugin 

easy auto refresh

After reaching higher levels you will be getting an opportunity to work with many tasks. Most of the Tasks are repeatable, The task author puts a limit on how many Tasks a contributor can work on. So sometimes you may get a message saying ‘ You have done maximum number of Tasksbut the fact is whenever the TA(Task author) adds more Units you can get the same task until the following message is Displayed,You have completed all work‘.

In order to do this, Download a plugin called Easy auto refresh for Chrome, Whenever you get the First Message you can set the Timer for 3 secs and start the refresher. You can continue Surfing the internet on another tab, whenever the Task appears the Refresher stops and you can work on the task.

Note: While many Tasks are refreshable, Some aren’t. You will understand which tasks are by experience or you can always ask a question here or in the clixsense forum.

3) Task ID’s after reaching Level 1 

UntitledidMany a times the tasks may not Apppear in the list, Because they are posted once and the units are constantly added. There is a possible you may have missed it, But you Don’t have to worry there are many helpful people Who Post Task ID’s in Forum. What you should do is copy and past those ID’s in the following manner,

https://tasks [dot] crowdflower [dot] com/channels/clixsense/tasks/ID number

Replace The ID number part with the actual ID that you can find in the Forum.
Example: 786254(ID number of a particular Task)
I have even attached a Picture for your understanding.

4)Subscribe Certain  Threads in Tasks Section of the Forum


This is a very important step to increase your earnings from the start. As a beginner please subscribe ‘Zero level’ tasks topic in the Tasks section so that whenever someone posts about available tasks, You won’t miss because an Email will be sent to your Mail Id. Also once you reach higher levels, you can subscribe those threads where contributors post Job ID’s of repeatable Tasks.

Example :In the following thread Id’s are posted of that particular type of task,
‘ID – Ignoring The Year, Compare Wine Label Images’

5) Become a Premium Member

Once you have made about 20$ Please don’t cash out, Instead Upgrade your membership to premium. I did the same and the benefits are too good and they Cost only 18$ Valid for One year!
Clixsense has explained what are the Benefits you will be getting being a premium member here, Trust me It shot up my income by 10% .

6)Daily checklist Bonus

This one of the best part of Clixsense. They give something called as, Daily bonus!
 i.e If you click on 6AdsCS, 20 Clixgrid Clicks, 10 Tasks or 2 offers and visit the forum 10 times, You will be eligible for the bonus. The Bonus for a Standard Member If He/She completes all the above mentioned Tasks  Is 7% of what has been Earned That day. Whereas for a Premium Member it Shoots Upto to 16% of what has been Earned on that particular day. Please Install the Clixsense addon on your respective browsers as even that is one of pre-requisite to get the Bonus.

In Simple Terms If you earn 10$ On a Good day, Then You will be getting a Bonus of 0.70$ if you are a standard Member, Whereas Being a premium Member enables you to get a Bonus of 1.6$!


Finally Here’s My payment Proof to cheer you up and take action,

This was the Clixsense payment proof For the month Of October, With only 12-15Hrs/week . Imagine how much can you earn if you are an Homemaker, Student Who has some free Time(Like Me) . I have Blurred the Id for Security Purpose, Hope you Understand. I Can’t Wait to see some successful Stories in my comments Section, Don’t Think Much just start the journey. It may take a month, 6 months or an year but Success is guaranteed if you work Hard

clixsense payment proof


Well I hope you follow this Article and this helps you to maximize your earnings at InstaGC, I know that It is not Easy to understand but I have tried to make it as simple as possible, If you have any Doubts/questions Please feel free to comment. Also stay tuned Stay tuned to my other Informative Articles On Another Gem Of a website I have Found,
Until Then, Cheers!

Please share the article on all your respective social media platforms 🙂


clixsense review

Clixsense review : A guide to earn $1000

Hello preppers, welcome to my first  review/  guide, It is on ‘’ , Now don’t turn away thinking that I am going to talk about a PTC(pay to click) website, even though this is a PTC website all my earnings are from Tasks, Surveys and Offers. I don’t even click the Ads. Some even search it as Clicksense, But the correct name of this website is Clixsense. This website has been paying its members since 2007 and this is the first website I started working online. I have tried to make this Clixsense review very comprehensive in order to cover all aspects. I have also made a guide to increase earnings in Clixsense,  you can find that article in the end.

Note : PTC(pay to click) websites are those which pay you for viewing small Advertisements. Clixsense has other sources from which you can make money which makes it a great place to earn.

In this Clixsense review I will give all the information regarding, How to make money and How much can you earn from this website. Please bear with me as this is going to be a long article, I want to give complete information about this site and the things you should do. I would like to add that this is perfect for teenagers to earn some money and also housewives.

Quick statistics

1. Website is operational since 2007.
2. Minimum Withdrawal Limit – 8$(you have to reach this amount to withdraw the money to your Paypal account)
3. Available for Almost all countries( except Afghanistan, Antarctica, China, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, North Korea  and Vietnam)
4. No limit for your earning.
5. No sign up charge.

Note : Due to some problems with Paypal, Clixsense no longer pays through paypal. But you can certainly get your money through Payoneer which is very similar to Paypal. So if you were wondering how to redeem your clixsense money then sign up to Payoneer from the link below and get $25 as bonus when you receive $100 payment.

Clixsense Review and Guide

How do I get started?

clixsense review

This part is very simple, Click here to join the website , Fill in the details and click on sign up now. A form will appear where you will have to fill in more details, an email will be sent to your registered mail and you will have to confirm it after which you are all set to go. Then you can login to Clixsense and explore it to earn some money(follow the guide below)

How can I earn money on Clixsense?

This is the most important part, since you have opened an account already, Now your journey towards earning money online with Clixsense begins.As you can see in the Image above there are various Sections like View Ads, Surveys, Crowdflower Tasks, Clixgrid , Affiliates. These are the sources from where you can earn money. I will explain each of them in detail as this is the most important Part.

If you want to earn from Micro-tasks I highly recommend to Join InstaGC as Crowdflower has an entrance exam there – Read this InstaGC guide

View Ads

Ptc earning
All you have to do is view small Advertisements and you will be paid for it. Go to this section and click on the ads as displayed above, once you click on the ad you will have to click on the cat to prove that you are not a robot. The ads are usually between 3 – 30 seconds after which you will be credited with the amount. It is 0.0001-0.01$,The Ads are not the main part because it is not even going to be 1% of your earning from this website. But there is a reason why you should click on them which I will let know in the Later stage. 


earn surveys

Surveys are one of the important sources of making money here. Surveys are consumer opinions which are seeked from you. You will have to answer about a brand or sometimes you will be part of a research. The pay is around (0.5 – 2$ )per survey which hardly takes up to 10 minutes to complete. There are loads of surveys available for Tier one countries Like USA, UK, Australia etc. The Survey opportunities are less for Other countries like Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Pakistan etc.

To start getting surveys you must fill your surveys profile, based on which you will be getting surveys. You can click on various survey routers daily(do it 3 times a day) and also complete surveys which you get on invitation. Sometimes surveys are even available in Offers Section. I would suggest people from tier one nations to focus on Surveys as the earning opportunities are ample here, For others you can focus on tasks and do surveys whenever available. Please go to offers topic in the Forum , You can get a lot of information there.

Earning potential : Depends on your geography,
Tier 1 countries : 50 to 150 $/month (even more depending on availability)
Others : 5 to 20$/month.

Note : You may get screened out of surveys many times, don’t be frustrated. You will learn to get around it eventually.



click to win

This is all about luck, There is a Grid on which there are squares and you will have to click on them. After clicking you will be directed to a 10 secs Ad. At the end of the Ad if you are lucky you can get anywhere between .10 to 10$ , You have 40 chances. Try it, you never know what is in store for you.


Note : Read this article before starting Tasks On Clixsense.

The most important part of the website where I make 80% of my income is from the Tasks section. Tasks are small jobs/mini jobs  you will have to perform and you are compensated for doing them correctly. These tasks are provided by Crowdflower (an independent and well know crowd sourcing company).There are loads of tasks available and most of them are repeatable, Here is a snap shot of the my task list below,

crowdflower tasks

In order to get these Tasks you should first open a Crowdflower account. Go to tasks section and open an Crowd flower account, Here the email id should be same as your Facebook email id.

Once you open an account you will be ‘Level 0′ contributor. In order to earn more money you have to reach Level 2 or 3 which is not difficult to achieve. Here patience is very important as Tasks for Level 0 contributors is very less.  Whenever there are, please do it as much as possible. Please follow the ‘Zero level Jobs’ thread in forum under Tasks. As you do five Level 0 tasks(different types) with an accuracy of 70% you will reach level 1. Then you will be getting more tasks than before and you can easily reach Higher levels.

Check your Crowdflower Dashboard ( from time to time to see if you have already achieved Level 1. You should achieve that level in a week or two, as long as your accuracy rate is high.
Please read the instructions of each tasks and do them wisely. You may take a lot of time to do one task but once you are familiar with it you can do it at a faster rate. Please be active in forums(tasks section) as there are many willing to help( I will also be there) 🙂 

Note : Crowdflower is planning to implement entrance exam so that you can reach Level 1 just by passing that exam, I will update the post as and when they do it.

Potential earnings :  Contributors from all nations get ample amount of tasks.Provided you reach level 3 or 2, you can earn anywhere between 100 – 300$/ month based on the time you spend and how well you are in completing them quickly. There are people who earn 500$, as there are contests for best weekly Taskers.


earn from offers
In this section there are various offers like Install apps, answer surveys, download games etc. You are awarded Clixscents here(1 Clixscent = 0.01$) , again this section is not a major part. Based on your geography you do get some good Offers sometimes. So when you don’t have much to do come here and complete some offers. People from Tier 1 nations can earn a lot from this Section.



This is the under utilized section, the earning opportunity is immense. The logic is simple, you get paid for making other people join Clixsense.

You will get a unique referral link which you can send to your friends or relatives, if they join through that and start earning you can get 10% of what they earn from tasks,Ads and surveys. It is not Deducted from their earnings, The amount is given by Clixsense and hence there is  no loss to anyone. So start telling your friends and relatives and make them join, Making them join isn’t enough, also focus on helping them to earn. So you are empowering someone and also earning without causing any loss to Him / Her nor you.

Earning opportunity : Depends,
For example consider You have 100 Affiliates (you can have any number of affiliates, Clixsense doesn’t restrict the number)
Assuming that each of your affiliate is earning 1$/ day , so you will be earning 0.10*100 = 10$/day which is around 300$/ month . But it is not easy to get affiliates and make them work, If you are successful then there is a gold mine here.

So in total how much can I earn from this website?

Well that depends on your geography and ability to excel in tasks, If you have surveys or you reach level 2 or 3 in tasks, earning 100 to 400$/month isn’t difficult and with active affiliates your earning can only move upwards. I have covered all the things and you can start your journey towards Earning money online today. It is suitable for Students, homemakers or any one who gets a lot of free time and wants to earn online. Don’t wait and start earning here, Sign up here and start earning money

Clixsense Payment Proof

Well, That question shouldn’t even come in your mind but if you are new to the internet world then certainly you will be having a doubt in your mind, just like I had one year back. Infact clixsense pays through Paypal, Payzaa, Paytoo and Neteller. You can choose any option to get the payment. If you do not know what is paypal, Then I suggest you to read this Article. Once you are into online earning you will need a paypal or any other similar service. To sum things up I will post the pic of my first month earnings from clixsense, Yes a clixsense payment proof indeed. The amount is small but  in later months I have mad more than $250/month for which I have posted proof in my other article. You can earn even more, But since I have other things going I get limited time to spend on Clixsense. Below you a find a picture of my Clixsense Payment proof.

Clixsense payment proof

I will be writing one more article to cover other things like bonus system, premium membership, Payment proof. Until then follow the basics and you are good to go. Many people try this and give up because they want instant money which is never possible, they assume that Clixsense is just like other PTC websites . Your aim should be to learn all the sections in the first month as you can easily earn once you familiarize with the website. I advice everyone to be active on Forum, it is a great resource. Remember there is no other website called as clicksense or clicsense , These may be clones and trying to fool people.

Many People claim that this website is a scam and run campaigns like Clixsense scam , clixsense tricks etc.  Either they haven’t made a sincere attempt or they are trying to rank on google. Rather I would give some legitimate Clixsense tricks( you can take them as tips as they are all legit) , How to increase earnings on clixksense . Some are impatient and start running campaigns like Clixsense scam without actually working here. The site is paying Millions of Users and I will post all my payments in next Article, Don’t pay heed to such Things, Just work Hard and Happy Earnings!

Hope this article enables you towards earning some extra cash online. Please add any doubts/ comments, I would love to answer them. Happy Cixsense earning , Until the next article, ciao!

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