Best WordPress Hosting in India (Updated October) – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

With digital marketing on the rise and many new websites taking birth almost everyday, the tools and resources for creating such webpages has never been easier in India. But you might be wondering how is this related to WordPress hosting?
Let’s first find out what web hosting is;

Web hosting is a service that allows companies and individuals to make and introduce a website or a webpage onto the world wide web. The web host provides services and the correct tools to put your webpage on the map! Yes, these providers help you tweak and modify your website, and their services guide your website towards an endless web of information and data (internet). This makes your site visible and accessible to the world through the internet.

We won’t be getting into many technicalities of this but, once you take the aid of a web host, then these hosts store all the contents of your site onto a heavily secure and guarded server. After the server accepts your data, any web user can just type in your website’s name or address and browse it freely.

Not only do hosting companies work as a gateway to the world wide web, but they also provide various accessories and features to make your webpage more accomodating and efficient for any browsing user. Things like email and FTP access are such examples of the features that web hosts provide.

Similarly, WordPress is a content management system (software) which also helps in making websites and webpages for users. WordPress also known to be a very legitimate web host and hosting service provider. Over the years of evolving supply and demand for webpages and its contents WordPress streamlined its hosting services as well. These services were widely accepted and hence “WordPress hosting” became a new genre of web hosting services.

In this, WordPress hires services from a third-party like BlueHost and allows them to provide resources for building a webpage/ website on the WordPress platform. These however, are not free services, (there are free trials available) and a subscription fee has to be given in accordance with the time period for which the services are required by the user.

There are many providers to choose from and WordPress gives the users access to some really decent services. So, not only do you have a good platform to start your website, but you are given one of the best tools on the internet!

So let us have a closer look at the WordPress Hosting services and its many features, also let us analyze what are the best WordPress hosting services in India.
What is WordPress Hosting and Who is it for?

In simple words, WordPress hosting is basically web hosting that has been streamlined and optimized to meet WordPress performance. This includes loading speeds, security and reliability. There are various custom features provided by WordPress like marketplace integration of themes, plugins with FTP access to the WordPress platform, automatic backup and many new tool updates along the way.

Let us consider an example of you travelling to a country where the charging ports are different. You would by default choose to buy a universal adapter with all sorts of ports and different types of sockets. This adapter is big and is very inconvenient to travel with, but it does most of the work for you and is very resourceful.

The universal adapter is Web hosting in general. There are so many available options on the web hosting services that often times a new developer will get confused where to begin.

Now, imagine going to a different country but this time, you carry along with you a particular adapter that does not have too many sockets, but just the two that need to be used by you. How convenient is that? Very convenient.

Similarly, just like how the second adapter, meets your exact requirements without any extra confusion, WordPress hosting does the same. WordPress caters to the exact needs and tools required by the user to make his/her webpage as per his/her requirements (without any extra confusion).

Types of WordPress Hosting in India

1) Shared WordPress Hosting

The Shared WordPress Hosting is one of the main hosting services provided by WordPress. This is a much affordable type of hosting service. This is because in this type of service many users choose to host their site on a single server (where the admin of the server is the hosting provider). One of the main advantages of shared hosting is its low cost. This is because all the users share the total cost of the server they are linked to.

The service providers claim to offer unlimited bandwidth and space for storage, however these resources are often times limited and are distributed unevenly. That being said a shared WordPress hosting is a good place for anyone to start their website from. It is known to work better with light traffic websites like that of bloggers, start-ups etc. thus is you are looking for a cheaper more basic host, then Shared WordPress hosting is the best plan for you.

The second major type of hosting is the Managed WordPress hosting.

This type of hosting is preferable with higher traffic websites. When you choose to use the services of managed WordPress hosting, you do not have to worry about anything. This service literally takes care of every detail of your webpage.

From server activation, site backup, security, maintenance and timely optimization, this type of hosting covers it all. Managed WordPress are a bit pricey compared to the shared ones. But again, managed hosting is more useful for people who are well versed with the site and have a larger traffic.

Many busy site owners invest in managed WordPress hosting services because even if they manually don’t open their site, WordPress will still manage to update and modify the site.
However there are two more secondary hosting services provided by WordPress. These are, Free WordPress hosting and VPS WordPress hosting.

Free WordPress hosting is when some companies offer free services through WordPress. Since their main and only advantage is that they are free, these services are not recommended. This is because users have complained that they faced many problems with ad pop-ups and bizzare cookies. Eventually the free service turned out to be a trial and they ended up paying.

On the other hand, VPS (Virtual Private Server) WordPress hosting is much better than the free services as well as sharing services. This is because VPS hosting aims to offer a fixed proportion of server resources to each user. This is slightly more expensive than the shared service, and the number of users per server are also limited.

VPS allows you to host multiple WordPress sites and helps make more profit. This service is mainly advantageous for traffic-extensive WordPress sites like popular blogs, or moderate enterprizes with thousands of visits per day.

When it comes to the users, almost every type of developer from any profession might consider WordPress their Holy Grail. This is because with its diverse hosting services, any and all web developers can be benefited.

WordPress has spread across the world, and it’s found its way to the Indian market as well. Knowing that WordPress gives out the best hosting services and the most convenient methods to work on, many major names have joined this tech-cult. Indian Express, BookMyShow, and many more rely on the hosting services of WordPress.

Small scale bloggers, reviewers and entrepreneurs who have just entered the race, can take their first step by using a shared WordPress service.
Similarly, sites with higher user traffic would require much more curation and management. Thus, these site owners would want to invest more in a VPS or Managed WordPress host.

To sum it up, any entrepreneur, writer blogger or musician can use these plans to modify and optimize their webpages.

What are the Factors to look for when choosing a WordPress hosting service?

If you intend to create a website and/or blog for your business, choosing the right WordPress hosting provider is one of the most critical decisions that you will have to make. The reality is that not all WordPress hosting providers are equal, and there are a number of key factors that you will need to consider when selecting the right provider for your business.
In this article, we’ll take a look at the five most important things to look for when choosing a WordPress hosting provider in order to help you find a provider that set your business up for online success.
1) Safety

WordPress being the most popular publishing platform in the world, runs about 24% of all the websites worldwide. Since it is a powerful platform, many hackers want to exploit and infect the webpages for ultimate control. Many hackers often get easy access to the WordPress templates and can affect your site in many different ways.

Generally three main types of people (robots) can attack your WordPress site. They can be humans, bots or botnets. (Botnets are a group of bots which are programmed to hack and attack.). Human hackers are however very rare, but when you are attacked by a hacker in the flesh then you better know that the hack is far greater than you think. These hackers slyly try many methods (carefully, to not alert you) and will exploit your site for your customer data and information.

On the other hand Bots and Botnets are just programs and algorithms written by hackers that target large number of websites looking for vulnerabilities. Bots can be a single machine or a group of machines running simultaneously to find a security hole in your site.

But there is nothing much to worry about, because when you are being attacked by a bot, the level of threat is very less because these bots focus on spamming and slowing down your sites speed. These damages can be always reversed and taken care of.

The goal of the hacker here is to; send spam mails which they script and program for a large number of mails, which eventually floods your site until they have control.
Sometimes these hacks spread malicious content on your site. These contents can be pornographic, or illegal drug sale ads. These ads will help them avoid getting spammed as long as they attack a well reputed site (all of their spam will be sent to your site).

Stealing the websites data is one of the most problematic concerns of site owners. They attack and harvest your customer information and data, so that they have a new data base to send their spam mails to.
Thus, a high-quality provider should offer almost all the security measures your webpage needs. Features like daily back-ups, cryptocurrency software and malware protection can prevent your customer data from getting compromised.

Always consider safety as a factor.

2) Uptime Monitoring

Uptime is actually when your website is up and active for use and review. Realistically, you would not sit and stare at your site for 24 hours, so there are many new services that constantly monitor your site and logs in updates accordingly.

Not monitoring can cause a lot of problems to your business. This is because more downtime implies more loss. If the accessibility of your site is down, you will drastically lose funds. Also, readers are your virtual guests (in a way), and your site is what they want to explore. So, keep them supported by uptime monitoring.

Sometimes, if your site has much more downtime that it should, then the search engines assume that your page is not relevant and lacks consistency. This will end up in the search engines sidelining your site and ignoring it.

Once you start utilizing the uptime monitoring plugin, then this tool starts observing (monitoring) your site data and as soon as it goes down it will send you a notification. To prevent unnecessary hemorrhage to your business, this uptime plug in is a main factor to consider.

Many hosting providers claim 100% uptime, but only the best ones have come close to 99.999%. Thus, if you get the opportunity to choose, always prefer to take something that has a minimum of 99.95% uptime.

This will allow you to multi manage multiple sites (if you have them) and will guide you to take correct measures to prevent downtime.

3) WordPress Specific Upgrades

Many web hosts (reputed) will provide a shared Linus hosting server with PHP. These independent provider might market themselves to be WordPress hosting providers. But if you want to guarantee that the service you choose will offer an entire range of service focusing on your WordPress website, then you should consider the WordPress Specific Hosting services.

This hosting enables you to optimize your site in a much more customized way than any regular web host. The facilities that come with this are – WordPress patching, WordPress optimization, virus removal and much more.

These services might not be utilized by you fully at the start of your web developing career. But these will come in handy once you have gained enough experience. Ideally it is very advisable to work with a host whose services are specifically crafted to your needs and its specific requirements. Hence, choosing a general service is rather wasteful than choosing something specific.

Also, with the specificity you get a much clearer picture to where your site is heading. These WordPress services make sure that your site grows in the correct method most suited for you and your customers.

With WordPress hosting you get the right inputs and enough room to grow.

Customer Support – Customer support is a very important aspect of WordPress hosting. Over thousands of websites come up every day and on this daily basis at least 40% are beginners. For such a phenomena there are to be a strong customer support backing the host.

One of the biggest plus points of working with WordPress is that you always have a team of experts at your disposal. Choose a hosting service which offers 24/7 customer support (where you can actually talk to a human person for help). Many providers offer not one but multiple levels of support. These include e-mail, toll-free calling service, live chat etc.

If you happen to work with a hosting service which provides you with all the above features, then rest assured you will be helped and assisted anytime. So, choose wisely.

Pricing – Once you get introduced to the various hosting service pools, the next question that comes up is how much are you willing to invest in a host.

As stated earlier, different hosting services will have different price ranges. The shared WordPress host is the cheapest and is recommended for beginners. These services begin from $3 onwards on an average.

But if you have a decent business and your site is promising a high traffic rate then VPS hosting services or Managed WordPress hosting service are much more recommended.
Do recall that these two types have more features and security thus their rates are accordingly high.

Any decent managed hosting service starts at $12 onwards.

Before blindly choosing any hosting service (namely managed or VPS), keep in mind that this type of service is for high-trafficking web professionals, and the interface will be different.
So if you happen to be a beginner, don’t be afraid to start humble and slow, and slowly earn and learn your way to the top.

Top 10 hosting providers in India

1. SiteGround Hosting

SiteGround is one of the most popular shared hosting providers in the market. This company offers its users with many different hosting options and plans. These include WordPress hosting, cloud hosting and even have a very dedicated servers.

After going through their services and many user reviews online we have concluded that this must be the best “startup” shared hosting plan out there!
On the whole, SiteGround outdoes all the top web hosting companies for both uptime (99.99%) and speeds (713ms). Their customer support team is state of the art, knowledgeable, fast, and friendly.

1. Good Performance

SiteGround is one of those rare hosting companies that give a good and promising uptime. It’s average uptime is reviewed by us at 99.99%, making it one of the most reliable hosts out there. This solid uptime will keep your website visitors happy. In addition to that your site will be working around the clock so you will not miss out any customer interaction with your webpage.

With quick server performance, SiteGround has data centres around in most of the major countries like Chicago, London, Amsterdam, and Singapore. This is actually a very underrated aspect of SiteGround. This is important because people from any corner of the world will access your site, and the distance that data travels might vary from large to minimal, thus, the hosting service will assign the nearest server to that location.
SiteGround is known to do a pretty good job when it comes to allocating resources to its customers. Since there are many customers that rely on SiteGround for their resources the hosting service is very critical in allocating them. Many hosting companies result in setting very low memory limits on sites to keep the performance high.
2. Integrations and Features
SiteGround has one of the strongest feature sets in the market. Their services range from unlimited data bases to email accounts. SiteGround performs daily backups which most of the other sites do not provide. They also have an industry standard cPanel to manage your servers.
SiteGround has collaborations with GrowBig and GoGeek websites as well they allow a free website transfer and a free builder. These features are actually very common in most good hosting brands, but SiteGround is known to give the best quality of service.
SiteGround also houses many different developer oriented features too, like integrating the CLoudFlare’s CDN, and with their GoGeek plan they provide a free PCI compliance SiteGround does have many unique developer-oriented features though. They integrate well with CloudFlare’s CDN. At their “GoGeek” plan, they do free PCI compliance and Git at staging areas.
For reiteration, SiteGround offers a WordPress staging feature on the GoGeek plan which is very useful if you have a high traffic site. You are also allowed to set up staging servers where you can edit a non live version of your website and the “push” it live can be tedious to set up in spite of them being the best practice, SiteGround makes it way easier than it should be.
SiteGround also focus on offering some of the most popular content management systems like WordPress and Joomla. They are very legitimate and don’t really give out any fake “WordPress specific” features. Rather they give an option of some built in features that give out better performance.
Lastly SiteGround also has a free SSL that rolls out with just one click. This removes the big process of going to HTTPS / SSL with WordPress. They also have direct integrations with CDNs like CloudFlare. They’re rolling out investments in NGINX, HTTP/2, PHP 7, built-in CDN and Caching, and more.
3. Customer Support
Reviewing customer support is always tricky, the best review and the worst review can never be trusted. It is always a gamble when it comes to customer support, we never know when we will encounter a good employee or a bad one.
But SiteGround has one of the best customer support in the market. These are experienced employees who know how to interact with every crowd. The support is very transparent and responsive across a range of platforms( including phone).
It’s apparent that they invest a lot in their employees, because their employees actually have decent technical knowledge and put up with a lot of different questions.
These profiles endorse a higher profile for WordPress core contributors and thus, puts SiteGround’s customer service in the pro column.

`1. Data storage limit
One of the only negative things about SiteGround is that they have slightly low caps on the amount of data that a user can store on the site. This is sort of fair considering that SiteGround provides a lot of shared hosting services and if users end up storing more data, the server response times become slower and slower.
But some people who have video and image heavy sites might have an issue with the storage limitations. These normally range from 10GB to 30 GB. The only solution to this particular issue is decide how much storage you will need for your site and what plan suits your needs best.
2. Resource Over Usage
Another annoying thing about SiteGround is that they’ve called something a monthly allowance CPU. This factor limits your site’s ability to use funds on a monthly basis. The issue here is that individuals tend to use more than the limit many times, so the hosting service puts your site on hold until it resets the next month’s limit.
Users also asserted that an overuse on the GoGeek scheme lead to their accounts getting frozen. This could occur well below the 100k visit limit. So if your website attracts a lot of traffic, say more than 3,000 visitors a day, maybe even the GoGeek plan won’t operate for you.

2. Hostinger Hosting

Hostinger is one of the least expensive shared web hosting suppliers available today.

They began in 2007 as, a free web facilitating administration with no publicizing. At that point, in 2011, the Hostinger web facilitating brand was made.

By May of 2014, Hostinger had just surpassed a client base of ten million individuals and by January of 2017, the client base had developed to 29 million individuals.

That is truly noteworthy development in a little more than 10 years. Furthermore, the organization brags tons boundless and free features.

Some of these are:

OpenResty nginx+lua
Custom hPanel
CloudFlare integration
LetsEncrypt integration
Streamlined and automated server deployments
LVE containers for Account Isolation
SSD Drives for extreme speeds
Realtime reactive server monitoring
Pro-active and predictive server monitoring
Nginx micro cache
Memcached (Twitter fork – Fatcache)
Intelligent WAF (Web application firewall) on each server
Let us look at their advantages and disadvantages.
1. Good Speed
When it comes to speed Hostinger is a big player! The speed consequences of Hostinger test site returned with an overall normal of a blasting quick 143 ms, which is a really decent speed for any web host provider.

So even for the people focusing on the European markets, Hostinger would be one of the fastest web hosts available for you. With 154 ms from London, Hostinger Europe is equally fast like the Singapore and American servers, and they returned not too bad overall normal paces of 165 ms.

2. 99.9% uptime

Few people out there take uptime guarantee seriously, but for many others it can make or break the opinions on a web host. Small business sites need to be up as much as possible, as any sort of downtime means loss of potential sales.

Extended downtimes can lead to our sites losing rank on Google, which is bad news for the business.

While many web hosting companies promise uptime guarantee, the others can be rather sketchy, stating that “release of payment is up to our due discretion” which means that they can choose not to reimburse whatever they guaranteed.
But Hostinger never had such nonsense. If your site’s downtime dips below 99.9% because of Hostinger’s faults, you can contact them and get 5% of your monthly fee back.

3. Faster Loading with Cache Manager

Hostinger has many ways of improving loading speeds. One of which is their very famous Cache Manager. Enabling it allows for quicker load times and improved speeds!

The Cache Manager is very specific to Hostinger and is not really provided by many other top tier hosting service.
If the sites are stock installs, super light with not many optimisations there’s not much that Cache Manager can do. However, Cache Manager’s effect will be amplified once the site has more content and images.

1. No Daily Backup

One of the saddest parts of Hostinger is that in spite of being a very good service provider, it does not have a daily backup system. Most of the hosting sites provide a daily backup service and one should not pay much for adding this. But nevertheless, it does not really make a lot of difference if it is not there.

A good thing is that this feature can be bought at $0.95/month. It is sad that is does not come free with the account. But in all fairness Hostinger’s introductory prices are already the lowest in the market, so they do deserve to make a little more money off certain features.

2. No free SSL

An SSL certificate is de facto vital as a result of it establishes a secure association between your client and your web site. This creates trust, prompting them to feel safer once creating purchases from you. It’s additionally the issue that puts the “S” in “https” that helps instill confidence in your web site (how seemingly square measure you to create any transactions once you don’t see “https”?).

Google will show the text “this web site isn’t secure” once loading any sites while not SSL within the Chrome browser, that makes it less seemingly for folks to shop for things off your web site.

SSL is additionally one amongst the simplest ways in which to boosts your site’s SEO rankings, thence the importance we tend to place on the feature. It sucks that Hostinger doesn’t have it for complimentary, however here’s a touch tip – climb on over to Cloudflare Associate in Nursingd sign on for an account to urge free SSL. downside solved!

The above depicted are the general plans available for the Hostinger.
3. A2 hosting
A2 Hosting has been around since 2001. It may stay under the radar contrasted with some other huge name has, however it has likewise conveyed probably the quickest server paces we’ve seen in the course of recent months.

Their customer support is productive, the hosting plans are well engineered, and they have an interesting “whenever” unconditional promise to get a discount on any unused part of your arrangement. Most plans incorporate SSL and reinforcements, as well.

The following are some features A2 hosting provides:
Unlimited bandwidth.
Free site migration.
One-click WordPress installs.
“Perpetual security”.
Guaranteed uptime.
WP-CLI (Command line interface for WordPress).
Free Cloudflare CDN
Round-the-clock support.

With many more features available to them, A2 has its fare share of advantages and disadvantages.
1. Global data centres
A2 has a decent set of global data centers. While there are lots of factors in website speed (like TTFB), the location of your server matters a lot. Even at a very high speed (lightspeed), distance plays an important role, especially if you have your own site or if your visitors need to upload various files. .

If you and your customers happen to be on the same side of the globe it’s advisable to host your files near both you and your audience.

2. Good Support and Access
The customer support of A2 is very apt and fast. Although a bit anecdotal the representatives make sure the problem gets solved as soon as possible. They have many different platforms where you can access their customer service. Chat, phone, email etc.
3. Transparency and Independence

Let us not get biased about certain aspects of big companies. Big companies are actually pretty good at certain things. They provide comprehensive solutions to many problems and have very basic unit prices on their products.

But at the same time, small companies are usually more agile, vigilant & more responsive.
But at the end it is all about goals and preferences. And it is comforting to know that A2 is a founder owned company that is not a part of the big EIG circuit.
1. Onboarding and Product Setup
OnBoarding is the process of moving new client to an active and cheerful client. It’s a basic procedure for any organization, however particularly for hosting companies who are selling a naturally specialized item.
While A2 Hosting has huge numbers of the regular features and services for a decent onboarding (ie, email confirmations, instinctive customer region and standard cPanel) the account set up seems a bit off and does take a large chunk of your time.

2. Limited Bonus Feature
A2 Hosting is best known to make your experience worthwhile, but the only way to access features like Turbo Server, A2 Optimized Site Accelerator, (which includes the Turbo Cache, OpCache/APC, and Memchached) is to invest in the highest priced shared hosting plan.
A2 does not include these in their low priced plans because if they end up doing so, they might not be in business anymore.
However, it is rather unfair to not mention that two out of the three shared hosting plans are going to test as “average” when compared to competitors in the hosting services industry.

A2 Hosting focuses so much on their Turbo Servers that speeds up to 20x faster than typical hosting companies, it is very evident to miss the fact that you only benefit from this by investing in the most expensive hosting plan available.


The general range of plans that are available for A2.
4. Blue Hosting
Bluehost services are reasonable and pretty modest. Their plans offer their customers 24/7 live chat, unmetered bandwidth, with at least 5 email accounts. Just like many other web hosting companies, BlueHost offer their users a free domain for the first year. Their plans start from $2.75/mo and have a very upgraded security, backups, and SSL certificate. These help to keep your website protected and safe.

Some of the features that BlueHost offers is:

Unlimited domain hosting
POP3/POP3 secure email support
cPanel Account Control Panel
MySQL databases
CGI Library
24/7 Network Monitoring
Site Backups
SSL secure
1.Best Uptime
Uptime is one the most important factors when it comes to choosing a web host, because if your uptime is bad, that could be bad for your business.

The benchmark for good uptime for any hosting service should be about 99.94%. That number is still below average. So if your website is going through 99.94% uptime then on a monthly basis your website will be down by 25 minutes.

So ideally, we don’t want to see anything less than that.
But with Bluehost there is nothing to worry about , it easily surpasses this benchmark, comfortably and keeps the 99.99% of the time.

2. Many inbuilt features

Apart from the included security features, Bluehost also gives access to a huge number of different apps and integrations so that the user can use the most popular services on the web.

You can install WordPress with a single click. You can also install other popular content management systems (CMS) like Drupal, Joomla, run an e-commerce shop, and more.

Also Bluehost includes access to a Content Delivery Network (CDN). These host your images and large files, taking that work off your servers, to deliver them faster to users around the world and keep your site quick at the same time.

3. Good Security Options
Even though Bluehost is one of the “cheaper” options on the market, they somehow seem to manage hosting and security pretty well.
Bluehost provides a lot of good security options by default, like the free SSL certificate for each plan.

All of Bluehosts’ plans include a domain privacy feature that will help keep the users personal information private. This will prevent hackers from doing any nuesence.

SiteLock and CodeGuard are included in BlueHost which in all fairness is included in almost all the WordPress sites.
Also, Postini, from Google, is a security tool BlueHost provides. This basically provides spam protection for your email so anything suspicious is prevented from getting in your inbox.

1. High Renewable Rates
BlueHost has very high renewable rates. Initially the prices will be very cheap but on a but on the other hand, prepaying for a longer period of time like 12-36 month you are committing to many hundred dollars.

This seems a bit unfair for a business who promises a set of prices and then increases them. But then again, BlueHost does offer good services, so a slight hike in the price is reasonable.
2. SIte Migrations Are Not Free

Many common web hosts move your existing website to their service for free. They see it as a friendly service that helps make new customers happy, so they’ll wave any fees.

Unfortunately, Bluehost does not provide free migration.
They have a one-time fee of $149.99 that includes the migration of up to five websites, 20 email accounts, and any other database files for these sites.

They claim it’ll be quick and seamless, so you won’t experience any delays or downtime.
However, the fact that you have to pay for it, and pay so much, is a big “Con” to consider.

The general pricing of BlueHost is depicted below, but for a detailed information of their services you can check their homepage out.

5. Hostgator
HostGator is actually one of the biggest and oldest web hosting companies in the market. They still are making improvements, posting an average uptime of 99.98% over the past 16 months.

Their basic, shared hosting plans come with unlimited storage, bandwidth, free domain (for the first year) and a free SSL certificate. They also have great customer service, who connected through live chat instantly and answered each question within a few seconds each.

There features include:
Free SSL Certificate
Free Website Builder
Pure SSD Storage
Secure Email Accounts
1-Click Installer
Daily Automated Backup
Instant Account Setup
Latest PHP & MySQL


1. Value Pricing

HostGator has an amazing pricing . And NameCheap might offer very limited accounts for cheaper. But I have yet to find a hosting company that has –

Consistently low renewal pricing
Regular promotional pricing
Doesn’t totally skimp out on support or reliability
Unmetered features on critical plan features

The last point is a good pro, if you happen to have a lot of projects on your plate then it would be preferable to look carefully at the prices per month and their plans accordingly.

But when we take overall pricing into consideration HostGator beats a lot of companies.
2. Unlimited services (With Terms)

Except for the basic plan, HostGator offers unlimited features which is a great deal since their hosting plans are so cheap to begin with.

Unlimited disk space is one of them, this means that you can store as much data as you need. This allows your website to limitlessly grow, while using an affordable shared hosting plan.

Having unmetered bandwidth means you can move an unlimited amount of data between your host server, your site visitors, and the internet. This is great for ensuring the speed and performance of your website, especially on a shared hosting plan.

You also have access to unlimited data bases and also can download WordPress installs as much as you want.
But there are certain terms and conditions to this unlimited use of resources. You can have a detailed look at them at their website.

3. Free Site Transfers and One Click Installs

HostGator makes transferring your site from another host to them in a much simpler way simple. This is again a trait most web hosting companies have in common. Simply sign up for the hosting plan you wish to use, and let HostGator do the rest.

If Hostgator is the first hosting service you have ever used than, its One Click installs are very handy. With an amazing user interface and easy steps provided on the host, any new user can easily learn the process of making a website.

1. In Association With EIG
HostGator is a part of the Endurance International cluster (EIG). Many users claim to have had bad experiences with this big company.

But again, if there was a problem with any one company of the EIG, it does not mean that the other companies will be bad as well. But it helps to think that the service might turn at any time.
2. Complexity

One of the major cons of HostGator is that it is very complex.
HostGator does provide a nice support, documentation, and tutorials as mentioned on top of – however it doesn’t have a simple method for creating something.

Looks may also be an issue, HostGator has a decent interface but again gives out a very geeky vibe.


The prices are pretty alright for the services, but HostGator is known to have weird hidden clauses for plan renewals. However the other processes are pretty easy and they provide good uptime.

6. Milesweb Hosting
Milesweb is an Indian based web hosting company which has been working since 2012. They are Mumbai based company where they lay down their Indian Data Centers. They have been providing a great service for a beginner friendly price and are one of the top rated Indian hosting companies. They support Make In India.
I came up to milesweb, when I was searching for a better alternative for Bluehost.

Milesweb is known for providing a wide range of hosting services which ny top tier company would offer. They include:

1. Free Domain Name
2. Free SSL Certificate
3. Free Website Builder
4. Pure SSD Storage
5. Secure Email Accounts
6. cPanel
7. 1-Click Installer
8. Daily Automated Backup
9. Instant Account Setup
10. Latest PHP & MySQL
11. Datacenter Choice
12. Free Website Migration

Milesweb is a pretty economic and reliable web hosting service provider. It has a decent online community and many people prefer milesweb as their first web host before they enter the big game.

1. Automatic WordPress updates
Like many other top names in the web hosting game, Milesweb too has automatic updates on wordpress. Additionally, their technical professionals keep a track on the new releases and ensure that updates related to critical WordPress platform and core plugins are installed.

2. Fast SSD Storage

All the WordPress hosting plans comes with a sufficient storage for your site requirements. Milesweb’s high-performance solid-state drive storage helps the users to get up to 200% better performance in comparison to traditional hard drives. The SSD storage is a good addition to the reasonable rates on the services provided Milesweb.

3. Free SSL Certification

Milesweb has it’s security experts continuously monitors for vulnerabilities that are often open from WordPress. Milesweb includes an SSL certificate in your plan that helps the user keep the data safely encrypted every time it is transmitted to the site visitor. Thus, every single website hosted by Milesweb will have a free SSL certification.


1. Slow Customer support

One of the saddest things about Milesweb is its customer service. We can’t say it is slow, but rather not so professional. Being based in India it is a pretty decent hosting service, but the response time to the mails are rather late. This is not much of a deal but it does get annoying when there is a whole business running on your site and all of a sudden you have a problem that will only be solved within a week.

2. Does not support http and 2 protocol

Yes, another sad part about Milesweb is that it does not support the http and 2 protocol system. This is a bit astonishing because most good companies claim to support that whereas milesweb does not. But in all fairness you are getting a pretty good deal for the services they provide there has to something that does not add up.
Milesweb offers 6 plans with drastically varying price ranges. All of which are way cheaper than other web hosting services.

7. Inmotion Hosting
InMotion Hosting is one of those rare large and stable hosting companies that is not owned by Endurance International, and possesses its own set of resources, and expertise to serve websites for businesses, organizations, and long-term projects.
This hosting service provider is humble and is a very reliable source for mid ranged websites that do not have much traffic on them. Any person looking to start his/her website can start with Inmotion hosting.

With a decent amount of pros the following are a few of the many unlimited features InMotion provides:

Websites allowed per VPS
MYSQL databases
FTP accounts
Individual cPanel sub-accounts
Email accounts
1. Average Uptime is 99.95%
After several tests InMotion’s uptime clocked in at 99.947%, which is actually a bit of lower score in todays time. But considering the fact that INMotion is a stand alone company that gives decent server speeds as well, 99.947% is a pro!

2. Fast Server Speeds
Fast server speeds are not just a good experience for the users visiting the site, this speed also plays a vital role in Google’s algorithm for dictating where in the rankings you’ll show up on the SEO aspect. But in the end it is all about the traffic you receive, almost half of the traffic will leave if your site does not open within seconds.

InMotion has a very strong iptime and a pretty legitimate server speed that takes the loading time of 855ms, that is, 4% faster than the competition’s average of 890ms.

3. Customer Support
One of the best things about small companies is that they have an amazing support staff. InMotion houses one of the fastest customer support services as compared to the big names like SiteGround and Bluehosting.

We tried asking them about a problem just to see how fast they respond, and we got a reply in mail within 2 minutes! The email service is fast, but we have not checked their chat service yet. Nevertheless, reviews online say that the chat support is equally fast and reliable.


1. Delayed verification Process
InMotion like many other site hosting providers asks its customers to be verified by phone for security purposes. This is a bit weird because the user does NOT instant account access after signup for many, especially for users outside the USA. In rare cases InMotion even asks for a picture of your ID card.
While this is a good security measure but it essentially turns off many potential customers (especially international ones).

2. Certain Plan limitations
InMotion has a few limitations on certain plans, but it does give out free backups and site restoration. But sadly there are limitations to these services.


InMotion has similar shared and wordpress hosting plans

These are:

InMotion gives all the shared hosting plans and unlimited storage and bandwidth. Which also comes with a 90 day money back guarantee.

8. Godaddy hosting
When you hear Godaddy, the commercials are what comes to your mind. The famous “Helping Small Businesses” youtube ads are very attractive but is this company as legit it states? Well, it is pretty decent and unique compared to most hosting services.

Godaddy is technically registered as a domain registrar but as they advertise it, it much more than that. They focus their services on WordPress hosting and site building.

Godaddy has many features to experience:

Shared Hosting
VPS Hosting
Managed WordPress
FTP Access
SSH Access
Root Access
Domain Privacy
SSL encryption

(These are only some of many amazing features Godaddy provides. To have a better idea of them, you could check out their website.)

Like many other hosting companies, Godaddy too has certain advantages and disadvantages over other hosting services. Let us have a look at them.


1. Peculiar Key WordPress Hosting

Godaddy has a very strange pricing between their regular web hosting plans and WordPress hosting plans. These are basically pricing per visits vs pricing per features respectively.
Basically, instead of looking at memory, databases etc, other hosting companies promise to serve an estimated number of visitors you get.

So, you are paying for results rather than features.

In many other subscription, you are overpaying for the features, not until you know exactly how to use all the features to their fullest. But when it comes to Godaddy, they charge you on the results rather than an estimated value of features you might use. For a hosting company that’s a pretty good advantage.

2. Usability and Setup
One of the major problems new users face is the learning process for creating the site. It sure it very daunting and dealing with settings and graphics only adds on to the stress.
GoDaddy has a very user friendly setup tutorial and its usability is really state of the art. Even with a wide ranging product line, they still make it pretty easy and comfortable to shop.

The simplicity of Godaddy is a big advantage and that’s why many users who are just beginning to make their websites prefer Godaddy.
3. Product Integration
Many people are not fans of buying a domain separately and an email service separately. It is a headache and often times takes a lot of management.
But if one company manages the domain name, email, hosting then it makes it much more convenient.

GoDaddy also offers a bookkeeping feature and also an accounting service.
GoDaddy offers the full package of services and ties every aspect of your site together. Now there seems to be no point for DNS records or futzing with SMTP settings.Godaddy handles it all.


1. Limitations on Hosting Features

One of the major disadvantages of GoDaddy is that it’s WordPress Hosting plans have a surprisingly tight limits on features. Even when we compare them to other providers.

There have hard & low limits on their web hosting compared to major brands like Bluehost and also independent brands like InMotion.
Additionally, they are a bit smart for their own proprietary setup that can lead to email & hosting issues which are specific to GoDaddy. They also have plenty of seemingly random caps on databases and bandwidth.

2. Upsells and Cross sells
Godaddy is a bit shady when it comes to certain product pitching. This is a constant complain of many users worldwide.

With Godaddy’s WordPress Hosting plans they assure “thousands” of free themes, but these themes are already available to anyone who logs onto, also they have been upselling “premium themes and even some custom web designed themes.

Godaddy already build some security to your WordPress website but later will sell you their various security products.

This is a disadvantage, and you won’t really find this in many other hosting services.

The plans of Godaddy seem very attractive and are surely value for money. However, their WordPress hosting prices vary after you have added onto the features and tools. This is good and bad at the same time. But to conclude about the pricing, Godaddy offers pretty economical plans.
9. BigRock Hosting
BigRock is one of those very few economical web hosting service providers that offer shared hosting on various platforms (Windows and Linux). They provide you with domains, a website builder, cloud backup and many VPS plans.

BigRock was first launched in India and now has a very big client base across the world. It is also part of the Endurance International Group (EIG). If you have a small business that needs recognition then this is a good hosting provider for you.

BigRock possesses the following features:

99.9% uptime guarantee
30-day money back guarantee
24/7 customer support
Unlimited domains, email and space with some plans
Easy to use control panels
Facilities with modern infrastructure
Power tools offered
Softaculous installer
Domain services
Email services
BigRock has many plans with shared hosting and VPS hosting and their price ranges vary accordingly but considering the fact that this is a very low-priced service provider, the cost of the plans will be the least of your concerns.
1. Site Locking
The SiteLock feature is basically a third-party application that is given free by the BigRock plans. Unfortunately, it is a limited service. This feature provides malware scans and a CDN.
BigRock claims that: “SSL-enabled websites are not compatible with the Basic Firewall and CDN that is included for Free in every plan. However, the scans will work as expected for such sites.”
That is a pretty cool feature, given best practice is for all sites to have an SSL certificate.

2. Customer Support
Being an EIG branched hosting service provider, BigRock has a pretty good customer support. The online chat is available 24/7 and they are very well versed with their knowledge.

3. Uptime Guarantee
BigRock offers a 99.95% uptime, which seems pretty mediocre but considering the fact that they have such low costs on their plans, this is a reasonable number.
But, your site may be down for 44-45 minutes every month. Again, this rarely happens and even if you are worried about something like this, you could always go for a higher plan giving out better uptime.

1. Small list of features
True that BigRock has a small set of features, but the price range says the same pretty much. It is a good and humble provider, but the services and sort of old school and not so flashy.

The company says that they will get better services and updates soon, but that might take a while. For now, the features are pretty bone dry.

2. Software Out of Date?
While we did some research here, there are certain things on BigRock that are out of date. That is the WordPress Plan. Currently WordPress offers PHP 7.0 but BigRock is still stuck on PHP 5.4. So that is something to worry about.

Nevertheless, people who are just starting off their website game, this will not be a problem.


Like mentioned above countless number of times, BigRock has a very economical pricing range and hence are preferred by small startups and businesses.

10. HostPapa
HostPapa is yet another independent web hosting company from Canada. They are known to offer a modest spectrum of hosting services from shared hosting to VPS servers with a focus on small business owners and startups, rather than bloggers and big owners.
HostPapa was actually started in 2006 and has seen rapid growth in the past few years. Eager to make a name for themselves, HostPapa also provides email, a website builder, and various complementary services with 24-hour support and a 30-day money back guarantee.

HostPapa also gives out the generic features like:

Root Access
Website Builder
Advanced email
Good Mobility and Security

But like any other independent hosting site, HostPapa too has a few advantages and disadvantages. Let us have a closer look at them.

1. Value Pricing
HostPapa has modest pricing a simple plan structure.
Many web hosting companies are basically selling the same thing that is – a homepage for your website, with different plans, different caps, different bonuses, and different renewal prices. So, to figure out the actual price it takes forever to calculate everything and come to an overall large price.

HostPapa on the other hand has a very simple plan structure and a straightforward overall pricing situation. Many users online have claimed to be very comfortable with this pricing and being independent company, it is more than just an advantage.

2. Complementary Services
Along with web hosting HostPapa is known to give out many high-quality complementary services. Most of the famous web hosts will provide things like domains, email, design services, etc, but HostPapa provides those same services at a higher level.

For example, they are actually a domain registrar so they don’t really sell names but give out a have a bigger selection of domain TLDs and better pricing than most of the other companies.

They also have the same deal with email and design services and specialized hosting services. They are known to various VPS hosting for all and any resource-hungry business websites in addition to a better-than-most WordPress Hosting product.

3. Speed and Performance
The server speed of HostPapa is known to be decent with respect to their prices. Though a not so flashy, they still are pretty good on server speeds and are functionable for many small sites with less graphics and demands.

1. Overstated Marketing
HostPapa being a small company gives out it services to only Canada and parts or North America. That is reasonable if they were truly a good fit for customers in those countries.
HostPapa does multilingual customer support as well and accept payment in different currencies.
But , they still serve all customers from their Canada data center.
I think it’s misleading to advertise “best hosting for [country]” if your closest data center is 10,000 miles away from your target customers.

This was pretty much the only flaw we could find. HostPapa is still a developing company, maybe in a couple of years we may be able to write more flaws.


The very reasonable prices of HostPapa are simple and reliable. So if you are looking to start your website from a modest provider, HostPapa is your best option.

To Sum it Up

Choosing a good web hosting service daunting. Especially with so many out there, it is always a hard gamble on what to choose. But the above reviews should give you a brief idea about all the famous hosting services out there.

Also, do not waste much time on deciding what to go for, choose a web host that suits your business’s needs well and get started right away. It is only a matter of a few thousand rupees.

So, if you are a beginner and are not sure on what to choose, then go for something that is economical and has a fairly decent uptime. BigRock and InMotion Hosting services might be the right ones for you.
But if you already have a well established site and are willing to expand it more and explore certain areas, then choose one which offers a great deal on features with no compromise to security and uptime. BlueHost, MilesWeb and HostGator would suit you best.

Finally if you have a well established business and want to totally bring it to the web, and are not afraid to invest much, then SiteGround, A2 hosting would suit you best.

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