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Work As A Social Media Evaluator For Appen And Earn some Extra Money

Appen Social Media Evaluator Guide

I am back with an work at home earning opportunity , I get many queries regarding social media evaluator jobs and work from home job opportunities for India, Australia, USA and may other countries etc. So in this post I will give information about an online workplace called “Appen” which provides opportunities for us to work online or from home. This is for a particular position called ‘Appen Social media evaluator‘ .

Well, you can work as a social media evaluator in other companies like Lionbridge, Lepaforce etc. Since I have worked on Appen, I am writing this step by step guide which will help you understand about the work nature, how to apply and all the the information you need to know about being a social media evaluator. I have been working for about three months now, I am writing this review as I received payment from them and hence it is proved that they are a legitimate company.

They also provide many work at positions for philippines, Indonesia. New Zealand and many more countries. Some of the profiles include search engine evaluator, Translator, Social media evaluator, Crowdsourcing etc

What does Appen do as a Company?
Appen social media evaluator

Well, the above picture is the ‘About us’ page of the company. In simple terms Appen is a company which serves web based/ e-commerce firms to make their data healthier, Especially with the booming influence of social media platforms on consumer habits it becomes necessary to get the Internet marketing strategy right for the brands for which proper analysis of Data is a must. So Appen hires people to do the same, The best part being that all the positions they hire are work at home positions.

It has a  simple Apply – Pass – start work policy, It is contract type and the work you get is very stable until your contract ends. The pay is decent and usually paid on hourly basis,The pay also depends on the type of position and the country in which you reside. 

How does Appen pays it’s contributors?

Appen recently changed the way it issues payments to it’s contractors. Appen used to pay through direct bank transfer to contractors from most of the countries but now it pays through Payoneer. So, I advice everyone who are planning to apply for any positions at Appen to open an Payoneer account and keep it ready so that you can link it as and when Appen asks for it from you.

Sign up using the button below as you can get $25 when you receive a payment of $100 from any source. You will not get $25 as soon as you sign up, you get it when you receive funds worth $100. Even if you may not use it for Appen(if you do not into any project) you can use Payoneer to send and receive payments for majority of services/websites as it is becoming an alternative for Paypal. [To open Payoneer account you will need a bank account and the tax identification number of your respective country]

payoneer referral

Note : Please do not sign up if you have no intention to work online because you will not get $25 just for signing up. You will have to receive at least $100 payment from some source after which the bonus will be credited. That is why if you get into Appen project you will surely get bonus when you are paid by Appen, So I advice you to make the account if you have passed the qualification exam of Appen Social media Evaluator or any other post.


What do I have to do as a Social Media Evaluator?

Now lets come to the main point of this article, What will you be doing and why are you being paid. The work of a social media evaluator will be to evaluate news feeds of different social media platforms and give feedback.

Depending on the company your working through Appen, You may have to work on facebook, twitter, instagram feeds etc. I got hired to evaluate my facebook feeds and rate them. I cannot give more details as it will breach of agreement with Appen. However I can certainly say that the work is super simple, The pay is very much decent. So now I will start the step by step guide, remember applying doesn’t guarantee you a position.

You will get a response from them and whenever a requirement comes up you will get an email inviting you to be a social media evaluator. Then all you have to do is take the qualification test, after passing it you can start earning. The process is very simple and they give all instructions through email communication.

Requirements to be a social media Evaluator

  • A decent computer with operating system vista or above.
  • A moderate speed internet connection, 2Mbps works fine for me.
  • Should be able to spend fixed No.of hrs/ day. For me It is 1hr/day and atleast 5 days per week(so 5 hrs in a week), but for some other places it is 4 hrs/day. All this will be made clear to you before accepting the offer.
  • Basic English reading and writing would be sufficient.
  • Also basic computer knowledge to troubleshoot ( Again all instructions are given)


Step by step guide to become A social media Evaluator On Appen

Social Media evaluator
The process is very simple, Fist you need to create an Appen account. For which,  You can go to this page (for US applicants)and then click on ‘Hot opportunity social media evaluator‘ , it will direct you to a login page, You will have an option for new registrations there. Then you can start the process to apply for this post once you have registered on Appen. It is 8 step process, Simple and easy. Each step is discussed below. After the new update the No.of steps have been reduced, you can accordingly fill it up by referring to the relevant steps below.
For Indians : join through this link

US participants can earn anywhere between 400-1500 $/month depending on the no of hours they are selected to do in a day. 

Step 1 : Personal Data

Appen social media evaluator
As it can be seen in the picture above, In this step all you have to do is fill in your basic personal and communication data.  This includes your Name, Address, Communication details Like Phone, email etc. Also they ask for online reference so that it can be authenticated that you are active on social media platforms. As you can see I have given my Facebook profile link as internet reference, This step is very important as the profile is related to social media. You add other social media platforms like google+,Instagram by clicking on the ‘+’ Sign, Make sure you have tested the link for each of your social media profiles you have submitted. Recheck all the data and proceed to the next step.

Step 2 : Education/ Training

Appen step 2
This step you will have to enter courses which you have undergone till date. But I have not given the details here as my complete education details was listed in the resume. If you have anything outside the resume, It is worthy to mention it here. It can be any type of education / training.


Step 3 : Work experience

step 3
Here you will have to input any work experience you have prior to this or even if you are working currently. Appen doesn’t have a problem if you work in other places as this is a contract job, unless the work is similar in nature. Which means you cannot work for Appen and Leapforce for the same ‘social media evaluator’ post. I don’t have to enter anything because I am still pursuing my studies and have no work experience.

Step 4 : Qualifications

Step 4
Here you can include any qualifications, It can be a certification in languages, computer programmes etc. Please don’t think more qualifications/ training you have easier it is to get the position, It doesn’t work that way. Just mention only if you have really done it.

Step 5 : Preferences

Step 5
This step they ask you if you have any preferences, well I was more than happy to earn money so I din’t have preferences. I left this blank as I was ready to work under any circumstances but If you have anything then you can type in the box provided.

Step 6: Resume/ Attachments

Step 6
I would say this is the most important step because this gives Appen an idea of what you are, Makes sure you tweak your resume such that matches the social medial evaluator position. Also adding a cover letter would help, convincing them as to how you could be a good social media evaluator. You can also upload any other documents like certifications of training/ qualifications which you have mentioned before. I just attached a resume and a cover letter.


step 7 : Overview and Release

Appen application
This is the penultimate step, Here you will have agree that your application can be released and can be considered for various profiles on Appen , also agree to their data privacy statement. Basically tick the two boxes as shown in the picture above. Also before proceeding to the next step please check your application form. It will be shown in the same step, scroll down and check if all the details you have given are correct and true. After this you can proceed to the final step.

Step 8 : Complete

You have done all the hard work now, All you have to do is click on ‘complete’ in step 7 and you will receive a message which says ‘ your profile has been released’ . This means that your application has been successfully sent.

What Happens After I submit the Application?

You have done all the work from your side, After the application is sent you may be getting a reply from them stating if there are is vacancy for the post or not. If it is available, you will be again be sent a mail asking if you will be willing to work for the post. If your reply is yes, you will be getting step by step guidance from them as to how proceed and take the qualification and all other necessary details(All guidelines and materials will be given before the qualification so that you can prepare for the same).

So once you have passed the test you may be starting work after two days. The whole process may go up to a week. Don’t get disheartened if there is no vacancy, recently one of friend was told that there was no vacancy after he sent the application but he got a call after a week to join. So just submit the application for social media evaluator and hope for the best.


  • Decent pay for the amount of work you do.
  • The work is really simple in nature.
  • You have the flexibility to work from home and also can choose your own timings, The only requirement is the you should compete certain amount of work as mentioned in your production details.
  • The work is very stable for this profile.
  • People from any part of the world can apply for this.
  • Basic computer and English knowledge is sufficient.


  • None, I have been working here for about 3 months now. For me there seems to be no cons, I have read else where that the contract may get terminated anytime. Well, that isn’t much of a con because it is a contract job at the first place.


I have been getting emails saying that the link to apply for Appen which I have provided above no longer works. I researched about this and found that Appen has changed the application process, It is much easier now and I will explain the process step by step. Read on and apply to become a social media evaluator on Appen 2017!

  • Account creation : This is the first step, which is to create an Appen account. Click on this link , go to the bottom of the page and then choose the category as ‘Social media evaluator‘ and choose your country as shown in the picture below. After filling the details hit the search button.

Social media work from home

NOTE: If you keep the category as ‘All‘ then you can see all the jobs available for your country.


  • Appen will search if social media evaluator position is available for your country and will display all the relevant information as shown below. As you can see for ‘USA‘ there are many opportunities available, do not get confused with the location they have given next to the title, all positions are work from home and hence the city you live in doesn’t matter. Go through the list and depending on your time availability you can go with 1 hour / day or even 4 hour / day option. Click on the title and you will be taken to the next page. 

Appen jobs listing


  • In this page the job description will be given so that you can get a sense of the work you will be doing in case you get selected. You will find all the details about the job in this page, details regarding work schedule, requirements etc.
  • The most important one is to have a active facebook account with a certain number of friends, even though Instargam is mentioned it is not so important but I advice you to open and reach the number for instagram as you never know when that may become mandatory. Once you have read all this, if you match their requirements then click on ‘Apply for this job online‘ button.

Social media eval more info

  • On the next page, you will have many options to apply for the job as shown in the image below. I prefer ‘Create Profile & Apply‘ as it will be helpful for applying for any other opportunities in future.

Appen application process

  • Once you click on ‘Create profile and Apply‘ you will be taken to the application page, on the first page you will have to fill the Candidate profile. You will have to attach your resume and provide details like Name, address, Username and password for the account to be created, languages known etc. Click on submit profile and in the next page you will have to answer more questions. Read the questions carefully and asnwer them honestly. With this the application is complete and you can submit it, you will get a confirmation mail that your application has been received.
  • Depeding on the requirement, you may get a reply from Appen inviting you for the project in 2-14 days. In the new system you can track your application status by logging in to your Appen dashboard. Once you get the invitation to join the project, follow all the instructions and be quick in replying to their emails from that point because they take it very seriously. 
  • After passing the Qualification, you are officially a social media evaluator and they will allow you to start working. They pay you through DBT or Payoneer, so once you pass the exam make a Payoneer account by clicking the button below(you will get a bonus of $25 on receiving a deposit of $100 which you will obviously get from Appen)


Note: Please do not create multiple ids and sign up for Payoneer, you will not receive a dime unless you get a deposit of $100 from another source.

Is Appen a Scam?

I shouldn’t even be responding to this question but I feel that a factual answer is required so that you get sense of what this company is all about. People say that Appen throws people suddenly without notice, It is a fact that the the contract can end at any time because such is the nature of the job and they make it very clear during the signing up process but they do notify you, also you will be paid for the hours worked up to that point.

Here are some facts about Appen

  • Appen was founded in 1996
  • Appen was publicly listed on Australian Stock exchange in 2013
  • Appen was declared as the No.1 company in the world providing work from home opportunities 
  • And finally i’ll end it with a payment proof, because no one gets bored of Payment proofs !

Appen payment proof



Being a social media evaluator at Appen is a great opportunity for everyone who is looking for work at home jobs. The nature of the job is simple and also flexible, I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to earn extra money online. They have other positions like ‘search engine evaluator‘ / ‘crowd sourcing‘ etc which you can certainly try later. There are other companies like Appen providing similar opportunities, If you fail here then you can certainly try your luck elsewhere.

With this I end by guide on Appen for the post of Social Media evaluator work from home opportunity, Please make sure you go through my other articles for more work from home opportunities etc. Share the article so that more and more people get empowered to work from Home, Also subscribe so that you can get an email whenever I post about a new earning opportunity. I have many more coming up!

If you have any doubts related to the application process please ask about it in the comments section. You can also contact me for any help you require on this. Happy earning preppers!



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About the Author Anish Nandalike

I am an Mechanical engineer by Education, I started this blog to spread my knowledge regarding making money online. I write on earning platforms which is suitable to anyone from teenagers to Housewives. Read along and start making some money in your free time.

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Joe Corbin says April 4, 2016

How much can be earned with this service. Like if I am a very fast typer and have excellent computer skills. And spend 4-5 hours playing games (free time I have on my hands). Also is there any limitations or daily limit to the work or the earnings?
Thanks for the article.

    Anish Nandalike says April 5, 2016

    Thank you for your question. It is always an advantage to possess those skills, However the work will be limited to a certain number of hours/ day , for me it was 1 hour/ day and minimum of 5 hours/ week, A maximum of 7 hours/week. I cannot disclose the pay as I am presently in contract, I can certainly say that the pay is very good and worth considering that you will have to only spend 1 hour/ day!
    Considering you will have more than 1 hour of free time, you can even try Squadrun and clixsense. You can find my reviews on them in relevant sections. Happy earning!

Amido Murta says February 7, 2017

Hey Anish, thank you for your article.
I am invited to join a project with Appen as social media evaluator in italy where I reside now. It is written in the invitation email the requirements and qualifications they need. One among these is “Strong written and spoken English and Italian language skills”. As being non-italian moved to italy less than two years ago also studying in English, my italian language skills are intermediate (B1) for both listening and reading where they are Basic for writing and speaking (A2). Based on your experience, do you think that it will be a problem for me (as u said “Basic computer and English knowledge is sufficient” ) and do I have to tell this to them. More specifically, will I need to communicate with anybody in italian as if it was only regarding reading and evaluating, I think I am able to do so.
Thanks in advance.

    Anish Nandalike says February 12, 2017

    I most probably think the project will be English, However you can surely ask them if the project is in English or Italian. I had mine is English.

Paulo says April 24, 2017

Could you comment a little more or give some tips on the tests that are made to enter the project?

    Anish Nandalike says April 27, 2017

    Hey Paulo,
    Make sure that you read the study material appen provides thoroughly, take care and refer to the comment matrix 🙂

John Rodrigues says April 27, 2017

Kudos! Thank you Anish so much

Let me tell you’ll why ,Anish told me about the appen one day ,i got excited and wanted some cash too to buy a new graphic tablet for my design work ,he strongly recommended me Appen

so i cleared the qualification round ,it was bit confusing at first ,but after i point i mastered the work

Appen has such a good support ,i got my payment via paypal because i requested them too

finally i could buy a graphic tablet from the money earned from Appen ,I couldn’t continue it because of my full time work

But i earned 7k with less amount of quality work

Go people Go ! stop scrolling on facebook for hours
spend your time efficiently ,earn money and buy some good stuff or invest in your passion

Thank you Anish again

    Anish Nandalike says April 27, 2017

    Wow John, Never taught that this would help you in pursuing your passion in design field. All the best to your career in design and this certainly inspires me to find more earning opportunities online.

Angaj says July 24, 2017

Hey great post. Can you please tell me if this is still available. When i opened the link(for indians) and tried to apply, it says the time period is over. Is the job open for US only

    Anish Nandalike says July 27, 2017

    Thank you Angaj and sorry for the late reply. I am aware that the link for Indian has expired but the position is still open, there has been a change in the process of application and I will updated the article soon informing about the changes.

Daniel Ranalli says July 29, 2017

Do you know if Appen, or any other similar company, would allow you to work 2 jobs at the same time? By that I mean working 2 jobs for Appen, not 1 for Appen and another for another co.
Also, would Appen, or any other similar co, allow me to work for another co at the same time?

    Anish Nandalike says July 30, 2017

    Working on two roles for the same company is allowed but working in two different companies is not allowed.

    KK says August 28, 2017

    I am pretty sure they said somewhere that you can only work in one project for Appen. What you do apart from that is not their business really, as long as it is not against the contract.

      Anish Nandalike says August 31, 2017

      Not really, If you are working as a ‘Social media eval’ for Appen then you cannot work as ‘social media eval’ on other companies like Lionbridge, Leapforce etc because the clients are the same. However, you can work for different roles.

Alexander says August 3, 2017

Thanks a lot for the guide! I have a couple of questions about applying for those jobs:
I’ve joined their network and attached my CV while doing so but later realized that I haven’t added any links to my social media. But I can see that when you apply you have to attach the CV again so I can attach another one. But isn’t there any way to edit your existing Appen profile? Also when I try to apply for the recommended job (which is just one of many that I can find in my location for some reason) I’m redirected to application wizard in which I AGAIN have to register seperately. So what joining their network does exactly?

    Anish Nandalike says August 4, 2017

    Your welcome!
    coming to your question, you do not have to attach the resume and enter the details every time if you already have an appen account. All you have to do is login and apply to the desired job, all your details and resume will already be there. You can even edit your profile.

JP says August 9, 2017


My first contract has recently expired. I recently updated my profile as per their request in order for them to notify me with newer positions. What is the time frame to be expected while waiting for a new position?

Thank you.

    Anish Nandalike says August 31, 2017

    Hello, I apologize for the late reply. They may or may not contact you regarding new opportunities. I advice you check their opportunities page and apply for any new openings. The same process in the article can be followed to find all the opportunities for your country.

Fby says August 30, 2017

Hi, my contract with Appen has ended due to the miss-understanding and discrepancies on Production hours.
Can I re-apply on the same project, Social Media Evaluator? Should I use the same account or do I need to make the new one?

Thank you

    Anish Nandalike says August 31, 2017

    Oh, that is unfortunate. Please keep track of your hours in case you get back into to Appen(I hope you do). You cannot apply for the same post for the next six months. I advice you to try other positions like web search eval or other companies like leapforce, lionbridge etc.

John says September 1, 2017

hello Anish,

social media evaluator job in Appen – is it a consistent job? I mean, you mentioned we have to work for 1-4 hours a day – but for how long? is it for 6 months contract or only for few months? I worked with UHRS before and while I made decent earning with them but the job is not consistent. there are days/weeks when we don’t even have a lot of hits to work with. how about this social media evaluator job in Appen? can we expect to get enough hours per week for long term?

    Anish Nandalike says September 1, 2017

    Hello John,
    Once you get in as a social media evaluator, the work is constant. Which means you will have to rate on batch of ads everyday (for one hour role) or 4 batches of ads if it is 4 hour role. This isn’t like UHRS where the hits are sporadic in nature.

      John says September 1, 2017

      hello Anish,

      thanks for the reply. how long the contract will be? let’s say I get the social media evaluator job at 5 September. would I be able to continue working (for the same job) until 5 March or they won’t guarantee any of it?

        John says September 1, 2017

        anyway the reason i’m asking this question is because typically this kind of job won’t be consistently available. for example, in lionbridge they also promised to give you 10-20 hours/week, but in reality there are months where they are not going to give you enough hits to work. so if you have expectation to work 60-80 hours/month (consistently), you won’t get it from lionbridge

        I’m assuming it’s the same with Appen but I might be wrong

          Anish Nandalike says September 1, 2017

          It depends on the role you are hired for. As a web search evaluator or Search engine eval/ Internet assessor the availability of tasks is not constant because that is the nature of the role and also depends on the client. Whereas if you get in as a social media evaluator you will surely have 1 batch of ads to rate everyday because that is the nature of the role, I am saying this with an experience of one year.
          For more details you can contact me on [email protected]

        Anish Nandalike says September 1, 2017

        Yes, it lasts for more than 6 months as long as your quality of work is up to the mark. I was with them for 1 year after which I was relieved due to sufficient data.

Nikki says September 3, 2017

How often does Appen pay you?

    Anish Nandalike says September 3, 2017

    Appen pays every month.
    For example : The payment for the month of June will be sent to you by 14th of next month, i.e July

Kristian says September 4, 2017

This might be a really stupid question, but I’m still very curious: What do you think the odds of getting accepted would be if you didn’t submit a resume/cv? I just turned 18 and I’m looking for a way to help pay for college by working from home (I can’t get an actual job somewhere just yet due to certain family circumstances). Even though I understand it may be a long while before I hear back from anyone, I still think it’d be worth a shot. Anyway, I have zero work experience, and honestly, I have no idea how to write a proper resume, or what to even put on one in my kind of situation. Would you have any advice on that as well?

    Anish Nandalike says September 12, 2017

    They look for people who can read and write English, resume is one document which can demonstrate your command over the language. Having said that, they never make it clear as to what are they are looking for when they accept people into social media evaluator. It is okay if you do not have an idea about writing a resume, we were all there once. A Resume should have the following : Objective(why would want to work for Appen) , Educational Details, Projects(if any), Courses taken(If any), Behavioral Skills, Technical Skills (Photoshop, Excel etc), Significant achievements (If any) and Hobbies. That’s it, your resume is done! Google and look for some examples on the net for clarity.
    Hope I wasn’t late in replying to your comment.

Daniel says September 12, 2017

Hey, so back on Aug 29, I got an email from Appen saying that “If you decide to move forward and accept this project invitation, please click on the link below titled “Appen Master Service Agreement” to get you set up as an independent contractor and start the qualification process within 5 working days. ” Well, I clicked on the link and did what it told me, and within 24 hours. 5 working days would’ve been last Wednesday, however, they haven’t gotten back to me. So I guess my question is: is this normal or does it mean they’ve rejected me? If it’s normal for them to take longer than they’ve said to get back to me, any idea how long it’ll be before they do?

    Anish Nandalike says September 12, 2017

    Send an email to them that you have completed the steps as advised and waiting for the next steps. They can be slack communication wise sometimes.Mail the same person who invited you for the project.

      Daniel Ranalli says September 13, 2017


      Christina says October 2, 2017

      I got this same exact email. What happens next? Does this mean I am hired or is there more tests to come?
      I am foggy on what is happening.
      Not sure if I am in!

        Anish Nandalike says October 4, 2017

        Hey Christina, I apologize for my delayed response. This means that your resume has matched the project requirements and you are eligible to take the qualification test. Before that you will have to accept the masters services agreement, if they do not get back to you after this, email the person who invited you to join the project. Hope it isn’t foggy anymore 🙂

umendra says September 13, 2017

hello, i applied for the job and filled up the form, but dont know how to follow the process. i mean how to see my dashboard. when i write It shows no where to login. please held me too see my dashboard. i want to know about my application status.

    Anish Nandalike says October 4, 2017

    Apologize for the delay, I checked it for you and it is possible to login. Try this Link and look for ‘Log in back’

    If you do not match with their requirements they do not reply back.

Budi says September 18, 2017

Anish94 can you tell me the email address of Appen staffs for this job? I actually have my account with Appen since last year and I completed the training already since then but they told me they didnt have available job for me at that time. They contacted me few months later but I ignored it because I was busy with something else. I realized I never got any other ‘newsletter’ or ‘job offer’ from them since few months ago. Then I visited but apparently my account was deleted by appen staffs (maybe because of inactivity). so I registered a new account under the same email address as before – this time I never received any online training/qualification like before. After i ‘polished’ my profile and resume, I tried to apply for social media evaluator job, but they never reply back to me. it’s been more than 2 weeks

what’s happening? they dont reply because they are not interested or maybe because my profile is considered a clone of the older profile? Basically i had an account before with them and I successfully completed their online test but I chose to ignore their newsletters since then…2 weeks ago I just realized that they deleted my account so I created a new one with the same email address as before

    Anish Nandalike says October 4, 2017

    Sorry, I was away and I apologize for the delay. You can try contacting the person who invited you for the project few months back. Generally they do not reply if your profile isn’t a match or if the job quota is full. Try Applying with the new email, shouldn’t be a problem since the old account is deleted.

Ruddy says September 29, 2017

Hey Anish, can you check your email? i sent an email to [email protected]. Please check it, thanks.

    Anish Nandalike says October 4, 2017

    Sorry, I was away. Will Reply to it ASAP.

      Ruddy says October 4, 2017

      nevermind, Anish. Appen basically offered me a job for $2/hour (20 hours/week). the job was called Aztec Ads. I’m not sure if that is the same one as ‘social media evaluator’, maybe it’s not..but I told them I won’t do it for $2/hour and they removed me from the project before any qualification. it’s crazy. nobody should be paid $2/hour. I don’t live in super cheap country or anything

        Anish Nandalike says October 22, 2017

        This is surely bad pay, That is a different project for sure.

Prasad Dasgupta says October 21, 2017

Really need your help!!! I don’t know what happened but after giving the qualification test for the post of social media evaluator they sent me a mail saying qualification assessment terminated. So my mind stuck here!! Can I reapply in their site and again work for them…??? Please do reply. If possible please reply on the mail.

    Anish Nandalike says October 22, 2017

    Hello Prasad, I am afraid you cannot apply again. You can do one thing, email them and ask what is the reason for which your qualification got terminated. Never heard about this error before, only the appen tech team can help you.

Anointed says October 22, 2017

Can I apply for the job from Nigeria?

    Anish Nandalike says October 22, 2017

    I checked the countries list and Nigeria doesn’t seem to available. You can try Lionbridge, Clixsense, Prizerebel etc

Akshay says October 23, 2017

Hello Anish i applied this job on 22/10/2017(yesterday),and today my status is under review..what is this meaning of under review??….bcz yesterday it was application submitted today it changed as under review so help me in this…..

    Anish Nandalike says November 11, 2017

    Any Progress?

Mohd Rashed Ahmed says November 10, 2017

Hello I’m Rashed I got the mail from appen as social media evaluater they ask me to confirm the job as independent contractor so what was the next process and what about the test can u give me detail about the test and job

    Anish Nandalike says November 11, 2017

    Details about the job is given in the blog post. The test is easy provided you read the guidelines they send you, nothing outside of what is given in the guidelines will be asked. Let me know how it goes.

Mohd Rashed Ahmed says November 11, 2017

What to do in social media evaluater job

Ashley says November 11, 2017

Hi there! I was wondering if you could explain how you access the actual work. I have completed everything, but I have no idea how to work. I login every day and still see no batches to load and I navigate through the whole platform and still see nothing. There is a button that says open FRT in Chrome but all it does is open facebook and that’s it. Please help as I really do not want to lose this contract!

    Anish Nandalike says November 11, 2017

    Hey Ashley,

    Assuming you have passed the qualification and have received ‘welcome to production email’ you should be on your way to start working. They will send you a link to the rating tool, sometimes even though the link is sent it wouldn’t be activated. The best thing you could do is contact your PM and I am sure they will help you out.

umendra says November 21, 2017

I signed up a contract with appen. but i still didnot get any work. why so

    Anish Nandalike says November 21, 2017

    Can you give me more details.
    1. Did you pass the qualification?
    2. Which post did you apply for?
    3. What and when was their last email?

Lenny says November 23, 2017

Hi Anish,
I am in the qualification process for Falcon Insta Ads in Appen and I have to sign the Master Services Agreement which has stated that the contractor must pay the sum amount of money (up to $ 10,000) for any breach of the agreement. Is it safe for me to sign as the salary is not much as the penalty amount ? Moreover, the legal documents has stated that there is no proved needed for liquidated damages’s claim from company to contractor. What kind of breach that will be suffered for liquidated damages ?

    Anish Nandalike says November 30, 2017

    Hey Lenny, you don’t have to worry too much about it. I have replied to your facebook message in detail. I hope you have started working as a social media evaluator!

Arwa says December 1, 2017

I can’t find the “Qualification” Tab to choose. I have got to take the tests to apply for the job. How can I find it? This new format is quite uncomfortable and inflexible. it differs completely than the screenshots you are displaying up here. Help, please. Thanks.

    Anish Nandalike says December 14, 2017

    Yes, The process has changed and I have updated the article. It is much simpler now, just keep a resume ready and apply for the job, go to updated part of my article.

Stefano says December 1, 2017

Hey Anish,
I choosed both social media evaluator and web search evaluator at Appen. Is there any problem at this ? May I have to work more than 4h a day at these 2 jobs ? You said social media works 1h/day at most days so I opted for web search too to work 2h/day. If there is any chance I have to work more than 4 hours is there any problem at future if I ‘withdraw’ web search at dashboard ? I dont have time to work more than 4h per day at this :s
Thanks in advance !

    Anish Nandalike says December 14, 2017

    If you get invitations for both the projects, choose any one and you will be good to go 🙂

Amit Singh says December 4, 2017

Hi Anish if the time while evaluating the ads exceeds 1 hour will they pay according to that or it just 1 hour pay per day.

    Anish Nandalike says December 14, 2017

    Hello Amit, Initially they may pay if you exceed. However if you continue exceeding even after 10 days then you may not be paid extra. A few minutes extra is okay but not more than 10 mins. The ad rating is easy and will not take more than 40 mins provided you focus on it.

Alvin Tambrin says December 12, 2017

Hi Anish!
I’d like to ask whether it is possible or not to re-take the test from Appen. I failed the test just yesterday and I am planning on re-applying as a part of the team. Do you think it is possible for me to do so? I am really looking forward to your reply.
Thank you


    Anish Nandalike says December 14, 2017

    Hello Alvin, I do not think they give you another chance. However if the requirement arises, they may contact you for other projects or you can apply for other job roles other than the role you failed the test for.

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